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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Crack in the Wall (Thursday Taster #14)

This week, my excerpt from A Cougars Legacy features a flashback into Marie-Claire's past. It marks the beginning of her transformation from a happy wife to a horny cougar. I do hope you enjoy it and give some feedback too. Cheers!

A Cougar's Legacy
Don Abdul

#3:       A Crack in the Wall

A couple of years earlier, Marie-Claire was a happily married woman or at least so she thought. The truth was a little murkier of course. The signs had been there a little longer than she allowed herself to acknowledge; her happy marriage was anything but.

It had all started with a cooling of her husband’s passion for her. Of course he had the classic excuse that men gave in such situations, the stress of work.

Despite their age difference, Marie-Claire had loved her husband Antoine very deeply. In the beginning he always said she was the centre of his world. She loved the maturity that her distinguished looking older husband brought to their lives.

While she was emotional and very passionate, Antoine was always more rational and subdued in his approach to issues. They had complemented each other well as a couple. That was probably why it hurt so deeply when the truth of her hubby’s philandering came to her knowledge.

Things had taken a different turn about three years earlier. Antoine started spending significantly more time away from home, when he wasn’t away on business trips, he worked late, or his meetings ran so late he would sleep in the corporate suite maintained by the company in the city.

Things were hardly better even when he was home; soon Marie-Claire realized Antoine just didn’t want to fuck as much anymore. Their love making became a matrimonial chore; he would typically have Marie-Claire on her back with the lights off, and no more than once every fortnight.

More often than not he would lose his erection halfway through the lack lustre performance and then he would make annoying excuses about how tired and stressed out he was from working so hard to keep the business afloat in the “prevailing unstable economic climate.”

‘Here we go again; marital sex meets economics at Davos,’ she usually thought even as she felt a deep rage simmer inside of her.
Things got so bad that she actually had orgasms only when he was away, thanks to her rich collection of sex toys.

Despite their difficulties in the bedroom however, Marie-Claire’s love for her husband remained strong, and the very idea of having an affair like some of her friends did remained firmly out of the question.

So abominable was the thought of sleeping with another man other than Antoine that she wouldn’t even fantasize about another man whilst masturbating, and slowly bringing herself to a fulfilling climax.

That wasn’t really a problem as she had always been curious about the idea of sleeping with another woman. It was in the embrace of her secret bi-curiosity that she found comfort for another year before the lid was finally blown on Antoine’s secret affair with his much younger secretary Danielle. 

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  1. I love getting into the heads of the characters. This was a fantastic taste.

    1. I love that too Angelica, it's a good way to understand what they are going through and situate the story properly. I'm glad it worked out just as I've planned.

  2. This was a very informative look into the psyches of the married couple. You brought a very good point to why women seek sexual satisfaction with a woman over with a man. Her husband's desceit can only make any woman seek comfort or satisfaction with a female partner. I loved this excerpt.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michaels. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much too.

  3. Great taster. You have me wondering whether she will stray. Can't wait to read more