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A Kinky New Beginning

Monday, October 7, 2013

Twice the Pleasure

Twice the Pleasure


Don Abdul

“Zzzzz...” Samantha smiled as she glanced at Drake who blissfully snored away beside her on the king sized bed. He was exhausted from half an hour of intense sex with the insatiable trophy wife.

Unable to endure months of neglect by her business tycoon husband, Samantha Drexler had driven to a club frequented by college athletes. Her urban chic temptress look turned quite a few heads, but as in all things Samantha chose the right moment to make her choice.

“Hi pretty lady, “Drake had greeted her.

“What’s your poison?” he inquired offering to get her a refill.

“Hi yourself... Mmm... Trying to bribe me with a drink uh?” She teased him chuckling at his blush.

He quickly recovered his composure and came back at her...

“Oh... and what might be the suitable uh... inducement to offer you then?”

“Mmm... brilliant as well as handsome, I love that.... now let’s see....You wouldn’t happen to have a friend who’s as adventurous as you seem to be now would you?”

“I might have an itch that needs urgent scratching...”

They held each other’s gaze for a while, sizing each other up trying to determine just how serious the other was.

“In fact I do. Give me a minute.”

She was on her feet and ready to leave by the time Drake returned with his friend Trent.


They had barely made it past the door when, Samantha threw herself into Drake’s arms. She literally ripped his clothes off him and then went down on him while Trent disrobed and then sat at the edge of the bed watching and stroking his throbbing erection.

The couple soon joined Trent on the bed where Samantha pushed him onto his back and then straddled his face.

“Aghhh... yes eat it... Mmm...” She was still moaning from the pleasure of having Trent eat her out when Drake jammed his manhood in her mouth.

“Mmm....” she moaned through the mouthful of man flesh as she rode Trent’s face faster and harder.

Damn this guy is so goooooooooood.... she thought as she felt him run his tongue from her clit over her soaking wet slit right down to her back door.

She shivered with pleasure as he tossed her salad and then resumed plunging his tongue into her pussy.

“Ughhhhhhhh....” she groaned as she was seized by shudders as she climaxed.

Once her shudders receded, she slid down Trent’s body and then grabbed his steely member. She guided his cock into her dripping wet pussy. With her eyes trained on Drake who stood at the head of the bed with his back against the wall.

Interesting guy, a voyeur too I see... this is turning out to be so much better than I’d expected...

“Mmm... yessss... Ohhh....” she moaned as she rode Trent’s cock faster and harder.

Through her half shut eyes, she saw Drake give his cock a few more strokes before he came over to join the party. Through her increasingly loud moans, she licked her lips, expecting him to muffle her cries with his impressive girth.

Her heart soared when he crawled by instead; she suspected he had an even more interesting design for her pleasure. The act of turning her head in an attempt to confirm her suspicions brought her g-spot into even closer contact with Trent’s thrusting cock.

Surrendering to the rush of pleasure that washed through her, her eyes shut and she lost track of Drake until she felt his hot wet tongue aping at her rear portal.

“Oh fuck yessss... That is so gooooooooooood...” she moaned in ecstasy as the young athlete tossed her salad.

If only he knew... she thought in appreciation of his fulfilment of one of her foremost sexual fantasies.

“Ughhhhh... my goooooooooodnessssssss.... yeahhhhh...”

She groaned, as she felt Drakes finger penetrate her spit bathed anal channel. She threw her ass back against his thrusting digit even as she rode Trent’s cock faster and harder.

“Oh fuck yes, give me more...” she breathed to no one in particular.

She was punch drunk on pleasure but the best was yet to come. She felt warm spittle trail down the crack of her ass just a moment before Drakes second finger violated her ass as well.

Trent granted her prayer for more by reaching up and cupping her breasts in each hand and then squeezing her taut nipples hard.

“Aghhh... fuck... yes baby...” she cried savouring the potent mix of pleasure and pain.


Meanwhile Drake was ready to double her pleasure in full. Pulling his fingers out of her anal opening, he spit in his hand and lubricated his shaft even as he positions himself for a triumphal entry.

Squatting rather than kneeling behind her, he grasped her waist and then plunged his steely cock into her lubricated ass. It was an intense moment of heightened sexual energy; the sounds and smell of their threesome sex pervaded the air as Samantha’s ass bucked wildly and bounced back and forth between her two young lovers.

“Oh fuck yes... harder... Ughhhhh.... “She moaned as Drake grasped a fistful of her hair and rammed his cock up her ass ending her careering onto Trent’s thrusting penis.

Time stood still for what seemed an eternity of ecstasy and then intense sexual tension in the room broke with Samantha’s scream as she climaxed.

Her walls gripped Trent’s shaft bathing him in the lotion of her release even as her hips bucked and sent him over the cliff edge too.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming....” He groaned like a wounded beast as he shot his load deep inside her cunt.

Resting her head on Trent’s heaving chest, she threw her ass higher in the air where Drake hammered away at it like a driven soul. It wasn’t long before he followed in their wake too. Yanking at her hair he buried his cock balls deep in her ass and ejaculated amidst shudders that rocked them both.

When he was done he collapsed next to her on the bed. They were all hot and sweaty as they rested. When their breathing had returned to normal Samantha sat up for a little bit of stock taking. Her encounter with the two college athletes was definitely a dream come true, two orgasms like she would never know with her rich but desperately boring and sexually clueless husband was well worth it. She definitely planned on enjoying her boys even more before the night was over...

“Zzzz....” Her train of thoughts was interrupted by Drakes snoring. He seemed worse for wear, but going by his performance so far, she reckoned he’ll be alright.

Trent on the other hand was still and quiet; she couldn’t tell from his even breathing if he was asleep or just resting in quiet contemplation. She thought it wise to let the boys rest while she basked in the awesome afterglow of her awesome orgasms.

She fetched the erotic novel she had brought to the hotel with her. It was the very ménage erotic romance novel that had put the idea of tonight in her head in the first place.

“What are you reading?” Her mental journey into the world of the books characters was interrupted by the sound of Trent’s deep voice.

“Shhhh... get some rest Trent, I’m a lady with a huge appetite...” she said in the most suggestive tone whilst winking at him.