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A Kinky New Beginning

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Momcat's_Naughty_ Reviews: Musings & Free E-Book By Don Abdul

Momcat's_Naughty_ Reviews: Musings & Free E-Book By Don Abdul: Hello, readers. My name is Don Abdul and I was born and raised in Nigeria some 40 years ago. I’ve been told I have a great sense of hum...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Reluctant Slave by Don Abdul (Excerpt)

A Reluctant Slut
Don Abdul
Copyright 2012 Don Abdul

Chapter One:      Miss Washington's Poker Face

Nimah Washington was a sexy 26 year old African American woman from a middle class family. The last two generations of her family had lived in the more affluent suburbs of the city of her birth and managed their own profitable businesses.
She was an ambitious woman and the sky was indeed the limit, but despite her family's vast businesses and her good Ivy League college education, Nimah chose to seek employment elsewhere. Her father agreed with her decision as even the family would benefit from a period of skill growth and gathering of diverse working experience in a variety of other firms. He was however insistent that she must return eventually to try her hand at the family business.
After a stint working for a couple of large retail corporations, she decided to take her career to the next level. She had several offers in the executive cadre of top city firms out of which she chose X-tent Inc. The firm was a leader in the provision of Green Energy and Home solutions, and as a junior vice president for sales her schedule was full. One of the perks of her job was that it came with an executive assistant.
Since the position was only recently created as part of the firm's overall expansion strategy, both Nimah and her assistant had been head-hunted from outside the firm by a management consultant. Her Executive Assistant had reported for work a week prior to her arrival so as to become familiar with the terrain and get things ready for her assumption of office.
Although Nimah was a liberal thinker who couldn't care less about the gender, race or religious beliefs of people she worked with, she had quite naturally assumed her EA would be a woman. As she stepped out of the elevator and walked briskly into her outer office, she was quite stunned to find that her EA was in fact a man.
She stopped dead in her tracks and was speechless for a couple of seconds before she quickly snapped out of her shock and swiftly got back into character. "Good morning, Miss Washington. I am Jack Bradshaw, your executive assistant," he beamed enthusiastically, offering his hand in greeting.
Nimah favored him with a smile that was in fact a touch sweeter than was appropriate. She kept it simple not for any 'stuck up' reasons but rather because she feared any complex response could potentially betray her deep and unsettling response to his masculine charms.
Jack was built like a warrior. He must be at least 6' tall, and 214 lbs. Nimah's love for men of his physique was an open secret among her friends. She felt herself flush with the beginnings of desire and quickly shook his hand and then withdrew to her own office.
She had only taken a quick glance at his face, but it was quite enough for her to get a snapshot of his smoky grey eyes which unsettled her so much it made her heart skip a beat. She immediately shut the door firmly behind her and rested her back on it. She had to do that lest he followed her into the office. She closed her eyes but her head was filled with images of his sculpted body and tanned skin on a sandy beach.
His well-trimmed jet black hair excited her. 'Dayum girl,' a devilish voice inside of her teased. 'I cannot believe you're crushing on the hired help just five minutes after you met him for the first time ever, and it's only 8.00 a.m.'
It was so amazing how much detail she was able to capture in just a few minutes. 'He looked sexy as hell I could kiss those lips all night long… Ughhh…' her thoughts were interrupted by firm knocks on the door. Nimah quickly smoothed down her skirt suit and walked briskly to her desk before saying in her 'official' sounding voice, "You may enter!"
She waved Jack to a chair opposite her and they began their review of her itinerary for the week ahead. He read out her schedule while she either confirmed or rejected the various items he listed until each succeeding item conveniently fitted in with the previously vetted items.
After a while she lifted her eyes to his face while he carried on calling out her program, but she was no longer paying attention as she merely voiced a yes here and a no there. She was engrossed in her early morning daydream in which she and the handsome hunk across from her spent time together on the sandy beach at a far away resort.
His sexy grey eyes and stubborn square jaw hinted that he was most likely a man who wouldn't concede an advantage lightly. Nimah liked stubborn strong men, who liked to take charge of situations without any hesitation, or doubt.
Based on the way Jack had conducted himself so far, she started to form a mental picture of him as a domineering man whom one would be mistaken to trifle with. 'And just what would he do if I decided to trifle with him?' she wondered. The possibilities of the consequences of doing so left her breathless and hot with desire. A soft moan escaped her sexy red lips taking her completely by surprise, she quickly faked a cough and then cleared her throat to cover up her embarrassment.
She hoped he hadn't caught on to her little indiscretion even as she thanked her stars that she was after all a black woman who didn't have to suffer the indignity of a blush. 'Oh p-u-h-l-e-a-s-e!' that little devil on her shoulder whispered sarcastically, 'as if you'd actually mind the humiliation of being found out.'
Nimah smiled discretely as she inevitably agreed with the tiny voice in her head. She had always had a peculiar fantasy in her desire for a little bit of put down. She was a 'black princess', that was what her daddy always called her; while her carriage was both elegant and graceful, her secret inner desire was complex as it was bizarre, at least to others it would sound bizarre if only they knew about it.
Nimah had been through a couple of power exchange relationships in her life. The first was with a girl back in college, and the last one had ended nearly a year and a half ago. Her last master was a South African Junior Diplomat whose tour of duty at the UN in New York had ended. 'Now that's an altogether different story,' she thought as she resolved quietly that it would be a very bad idea to mix business with pleasure, especially with the hired help. She promptly composed herself and swept the erotic stirrings she felt into the trash can of history.
Meanwhile Jack, who had noticed that his boss was looking rather flush, felt compelled to intervene. "Are you sure you're feeling ok?" he inquired with some concern registering both on his handsome white face and his voice as well. "Perhaps I should get you a glass of water or a coffee," he offered.
'Careful girl!' her good inner voice cautioned. She had to be very careful; that wasn't the best way to start her first day as the junior VP of a major firm. The last thing she needed was a sexual harassment scandal on her hands. That would definitely be a career ender.
Nimah scanned her wall clock, and then gathered her stuff for the meeting in the conference room. While both she and her EA walked out of her office, she resisted the temptation to lower her eyes to his butt which was thankfully all covered up anyway. She fervently agreed with the maxim "Don't shit where you eat."

Chapter Two       : Joker in the pack

It had been three months since she had been at her job, and despite having no-one special in her life at the moment, Nimah had stayed true to her principle of not sleeping with her work colleagues so far. In the case of her handsome EA however, that resolve was tested every now and then. At those times she would mentally chant the mantra 'don't shit where you eat' over and over again until the worst had passed.
One lovely Friday morning, Nimah had the office to herself, the temp secretary she had been assigned from the pool was sitting in her outer office since Jack was away on an errand and wouldn't be back until the following day. As she settled down to her first coffee of the day and looked forward to another routine day at work, there was a soft knock on her office door. It was the secretary bringing in her mail; after she departed, Nimah looked through the pile of envelopes separating the usual junk mail and bills. And then she saw it.
It was a neat small white envelope with her name neatly typed in Edwardian script. She thought it was rather strange and her curiosity was instantly piqued; 'Who could it be from and what was it all about?' she wondered as she slit the envelope open with the beautiful sterling silver  letter opener her father had given her last Christmas.
She unfolded the thick clean paper to read the message typed in the same font as the address on the envelope. "I have been watching you, day and night. I know you even better than you know yourself. By the time I'm done with you, you will belong to me."
Nimah paused, and looked around cocking her ear as if expecting to hear something that would explain what she had just read. She instinctively began to push back her chair to get to her feet, ready to charge and hold someone responsible for this affront on her personal security.
The words that struck fear into her heart were: "…I have been watching you day and night." With that fear however came a different kind of excitement, one she hadn't felt in a long time. She sat back down and continued reading the letter.
Her heart was racing and her pussy was getting moist as she read on:
"Within the hour you shall receive further instructions, tasks shall be assigned to you and if those tasks are not completed, and on time too, there will be consequences.
"We both know that you will do as you're told. You like this, you need this, and I bet your panties are getting wet by now too. Just remember, if you do not comply, there will be consequences."
Nimah was furious as she no longer found any of the unfolding drama funny. She reached for her phone to call security, but then she stopped. 'And what or whom shall I be reporting exactly,' she wondered. She realized she had nothing to go on, and in a highly competitive corporate environment like the one in which she worked, she daren't run the risk of being called crazy. She decided to lay an elaborate trap for whoever was behind the letter and when she had uncovered their identity, she would report them to the police.
As she settled down however she discovered that while she was angry at the perpetrator of the obnoxious intrusion into her life, her body had betrayed her. She felt a shiver run down her spine as she replayed the words in her head. Her nipples stiffened and her skin was covered in goose bumps. Her pussy was tingling and her panties soaked at that moment. Whoever it was that wrote that note knew her quite well; the big question was who wrote it. She wondered.
Nimah was embarrassed, even a little scared that this mystery person knew her well kept secret. It was a combination of emotions that thrilled her in ways she hadn't felt for quite a while. 'Whoever the mystery person is, I've got to find them and make an example of them to deter any others from putting their nose in my business,' she resolved, as she awaited their next message.
After a futile attempt to concentrate on her work and put the mystery note behind her, Nimah finally gave up and set about an attempt to unravel the identity of her mystery note writer. She figured that the person who sent her the note probably worked in the same firm as she did since the envelope had no post mark on it, meaning it was an internal mail. That narrowed it down to at least 20 odd men. That was a great start as she could narrow the number down even further. Of those forty men, there were only about five who could remotely be considered familiar enough with her to even dream of attempting anything as brazen as that.
The first one of course would be 34 year-old Jordan Chestnut, a cocky black attorney from Legal Department. He was definitely a dream catch for any woman, and as a brotha, Nimah sometimes thought of him as a potential husband but only if that was what she was looking for. Counting against him of course was the fact that he was the resident player. He had bedded every available woman who would fall for his charms and smooth manner. Whereas Nimah didn't care for his brand of charm, she had to admit that he was quite attractive, and the rumored size of his package made her sometimes think of fucking him just for fun. She, however, dropped Jordan as a likely author of the note. It just wasn't his style.
'Could it be Harry Prescott?' she wondered. He was a ruggedly handsome 50 year-old married British expatriate that she sometimes fantasized about. She loved his broad grin and the easy mature air about him. He was a classic gentleman, very polite, yet discretely flirtatious. If she was going to sleep with a mature man he certainly would be a candidate. Prescott seemed to be quite happily married however, and that ruled him out also as a likely candidate.
Seth Bullworth, a 29 year old avid golfer was more interested in power lunches and activation of the old boy Ivy League networks to close deals than he was in the intricacies of a power exchange relationship. So he too was ruled out.
Dick Xavier was a 40 year old power bike buff, and by far the most likely candidate,
but she ruled him out as well because he was currently away on an official trip abroad.
The final name on her mental list was Jack Bradshaw, her own executive assistant. 'Mmmm...' she thought wishing it was he who had sent her the note. 'Could it possibly be him?' she wondered. He wasn't at work that day and even if he was she doubted he was the sort of man to be interested in such things.
He had ignored her every attempt to stoke his fires for the past six months. She had flirted with him, tried to piss him off with her arrogance, but he had ignored all efforts to push his buttons. Through it all, he had remained very professional, and painfully polite. He often left her feeling both super turned-on and mighty pissed off all at once.
He probably didn't realize the great power potential he had about him. He was the kind of man to whom she would submit any day, no questions asked. Just as she was about to close the book on her attempts to unmask her mystery man, a thought occurred to her. 'Why did it have to be a man?'
Her mind immediately went to Candace Kennedy. Candace was a slightly older friend and colleague, a fellow VP with whom she frequently played tennis and had drinks. They had casually chatted about their mutual love of rough sex and issues of control. The pieces seemed to be falling into place. Candace knew Nimah's lust for a dominant sex partner, and being a colleague she had easy access the internal mail system.
In her mind's eye she replayed the vision of Candace sitting at their weekly management meetings. She usually sat across the table from Nimah, and she always looked stunning in her perfectly fitting skirt suits with her near provocative low-cut tops that showed off just enough of her cleavage to give anyone looking an idea that there was more where that came from.
Nimah subconsciously licked her lips and smiled as she pictured the naughty Candace flashing her seemingly innocent smile with which she always disarmed her adversaries. Satisfied that she had unraveled the identity of her mystery Dom, Nimah returned to her work and tried to busy herself, but she found her mind wandering again shortly afterwards. She wondered when Candace's next instructions would arrive. She was eager to discover what her assigned task would be. Just then the message alert on her cell phone went off. Without even sparing a thought for who might have sent it she flipped her phone open and clicked the key for the message.
"By now I'm sure you've tried to figure out who I am. Trust me, you have no idea," the note read; Nimah paused and took a deep breath and then continued reading. "I am also sure that by now your panties are completely soaked. At lunchtime, you will take the elevator to the basement parking garage, and then you will go to slot #024 where you will find a white Cadillac Escalade SUV. Open the door and get in the back of the vehicle, and then lock the doors from the inside…" She paused again and swallowed hard, it was getting a little scary even for her. 'Hell no, ain't no way I'mma get in the back of some strange car ugh-ugh,' her mind turned rebellious.
Despite her fears however, her dark side was firmly in control, and she knew she would do as she was instructed. With her heart thumping with trepidation she continued reading; "You will remove your wet panties and leave them on the seat right next to you. You will then use your fingers to bring yourself to orgasm."
Nimah pressed her legs tightly together as a huge rush of pleasure surged through her body and left her shuddering. She returned to the message and continued reading.  "You will imagine what I am going to do to you when I finally reveal myself to you, and you will cum hard. You will clean up your soaking wet cunt with your panties and then put it back on the seat. Leaving your soaked panties behind, you will return to your office and await further instructions. Remember, failure to comply with these instructions will result in severe consequences."
It was just a couple of minutes to lunch time, and Nimah quickly got to her feet and felt the back of her skirt to see if the moisture from her dripping wet pussy had soaked through to leave a visible patch. She thanked her star that she had chosen a navy skirt suit that day.
Leaving her jacket behind, she inhaled deeply, held the air in her lungs for a moment and then exhaled slowly to calm her nerves. She headed for the door in her usual vivacious catwalk out of the office in her skirt and form fitting white blouse that showed off her gorgeous breasts. She got quite a few stares as she headed for the elevator, but she paid no heed as her pulse raced and her heart thumped. She was giddy with excitement and with each step she took came an awesome electric report as her swollen labia rubbed against each other making her almost cry out with pleasure.
She was so tempted to touch herself in the elevator but she resisted the temptation, reminding herself that she was only playing along in order to entrap whoever was behind the mystery notes. Besides it was wiser not to do anything to jeopardize the scary journey she was taking into the murky world of submission to a person whose identity, gender and race she might not even know, let alone their motive.
'I shouldn't be doing this, this is too dangerous. How in hell can an educated, proud and responsible professional woman be doing this?' she asked herself. She knew she should do the right thing and turn back at that point but she also knew she wouldn't even though she was really scared, she hadn't risen to the top by scaring easily and she didn't intend to start at that point. As she stepped closer to her destination, her body again betrayed her; her pussy tingled and soaked her panties with her juices. The mystery person knew exactly how to push her buttons, and the more she thought about the instructions, the more she doubted her suspicion of Candace. She just felt strongly that the person had to be a man. She couldn't explain why, and she had to admit, she didn't have a clue whom it could be.
Each step she took was torture as she second guessed herself all the way. What if she was being led into an intricate web spun by a devious serial killer, she wondered, yet she found the strength to put one foot in front of the other as she sought the SUV described in her instructions.


Standing right next to the car, she looked nervously over her shoulders in both directions and then felt a little bit of relief as she noticed that the windows were tinted, which meant that no-one outside could see what she was doing inside. The relief however was too insignificant to assuage the combined emotions of anxiety and curiosity which had turned her into a bundle of nerves.
Nervous or not, she remained extremely horny as she shut the car door and locked it from inside. Nimah couldn't get her panties off fast enough; she hiked up her skirt and began to finger her slick lips. Her fingers soon went to her engorged clit, and she moaned as a wave of pleasure washed over her. She promptly shut her eyes and fantasized that her mystery note writer was bending her over, with her hands trapped behind her back.
In her mind's eye, he snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. The feel of the cold steel cuffs on her parched skin sent a shiver down her spine while the pressure and heat from his throbbing erection which ground wickedly against her full round ass, ignited a wild fire deep inside her core. "Oh fuck yeahhhhhhh," she cooed as her pussy melted into a puddle of juices.
Holding her bound hands up by the cuffs, he pushed her face deeper into the desk while he hooked his big manly fingers into the waist band of her skirt and pulled away hard. The sound of the ripping fabric rent the air as he tore her skirt and removed the last barrier to his throbbing 8" of steely white cock.
"Oh yesssss take me now! Fuck me hard!" she moaned out loud, temporarily losing track of what was fantasy and what was real. Her fingers worked faster, thrusting in and out of her dripping pussy as she pictured him slamming his long, hard cock deep into her cunt. Her breathing became more ragged and she moaned even louder. The last rational part of her mind warned her about her pleasure fuelled sex cries which were getting too loud. She tried to be as quiet as she could, but it was useless; she just couldn't control anything anymore as she moaned louder and writhed harder until finally, her back arched and her body shuddered as the quakes of her orgasm shook her body hard.
As she caught her breath, she looked at the clock on the dashboard. She knew she had to get back to her desk and prepare for the meeting at the boardroom in just twenty minutes. As per her mystery man's instructions she cleaned herself up with her discarded panties, and then straightened her skirt. Stepping out of the car, she felt a gust of fresh air kiss her bare damp pussy; she hadn't even realized just how filled with the smell of sex the air in the car had been until she had inhaled the ambient air of the parking garage.
The cool air on her bare cunt felt so exhilarating too; she felt flushed and quickly tried to compose herself as she breezed into the elevator for the ride up to her floor. All she could think about was the next set of instructions, and what he would do with the soaked panties that she had left behind on the back seat of the SUV.
Nimah struggled through her meeting that afternoon. She squirmed in her office chair, as she tried hard to stay focused on what her colleagues were saying. Her pussy was in a constant state of arousal, and she just couldn't control herself. She desperately needed to be fucked. Even though the identity of her mystery note-writer remained unknown, she simply didn't give a damn, all she cared about at that point was how awesome it would be to feel his thick penis ripping through her tight wet pussy and stretching her to the end of her elasticity. By the time the meeting was over, the back of her skirt was again damp with her pussy juice.
She rushed back to her office and checked through her mail, but there was no new envelope, no email and no new text messages either. When she had received no messages from the one who purported to own her, she felt crestfallen. It felt as if the wind had been taken out of her sails. As she stepped into the elevator with three other people all of them men, she half expected one of them to slip her a note with a new set of instructions. It didn't happen though, and with disappointment weighing down on her shoulders she unlocked her car and got inside.
As she cranked her engine to life, she suddenly noticed the envelope held down against her windshield by the wiper on the passenger's side. She stepped out and retrieved it; she was so anxious that she couldn't wait to get back in the car before she ripped the envelope open and started reading the note.
"I see you have complied so far and I know you would do anything to see where this journey takes you. Here is your final set of instructions for the day. You will go to your local fitness gym ready for your workout as you do every Friday evening. The female locker room and shower stalls are closed for repairs; there will be a sign on the door saying that the facility is closed. You will work up a sweat, and after your workout, do not use the alternative facilities that have been provided. You will head instead to the usual locker room where you will ignore the 'closed' sign, and enter as you normally would. You will then enter the last shower stall and take a shower. You are free to enjoy your shower any way you choose to, that's a bonus for your compliance thus far."
'Mmmm, a reward for being a good obedient girl, how nice,' Nimah thought, and then she continued reading.
"By the way, just in case you change your mind at any point, our safe word would be "Texas". If you say that safe word, all present and further actions towards you will cease, and I will disappear from your life forever." Nimah felt giddy with excitement, her pussy tingled and her breasts ached for a man's touch. As she steered her car out of the parking garage and onto the road, she had to will herself to calm down or she would break the speed limit and incur the wrath of the traffic cops.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Reluctant Slave by Don Abdul

When the sanctity of Nimah Washington’s office is violated by the appearance of a rude and audacious note from an anonymous Dominant, the sexy 26 year old African American executive knows she has to get to the bottom of the rather disconcerting intrusion into her secure and orderly world.

She plays along with her tormentor’s mind games in order to discover their identity. Nimah is led on a journey filled with suspense and intrigue; a journey that awakens her hidden submissive desires.

Will she give in to her kinky desire to be dominated, or will her strength and self confidence get in the way?

Read the book and find out these and so much more.
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