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A Kinky New Beginning

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paradise is Hell (Poetry by Don Abdul)

Today's treat is yet another reflection on love and the need to express it.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beyond the clouds

In recognition of that silver lining in every dark cloud, we must seek to find sunshine in the dawn of a new day. A wise woman once told me how important it is to focus more on the good memories of happier times. Tell your friends and family how much you love them, and make every moment count.
I hope you enjoy today's poem.

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Place of Peace (Tribute)

Rest in Peace Nancy

Good Night Nancy (Tribute)

Good Night Nancy

Don Abdul (c)2015 


My heart is heavy 

My sky so dark, so cloudy 

The musical chord in my heart 

Brutally ripped apart 

This evil sneaked upon me 

A thief in the dark, 

I did not see 

Stealing tranquillity 

Along with joy, and sanity

I cry, but do the tears cleanse my pain? 

Would it soothe my broken heart to sit out in the rain?

I seek strength in joyful moments past 

Yet the succour they bring do not last 

The strength that I seek, in this bleakness 

Opens my eye to my own weakness



Even more infuriated 

I can do nothing, nothing at all 

To break this mind tormenting fall 

Nothing to catch this thief 

Nothing to void this darkness, and end this grief 

Nothing to return the stolen treasure to you 

Nothing to restore the sound of your laughter, like I once knew

Rest in Peace
Your wisdom, your friendship I’ll sorely miss

Friday, March 13, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thirsty For You (Poetry by Don Abdul)

Good morning Beautiful people. Hope you all had a restful night too. 
In keeping with the Thirsty Thursday theme, my treat for you this morning is right on point!
Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Virgin Plea (Poetry by Don Abdul)

Good morning beautiful people. Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day.
Here's your daily poetry treat, served fresh and hot this morning smile emoticon
Did I hear someone wish for a Virgin Colada? wink emoticon LOL

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eve of the Apocalypse (Excerpt from Time for Justice by Don Abdul)

My taster this week is an excerpt from my recently submitted Story Time for Justice, The story is a Sci-Fi Erotica story which I am contributing to the EROS Indie Author Challenge 2015 anthology.



Don Abdul (c)2015


The Shiny silver Maserati’s tyres screeched, as the pricey sports car black swerved and lurched under the confident guidance of its skilled driver as it progressed perilously along the serpentine road.

Fortunately, traffic along the treacherous road that led up to the exclusive Hilltop California suburb that was home to a select few mega rich and powerful men who could afford its extremely exorbitant property prices.

After twenty minutes of near suicidal driving, the sole occupant of the car arrived outside the gates of the venue of the emergency meeting to which he and others have been so unceremoniously summoned.

He slowed down long enough for the facial recognition state of the art security camera to scan his retina. Once he had been positively identified, he was granted access; he once again gunned the engine which instantaneously responded, speeding through the deceptively dainty wrought iron gates of an expansive property.

Screeching to a dusty halt on the gravel bed in the parking area of the impressive Mediterranean Style Mansion, the driver threw the car door open and stepped out. His shoes crunched on the gravel underfoot as he hurried towards the front door without as much as glance around the lush beauty of the surrounding greenery.

Under different circumstances, he would have stopped to smell the roses, literally. He had been to that same mansion before, and its beauty never ceased to impress him. It was a very beautiful home ensconced in a well tended and tranquil paradise that was designed to both awe and impress.

Driven both by the impatience of his youth, and annoyance about the great party that had been ruined by the rather unceremonious summons that had brought him racing up the Hill of death, he pushed the door open without even bothering to knock.

He headed straight into the main lounge where he was received by his grim faced host. Both men then proceeded immediately into the formal dining room where their colleagues were already seated around the large dining table.

After taking a quick glance at the others gathered around the table, the new arrival felt a ball of fire explode in his gut. Without as much as saying a word of greeting, he turned to face his host to demand an explanation.

“Well Robert, what in hell is so urgent you had me racing like a lunatic up these treacherous hills at half past midnight?” Jack Vanderbilt’s impatience with the manner of his summoning however wasn't born out of disrespect, arrogance or any bloated sense of his own self importance. It was rather rooted in fear.


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