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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Waiting to Exhale (Thursday Taster #17)

This week, our heroine Marie-Claire says goodbye to her ex-husband, friends and her homeland in search of a fresh start in the United States. Lady Luck smiles upon her while she is waiting to exhale.

I hope you enjoy the taster, if so please leave a comment. Thank you. 

#6:       Waiting to Exhale

Like most divorced women inevitably found out; Marie-Claire soon realized that calls and contact with her friends, most of whom were friends of both she and Antoine became fewer and farther in between as the weeks passed.

She knew she hadn’t done anything wrong, and thought it unfair to be paying the price for standing up to her ex-husband and holding him accountable for his treachery rather than remaining quiet like the “good wife”.

Unwilling to be judged by people she now considered hypocrites, she reached a decision that would give her a fresh new start in life. Marie-Claire decided it was time to bid farewell to her beloved homeland. She had always wanted to live abroad.

To smoothen her transition to a new life in America, Marie-Claire booked a cruise which would terminate in New York. It was all a part of her plan as the law firm recommended by her French attorney was based in the Big Apple.

On the one hand, the cruise afforded her the opportunity to reflect on her life thus far. On the other hand, the vivacious atmosphere and the uplifting social activities on the cruise ship enabled her to take frequent breaks from her introspection and let some sunshine into her life. It was the perfect balance that held her back from sliding into depression.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Marie-Claire had gone to enjoy a swim and a sun bath on the sun deck of the cruise ship. Stretched out on her chaise lounge in a very brief two piece bikini and pair of sunglasses, the French divorcee soon lost track of time as she soaked up the early morning sun. She had found temporary refuge in the world so beautifully described in the Interracial Romance novel she was reading.

She was particularly fascinated by the heroine of the story, a very pretty African American attorney who found herself at the receiving end of the caustic tongue of her very wealthy and condescending female client who found her distractingly attractive.

“Uh... you might want to use some of that sun block before that beautiful skin turns to toast...”

Lifting up her head, she found the owner of the voice; it was a tall black woman with a very pretty face and an attractive shapely body to boot.

‘Oh my god!’ the voice in Marie-Claire’s head screamed as she realized she had been ogling the stranger. Her cheeks burned from the embarrassment of her rather girlish reaction to what appeared to be a friendly advice.

“Ah, um... Mercy... Thank you.” She fumbled for the right expression of her gratitude. But the stranger only laughed softly as she stepped even closer and picked up the bottle of sunscreen lotion Marie-Claire had right next to her.

“May I?” The stranger offered.

Marie-Claire merely nodded, she was way too stunned to speak.

“By the way, I am Cynthia...”


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

End of the road (Thursday Taster #16)

This week's excerpt from A Cougar's Legacy reveals Marie-Claire's reaction to her husband's infidelity, and the consequences that follow. Hope you enjoy it and leave your comments too.


#5:       End of the road

In the meantime, Marie-Claire forced her way into the suite pushing the young redhead out of the way in the process. She was just in time to see her salt and pepper haired husband walk into the living room with nothing but a bathrobe on. The front of his robe was open and through it Marie-Claire could see his semi erect penis in the shadow of his pot belly.

First she was shocked, then angry, and then sad and deeply hurt. She was going to rip the hair from Danielle’s head but she restrained herself and with great difficulty she maintained her dignity.
Walking up to her perplexed husband, she pointed in the direction of the younger woman and then issues her ultimatum.

“The slut leaves this very minute.”

Though her voice was even, the simmering rage in her moist eyes left her husband in no doubt of his wife’s resolve. With shaky hands, he pulled the front of his robe shut as if to cover his shame, and then he walked past Marie-Claire towards Danielle.

Antoine pleaded with his young mistress briefly and then used the house phone to call a cab while she changed and quickly gathered her stuff. She immediately left the couple to sort of the drama she had helped to create.
The divorce could have been a loud and acrimonious one, if Marie-Claire’s attorney had had his way. His client however was too saddened by how things turned out in her marriage that all she wanted to do was put the unfortunate event behind her and start a new life. She had no doubt that dealing with the rigours of an uncertain future on her own would be hard and depressing, she therefore thought it wiser to reserve her strength for that challenge rather than waste it on a man who had betrayed her trust and so brutally broken her heart.

In her silence, Marie-Claire was able to achieve the one thing that probably would have cost her lawyer so much effort. She made her soon to be ex-husband so uncomfortable with her subdued response to his treachery that he feared the worst. He knew Marie-Claire could destroy his reputation if she decided to make a scandal out of his betrayal.

As the CEO of a top French tech company, not even the rather tolerant  French public would have looked kindly upon his shabby treatment of his wife of seventeen years. A scandal of that type would have been particularly damaging for a man with the powerful enemies that Antoine Gaultier has made both in the boardroom and outside of it.

Antoine had wisely proposed a very handsome settlement that literally ensured Marie-Claire would never have to lift a finger for the rest of her life. Apart from a king’s ransom in cash, she got their expensive home in the upmarket suburbs of Paris, as well as stock in the company which she had helped build in the very early days.

She had quit working so she could concentrate on getting pregnant with their child, which unfortunately never happened. Although she never went back to work she nevertheless continued to support the business in other ways.


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Pain of Betrayal (Thursday Taster #15)

Excerpt from A Cougars Legacy continues to trace Marie-Claire's transformation from a happy wife to a horny cougar. I do hope you enjoy it and give some feedback too. Cheers!

#4:       The Pain of Betrayal

Marie-Claire remembered the fateful evening her marriage effectively came to an end like it was yesterday. She had been running errands in the shopping districts of Paris all morning, and then as she had been feeling quite frisky that week, she had decided to give herself a treat even as she prepared to make herself irresistible for Antoine.

She had shopped for sexy lingerie, and then headed to an exclusive spa for a full treatment including waxing. She hadn’t wanted any disturbance so she switched off her cell phone. It was rather late when she finished and upon turning her cell phone back on, she got a voice message from her hubby.

Antoine had called to tell her he would be spending the night at the corporate suite that night. The message was a huge disappointment for the horny wife, but just as she was beginning to debate the choice of sex toys to employ as a means of salvaging the evening, an idea occurred to her.

‘Mmm... Why not surprise my husband dearest by just showing up at the suite...’

She reasoned the change of scene and her horde of sexy lingerie would help their flagging sexual connection as well. With her mind made up, she ran a couple more errands and then made her way to the suite.

As she would recall much later, it was as though the stars were aligned in favour of her finding out about her husband’s treachery. All the controls he must have put in place to deter her access to the suite unannounced failed.

Antoine had arrived much earlier to join his secretary who had arrived ahead of him. The manager had been called away on business, and the concierge on day shift had closed without adequately briefing his colleague who had arrived to relieve him for the night shift.

Alain, the night concierge knew and admired Madame Gaultier who had always been nice to him on the few occasions she had visited the suite with her husband. Without any hesitation, Alain had allowed her go right up to the suite.

Marie Claire had knocked on the door and then waited for it to be answered with sexiest come on look on her face. She never bargained for what she saw when the door swung open. Wearing nothing but a short silk robe that left very little to the imagination was Danielle, her husband 24 year old secretary.

‘Oh fuck, it’s so obvious I should have seen it all along...’

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Crack in the Wall (Thursday Taster #14)

This week, my excerpt from A Cougars Legacy features a flashback into Marie-Claire's past. It marks the beginning of her transformation from a happy wife to a horny cougar. I do hope you enjoy it and give some feedback too. Cheers!

A Cougar's Legacy
Don Abdul

#3:       A Crack in the Wall

A couple of years earlier, Marie-Claire was a happily married woman or at least so she thought. The truth was a little murkier of course. The signs had been there a little longer than she allowed herself to acknowledge; her happy marriage was anything but.

It had all started with a cooling of her husband’s passion for her. Of course he had the classic excuse that men gave in such situations, the stress of work.

Despite their age difference, Marie-Claire had loved her husband Antoine very deeply. In the beginning he always said she was the centre of his world. She loved the maturity that her distinguished looking older husband brought to their lives.

While she was emotional and very passionate, Antoine was always more rational and subdued in his approach to issues. They had complemented each other well as a couple. That was probably why it hurt so deeply when the truth of her hubby’s philandering came to her knowledge.

Things had taken a different turn about three years earlier. Antoine started spending significantly more time away from home, when he wasn’t away on business trips, he worked late, or his meetings ran so late he would sleep in the corporate suite maintained by the company in the city.

Things were hardly better even when he was home; soon Marie-Claire realized Antoine just didn’t want to fuck as much anymore. Their love making became a matrimonial chore; he would typically have Marie-Claire on her back with the lights off, and no more than once every fortnight.

More often than not he would lose his erection halfway through the lack lustre performance and then he would make annoying excuses about how tired and stressed out he was from working so hard to keep the business afloat in the “prevailing unstable economic climate.”

‘Here we go again; marital sex meets economics at Davos,’ she usually thought even as she felt a deep rage simmer inside of her.
Things got so bad that she actually had orgasms only when he was away, thanks to her rich collection of sex toys.

Despite their difficulties in the bedroom however, Marie-Claire’s love for her husband remained strong, and the very idea of having an affair like some of her friends did remained firmly out of the question.

So abominable was the thought of sleeping with another man other than Antoine that she wouldn’t even fantasize about another man whilst masturbating, and slowly bringing herself to a fulfilling climax.

That wasn’t really a problem as she had always been curious about the idea of sleeping with another woman. It was in the embrace of her secret bi-curiosity that she found comfort for another year before the lid was finally blown on Antoine’s secret affair with his much younger secretary Danielle. 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

High on Chocolate Lust (Thursday Taster #13)

This week, I bring you more heated excerpt from my WiP, A Cougars Legacy. I do hope you enjoy it and give some love and feedback too. Cheers!


A Cougars Legacy
Don Abdul

#2: High on Chocolate Lust
Marie-Claire was about to lay back on the bed and touch herself but the heat of her sweltering lust drove her to a riskier approach. She got to her feet, returning to the window.

She knew Ray couldn’t see her, yet she felt a rather strong connection to him as he laboured away at his menial task.

Watching him push the lawn mower back and forth, she lifted her left hand to her breast and pinched my nipples in turn making them even harder. When he turned around and faced her direction, she could see the sweat trickle down his face.

“Aghhh...” she gasped she grabbed her breast and squeezed it. She was so fixated on the handsome ebony sex god she subconsciously rubbed her soaking wet sex with the fingers of her right hand.

His chiselled chest and powerful abs literally intoxicated her with desire as she fantasized about laying with him with all of his clothes off. She imagined him fucking her hard and fast until they were both out of breath and sweating all over.

“Aghhh...” she whimpered as another shiver seized her. She wanted him so bad she could feel her cunt twitching and getting even hotter and wetter as though in preparation for the battering that his huge chocolate erection would unleash as he pinned her against the wall and fucked her without mercy.

“Oh fuck... Mmm...” She moaned as she rubbed and then fingered her pussy faster. She was so horny her climax was just a moment away.

‘Shit! I cannot continue like this. I want him so bad... I must have him.’

The thought that dominated the last rational portion of her brain soon faded away in the wake of her resolve. Like waves over the sandy plains of a sandy beach, her pleasure wiped away all reason and rhyme as she fingered her erect clitoris and then shuddered in the throes of orgasm.

“Oui... Aghhhh!” She screeched and then went limp, panting as she staggered towards the bed to catch her breath.

Sprawled on her back with her drenched, naked sex and her nipples facing the ceiling, she began to retrace the history of how she came to find herself in the shoes of a cougar determined to catch and bed the finest chocolate cub any older woman could hope for.

Struggling to calm her breathing, she asked herself for the umpteenth time...

“How the hell did I become this shameless slut?”

She knew well enough that it was only a rhetorical question. Her journey to where she was at that point in her life began a year earlier in her native homeland of France.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Cougars Legacy (Thursday Taster #12)

Starting this week, I bring you excerpts from a new WiP, 
A Cougars Legacy. I do hope you enjoy it and give some love and feedback too. Cheers!


#1: A Season of Desire

Standing by her bedroom window of her one storey semi detached home, Marie-Claire Gaultier licked her lower lip even as a shiver of excitement coursed through her.

‘How the hell did I become this uhm...bundle of uncontrollable hormones?’

‘A bitch in heat,’ was actually the phrase that leapt to the fore of her thoughts as she reflected upon her life, and the events that brought her to that very moment.

It was a lovely Saturday morning at the height of summer and just like she did the previous weekend, she stood by her bedroom window barely obscured by the lace of her curtains. Her eyes were focused on the handsome black youth who was hard at work mowing her lawn and tending the grounds.

Peeking out from her window, she visually caressed his taut, sweaty chocolate skin as it reflected the light of the morning sunlight. She whispered his name tenderly under her breath like an infatuated school girl.

“Mmm... Ray...”

‘He must have arrived quite early... So conscientious; I bet he is every bit as conscientious in bed too...’ the thought brought a naughty smile to the corners of her sensuous mouth. Subconsciously caressing her left breast, she moaned softly as her thumb brushed her pebble hard nipple in the process. The rush of electricity that coursed through her was a reminder that she was stark naked.

Still watching Ray as he worked away at his job, she mentally removed his worn Khaki work shorts with her eyes.

‘Mmmm... Isn’t he just a sight fit for discerning and very horny Cougar.’

She laughed softly to herself and then whispered under her breath,

“Cougar uh? How so very cliché...”

Her eyes roamed his sweaty naked chocolate upper body, moving down to his powerful brown thighs. With every movement he made, his muscles rippled as though they might explode out of his lovely dark skin.

Marie-Claire felt herself go weak at the knees even as intense warmth radiated from her core and spread to her moist sex and hard nipples. Closing her eyes, she sniffed the air, mentally filling her lungs with the potent smell of his sweaty skin. She imagined his strong arms around her while he made her do things no decent woman would be ashamed to admit.

When she opened her eyes again, he was bent over with his tight muscular ass pointing up in her direction.

“Damn you! Handsome chocolate prince...” she whispered, helplessly staggering back to the edge of her Queen-Sized bed. Her legs simply couldn’t support the weight of her desire any longer. Her throbbing sex demanded relief, otherwise she would lose her mind.


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lady by Day (Thursday Taster #11)

This week Jamal and Amber-Lynne return in a continuation of excerpts from my WiP Spanking My New Boss. I Hope you enjoy it.


Lady by Day


Don Abdul


“I'm so horny right now; would it please you Sir, to punish me with that huge.coc…?" her voice quivered until my disapproving look and a shaking of my head stilled her question even before she could complete it.

"No Amber-Lynne I will not!”

“I’m just your lowly employee and it has been so exciting taking the trip down the adrenaline fuelled spanking lane with you. In the final analysis you are noth….”

I stopped abruptly, catching myself just in time before I said anything I might regret later.

“Please don’t stop on my account… say it, say what you were about to say,” She interjected.

“You were going to say I am nothing but a cheap slut, weren’t you?” Her voice was even and devoid of bitterness or malice when she said the humiliating words. Judging by the calmness her calm voice, and expression, I couldn’t help feeling that she rather enjoyed saying the words.

I kept my eyes on her but said nothing; after a tension soaked couple of minutes, I finally spoke.

“Actually, I meant to say you are nothing to me, not my girlfriend, lover or fuck buddy, so I cannot… I would not fuck you.”

Her beautiful face had been glowing with naked lust just minutes earlier; it was now clouded over with an expression of incredulity. When I noticed her shoulders droop, I felt a kick of triumph in my cock.

It was obvious that I had pulled quite a coup on her. She clearly wasn’t used to being rejected.

‘She never would have guessed that after voluntarily handing the reins of control over to me, I could still reject her...’

Her face reddened with embarrassment and anger, but she said nothing. In her eyes however, I saw curiosity as well.

“As a rule, I do not have sex with strangers. Of course I'm attracted to you; I believe the bulge in my pants testifies to that. However, any fucking you get tonight will have to be from someone and someplace else.”

She was dead still and quiet for another eternity after I dropped that bomb.

With my feet firmly planted on her expensive carpet, I stood with my shoulders squared and my arms akimbo.

Standing up she looked me straight in the eye and asked,

“So if I were to be your girlfriend … would that work?” Her anxiety was evident in the way she shifted her weigh from one foot to the other.

I simply shook my head, causing her to give me a questioning look that asked ‘why not?’

“Well, I wouldn’t spank you if you were my girlfriend; a gentle man never hits a lady.”

“Oh but I am not a lady…I much prefer to be your slut, so you can punish me as you deem fit...Sir.”

Smiling in spite of my resolve to keep a straight face, the desperation in her voice pleased me greatly.

“You prefer to be my slut, uh?” I asked her with mock surprise.

“Yes Sir, it’ll be an honour if you’d let me be your slut...”

“Lady by day, slut by night...” The phrase rolled effortlessly off my tongue.

“Mmm...I’ve got to admit it does have a nice ring to it...”

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Night Before - 3 (Thursday Taster #10)

Hi folks,

My Taster for the week is a continuation from last week. It is a sneak preview of the heated scenes from my current WiP Spanking Ny New Boss. I do hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment, it will be most appreciated.



~The Night before (3)~


Don Abdul


“Who else, Shirley Fairbanks of course… the bitch was literally drooling all over you…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me; are you for real?” I asked with an incredulous expression on my face.

“Oh come on; stop playing dumb and admit it… the way she held onto your hand and asked if I’d loan her your services…”

“But she’s old enough to be somebody’s grandmother….” I fired back.

“And so, that hasn’t stopped her before…” She came back even more determined.

‘I can’t do this right now… I need to get laid, my balls are hurting… I’ve got to get this show on the road right now…’

“You know what; let’s not talk about Shirley right now. Just take my cock into your mouth and suck it real good.” I commanded, testing my earlier suspicion that she loved a man to take what he wanted.

She paid no heed to my words even when I repeated my demand. My frustration was past the boiling point as my balls ached from her teasing, so I grasped a fistful of her honey blonde hair and yanked her head backwards so her face was turned up at me.

“Suck my fucking cock you bitch!”

The moments the words left my mouth I regretted saying them. It was as if I had become possessed by some sex-crazed spirit.

Her response to my last words however encouraged me to continue on my chosen path.

“And why should I? You’re not my master, and you cannot make me do anything I don’t want to do… or can you?” she teased me even further.

“What would you do if I refused anyways?” she goaded me even more.

“If you don’t start sucking my cock like a good girl I’ll whip your sorry ass, you bitch!” I said in an even tone but with the force and conviction of a man determined to have his way.

Although I sometimes fantasized about dominating a submissive female, I never imagined myself truly capable of addressing a woman in that manner. The reality of that moment had made me into this new creature. With this ache in my balls, I pushed those gentlemanly considerations from my mind.

Amber-Lynne looked up at me and defiantly held my gaze for what seemed an eternity, and then with her hair still in my grasp, she stood up and began to walk towards her desk.


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