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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Passion Rekindled

Passion Rekindled
Don Abdul ©2011

The seasons have rushed by
I’ve missed you so, I cannot lie

And now like the morning sun over the horizon
You have returned to my life, making it your home zone

All things have changed but not the way you make me feel
Oh the excitement, the fever, the thrill

And now as I melt in your arms once again, wishing the moment would linger
I feel the rising heat in my core; I know there would be moisture to lick from your finger

I’m so moist your finger would slide in with no resistance all
I’m breathing harder, breasts heaving, nipples hardening, desire so tall

I know you long to see my back arch
Upon my ripe juicy breast I pray your mouth would latch

As you run your finger runs down the length of my slit
My core so heated like and atom about to split

I love how you always do this to me
Oh yeah, this is how I want it, us to be

Pressing harder into you, feeling your member harden like steel
I savor your deep groans as you struggle with your desire, and my clothes peel

Tossing each garment away, as hunger for the juicy soft wetness of my canal enclave peaks
Oh, to feel the wetness of the precum, that from the eye of throbbing you leaks

Oh my God! Your sexy whisper, in the smoothness of your deep voice I’m lost
Your words seduce me, “Oh baby, you always make me want to swim in your river of lust,”

Oh slide that finger inside, hook it, and caress my tender spot
Moaning, crying I completely lose the control plot

Oh make me scream as you touch that special place
Make me lose awareness o time and space

As I enjoy your mouth, licking my hard nipples and sucking my breast

Ooohhhhh, I moan out, trembling
Oh bend me over, take me as my breasts, my ass go shaking swinging

I love this, you sensually assaulting all of my pleasure centers all at once
Losing my balance, as my head spins and turns

Feel my skin heat up as I shake and shudder in your intense embrace
Make me scream, as I orgasm, soaring high above to that very special place

Juices running down the inside of my thigh, as you croon in my ear
The timbre, the passion, oh… oh dear

You promise some more: “I long to swim, until I am overwhelmed by the pleasure of all this”
“This loving tenderness, surrendering to the currents, then swept away to a place of bliss”

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stories I'm Working on - In Development (2)

The Power of a Grudge
Don Abdul

Thirty-eight year old Sally Wakefield cut her teeth as an investigative journalist; she had remained single and completely devoted to her career after a traumatic sexual abuse at age nineteen left her heartbroken. She had spared no ounce of energy in getting herself ready for the day she would exert her revenge.

The first salvo in her quest for revenge when she spectacularly brought down a dirty senator in a and stunned the nation into acknowledging her late night talk show Point Blank as a force to be reckoned with. That singular feat won her the backing of a shadowy group of power brokers in Washington. The very existence of the Puritan Agenda is known to only a handful of Washington insiders, and with their backing, and protection Sally Wakefield set about her objective of sanitizing the corridors of power, and getting her long anticipated revenge.

Her confidential network of informants and supporters cut across the hierarchy of the Police, FBI, and other key institutions including the Centre for Ethics in Governance, the public face of the Puritan Agenda. At the height of her journalistic power, she unexpectedly meets and inadvertently falls in love with the most unlikely man; that relationship creates a conflict of interest that threatens her chance of finding true happiness.
Will she sacrifice her personal happiness and do the right thing, or would she be seduced by the lure of power, and derailed by the pursuit of a personal vendetta? The resolution of that conflict would make or break her personal as well as professional standing and affect the outcome of events of far reaching importance for her country and perhaps even the world.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stories I'm Working on - In Development

Bai Ling's Revenge
Don Abdul

Bai Ling is a very sensuous granddaughter of a Chinese dissident with a secret desire to explore her long suppressed sexuality. She met and married Lu Fen, mercurial character whose true identity is so much more than meets the eye. When Lu Fen get’s a promotion and choice posting to a diplomatic post at the embassy of the people’s republic of China in Washington DC, Bai Ling finally got her chance to pursue her erotic dreams.

Wu Jin Bao, a randy old goat and Lu Fen's section chief prey’s on the lonely and vulnerable Bai Ling. His unsolicited dominant lust set the ball rolling, triggering the sequence of events that would unveil Lu Fen’s true identity to his unsuspecting wife as the man who denounced her brother to the secret police.

Read the story and find out how brightly Bai Ling’s fire of hatred for her husband would burn as she plots and executes her revenge.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Secret Fantasies of a Glory Hole Slut - A work in progress

Bisexual and submissive junior attorney, Amber-Lynne Forster has a crush on her employer Dwayne Jackson, who is unaware of her feelings toward him. When she discovers that Mr. Jackson visits the Glory Hole, she schemes to pleasure him under the guise of an anonymous glory hole slut. Her plan works brilliantly until his protective girlfriend and co-partner at the firm Isabella Delvecchio, uncovers her secret scheme. Delvecchio sets a clever trap for Amber-Lynne and when she gets caught in it she is made to pay a stiff price by the dominant Ms. Delvecchio.

The idea of writing this story came about out of a discussion with  fellow member of the facebook group Fantasia. We had been discussing the subject of split focus during the writing of stories, particularly lengthy stories when it suddenly occurred to me that I could set myself a challenge to start a new story right there in the group and follow it through to the end.

It's been a month now and despite been terribly busy at work, I'm now at Part 7 of what I have been told is one of my most interesting stories to date.

Below are some of the comments that have been left by readers so far:

Fantastic job with the character build up. Would this be a series or just one story? My mind is racing miles ahead again, can see this one being a book if you can throw in some intrigue and mystery into the plot.
Fantasia, 29 June at 10:19 

I can't wait to read the rest.
Fantasia, 01 July at 00:08

Don, like I've said before...this one is GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! :)
Fantasia, 10 July at 05:29 

Give me a moment, I need a cigarette! LOL This is very good,very hot and erotic...
Fantasia, 13 July at 00:48 

Watch out for the next update, coming soon...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream

Don Abdul ©2010

Asleep before my head kisses the pillow
My dreams not one of a grandiose hero

But lusty images of you and me
Doing all the erotic things we ought to be

With eyes on the clock I await your entry
Tonight is when we go beyond every boundary

I feel for my rope, blindfold and ball gag
Thinking of the pair of handcuffs in my bag

Thoughts of your goose-bumpy skin
As I tickle you with a feather, oh what sweet way to sin

Painting your beautiful body with honey
Licking it off, taking you places with no stress, rules or money

Teasing your nipples, lips and clit
Giving you all of me, a special treat

Spanking your bare buttocks
Pushing your arousal, knocking off your socks

Feeling your hot, labored breathing
As I take you hard from behind, bumping and grinding

Yanking at your hair, hitting it harder, a sexual fender bender
Putting your pleasure and pain in a blender

Taking off the ball gag, letting loose you thundering cries
Our breathing, blood pressure, primal cries all on the rise

As we each and both embrace the approaching storm
Moaning, groaning, crying, and screaming as we both cum

Deafening silence, quiet darkened bedchamber
Cool breeze of looming dawn, and this sweet dream that I remember

Monday, July 11, 2011

Business & Pleasure

Business & Pleasure

Don Abdul (c)2011

Do not mix business with pleasure
So goes the maxim
Yet moments to treasure
Both in business and pleasure, are made not of the ism
The logic, or the theories, even the round of golf
The power lunch, the other fun stuff
That’s where the fortunes are made
Trade secrets obtained during pillow talk with the French maid
Step up the career ladder, banging the boss
Timely tips while betting on a horse
See? Those who mix not business and pleasure
Know little of either, they are only under pressure

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lifestyle

The Lifestyle
Don Abdul © 2010

You call it my dark side
It brings me joy out and inside

Frown at the deed
It’s what truly fulfills my need

I crave it, it’s the spice of life
From lover, husband or wife

Regardless of station or rank
Enjoy the sting of open handed spank

The thrilling sweet pain of clamps on bare nipples
The exhilarating ripples

Coursing through my pleasure worn body
Trading in pleasure, passion and pain a hobby

You ever felt the strong bond in bondage?
It’s so different, beyond the usual range

Come pretty one, come sit on my face 
Let’s pleasure us though time and space

Black Coffee

Black coffee & Cream
Don Abdul © 2009

Swinging hips
Such voluptuous ass
Luscious lips
On a very hot and sexy lass
Her chocolate flesh
So smooth, so fresh
The stuff of temptation
Like flies to honey
Attracting men and women, making then so horny
Naughty, adventurous her spirit free
Seeking cream for her hot black coffee

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whispers in The Dark

Whispers in the dark

Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

Pitch black down south
Not a ray of light in sight

Pulse racing
Breathe quickening

With all senses honed, super active
Approaching the grand objective

Drooling with excitement and arousal
Feeling so alive, so sensual

Mmmm! Sniffing deeply the moment intense
Inhaling sweet musky essence

Whispering terms of endearment
Reaching out the tongue with such commitment

Licking and lapping the elixir of lust
Oh this sweetness a delicious must

Swirling it, then one lip smacking swallow
Awakening sensuous emotions unknown, deep and shallow

Massaging the nubbin and suckling it
Yielding wild orgasm begging for a repeat
Leaving a lover so satisfied and so beat

Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review - Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife

Lynda is a sexy model who marries a much older rich 
man (Andrew). The life of a housewife was not exactly 
what she had expected.

She did however, enjoyed spending Andrew's money, 
but soon found that something very important in their 
relationship was missing. It was sex. Andrew did not 
appear interested in sex, and this 
did not please the 
sexy former model because she had a very huge 
appetite for sex.

She soon began to have secret  extramarital affairs that 
became almost like an adventure each time as she 
fulfilled certain fantasies that she wanted to explore 
through her affairs. Life as a trophy wife was boring 
until Lynda decided to make it more interesting. And 
interesting is just an understatement for the things she 
did and the nastiness that she found herself in ranging 
from threesomes, interracial sex, and bisexual sex to 
name a few.

Each sexual escapade was well written and very 
graphic in story details. The story as a whole was well 
written with a few grammar issue that did not interfere 
with the story at all.

This is a very short read clocking in at only 50 pages. 
But this is a great read for anyone interested in reading 
an extremely erotic story filled with lots of sexy scenes 
that will most likely leave you feeling very aroused.  
Click here to learn more about this ebook.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

July 2011


My story "Closed Encounter" is featured in the July, 2011 Edition of Bareback Magazine.
Check it out: 

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Don Abdul (c) 2011

Mmmm, I love the the thickness
Oh how I long to taste that sweetness
Long, slightly curved, erect
It has on my mouth such an effect
I salivate in anticipation
Of the texture, the fullness, and the satisfaction
Savoring every inch as it slides past my tonsils into my throat
Verily, I do not gloat
When I say, without this phallic temptation
In your mouth, how can you know satisfaction
Like I do, with every meal in every manner
This delicious fruit, this Banana