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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a Submissive Should Carry in Their Toy Bag

This is the link to a video I came across that might be of great value to submissives who are relatively new to the lifestyle, enjoy it and learn a useful lesson too.

Spanking Pleasures



Copyright Don Abdul ©2008

Caught, bound and hogtied
Suspended in space and time
Her Pleasure, her pain both rhyme

Her pain blending with her pleasure
Neither has a beginning
Neither has and end
She drifts...on and on
In a continuum
Helpless yet happy
Satisfaction with her grasp
Her every fantasy being fulfilled
Nipples at tingling erection
Labia engorged, quivering from mini cums
Almost succumbing to the avalanche
An eternal multiple orgasm
Yet held momentarily at bay
By the bite of the rope into her tender skin
Her pain a welcome distraction
Counterpoint to the pleasure consuming her
Until somewhere deep in her cosmos
A huge Bang!
A rending asunder, an implosion, then explosion
A shattering of all her worries, inhibitions, fears
As she explodes into a million pieces
Infinite ionic particles
Each supercharged piece of her Orgasmic energy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secret Fantasies of a Glory Hole Slut

Bisexual and submissive junior attorney, Amber-Lynne Forster has a crush on her employer Dwayne Jackson, who is unaware of her feelings toward him. When she discovers that Mr. Jackson visits the Glory Hole, she schemes to pleasure him under the guise of an anonymous glory hole slut. Her plan works brilliantly until his protective girlfriend and co-partner at the firm Isabella Delvecchio, uncovers her secret scheme. Delvecchio sets a clever trap for Amber-Lynne and when she get caught it in she is made to pay a stiff price by the dominant Ms. Delvecchio.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Poem I came across today

I was surfing the net as usual, looking through publishing related sites for "author stuff" when I came across this rather interesting poem. Interesting to me anyway. it's titled My Poems, and it is by the author Warren Adler, I hope you enjoy it too.

My Poems

I want to write ten thousand poems before I say goodbye
I don't know why
Maybe in my soul I am a poet
And don't know it
Or maybe I just like to spin a rhyme
Perhaps I'll find out in time
Its not for fortune or for fame
More like a game
Where to win is finding words
That fit
Like spotting flying birds
Yes, that may be it.

                      -Warren Adler (Author)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Secret Fantasies of a Glory Hole Slut

Coming Attraction

Bisexual and submissive junior attorney, Amber-Lynne Forster has a crush on her employer Dwayne Jackson, who is unaware of her feelings toward him. When she discovers that Mr. Jackson visits the Glory Hole, she schemes to pleasure him under the guise of an anonymous glory hole slut. Her plan works brilliantly until his protective girlfriend and co-partner at the firm Isabella Delvecchio, uncovers her secret scheme. Delvecchio sets a clever trap for Amber-Lynne and when she get caught it in she is made to pay a stiff price by the dominant Ms. Delvecchio.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beauty & The Beast

Coming Attraction

Aliyah is a 20 year old college student who has lived a sheltered life until she left home to go away to college. Leroy is a 24 year old ex-convict and aspiring rapper who has a nasty reputation on the street. The paths of these two dissimilar characters cross late one night when some homies with beef against Leroy beat him within an inch of his life. A friendship, and subsequently a romantic relationship develops between the two unlikely characters with some very unsettling consequences.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bare Back Magazine

Hi folks,
I just wanted to let you know that Bare Back Magazine would be featuring my story Closed Encounter in the July 2011 edition of the magazine.

Closed Encounter will be the second story of mine to be featured in that publication. The first of course being The Horny House Guest which was featured in the November 2010 edition of the online Magazine.
I'll post a link to the July 2011 edition once I get it. Meanwhile, if you'd like to read the story in the November 2010 edition follow this link


Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Covers (A Taste of things to come)

Wham Bam... Thank You Son

Crime & Punishment

Dirty Secrets

Sexual Escapades of a Personal Trainer

Forbidden Lust of a Japanese Housewife

No Good Deeds Go Unpunished

The Horny Granny

Keeping it Sinful

Erotica He Wrote

Grace 2 Grass

Hubby's Gambling Debt

Open Secret


Tight Jam

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy is Here

Daddy is Here


Don Abdul ©2011

Pulse racing with each silent foot fall
Casting a slight shadow on the wall

Stealthily up the stairs
Craving that moment, the stoking of her fears

Door opening silently on each well kept hinge
My eyes caressing her sleeping body, noting all else on the fringe

Of my peripheral field of vision
The moment to accomplish my mission

Closer, smelling her delicate perfume
Radiant body warmth, her even breathing as the lone sound in the room

Reaching for my knife, I flick the switch
That familiar sound never fails to tickle the bitch

Her eyes flew open, her mouth starts to scream
None of this is a dream

Shut it slut daddy is here
The terror in her eyes ebb, like the flow of dying rivers far and near

Yet the sweat on her brow, and on her ashen face
The adrenaline rush, now serving her tingling secret place

Taut big nipples, needy and exposed
Hard deep shudders, the touch of cold steel imposed

Thighs flung apart, slit moist with desire
This slut of daddy’s is consumed by lust’s wild fire

Snaking the blade beneath the fabric of her delicate thong
Thinking, oh this is awesome, even if also wrong

For she is another’s woman, yet my very own whore
He’s away every night, now of me she begs for more

Lifting and slicing away, her thong is ripped apart
Exposing lips of her Yoni, so slick, juicy and fat

Kneeling at her triangle of lust
T’was only seconds until I was lost

Feasting, harvesting the nectar of her flower, unlike any other type
Savoring her forbidden fruit, so juicy so ripe

Oh f*ck daddy, eat me some more
Take me as you will, use me like a whore

‘How can I refuse her,’ this bitch is in heat
It gets even better each time, this thing that we repeat

Ohhhh, daddy, daddy your whore is cummmmmming
A perfect conclusion to her moaning, groaning and humming

As I pluck her every string, and blow her trumpet, and her flute too
She is my musical instrument, I love to play her, oh yes I do

Through with the quakes and aftershocks, she floats back to earth
Now it’s time she savored my throbbing girth

Aghhhh, Mmmmm, yeahhhh; gasping and moaning
As I plunge, bump n grind, cursing and groaning

Spanking her, pulling her hair tight, I take my pleasure, and also give her some
As I work all of her portals, stretching, and filling her until I’m set to cum

Sinking my fingers, digging my nails in her delicate skin
Pounding, hammering, my sex cry thundering; t’was an awesome thing

Oh dayummmm daddy is gonna shoot
Tensing, back arching as I bury my oak tree to the root

I kissed the face of heaven, and let go all my cares
My horny whore is with me, trembling, shaking, and shuddering and in tears

Overwhelmed by daddy’s rough loving ways
Wishing it could go on, and on for days

Alas, the night retreats, and so must daddy with it
For her husband returns soon, hungry, tired and beat

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (11)

Chapter Eleven:                    Mr. Crane’s Affair

In her kitchen Loraine opened her oven and dished a tray of hot fresh food, and then fetched a bottle of red she had kept on ice. With three glasses carefully placed on the tray, she carried the food upstairs to her hungry lovers. If her plan worked as she was certain it would, Shirley and Jamal would be spending the entire weekend with her.
The party was just beginning…
Lagos, Nigeria 24 Hours Later

Jack Crane laid in bed covered only by a quarter of the smooth satin covers , exhausted from the rigorous round of lovemaking he had shared with Adora, his so-called Princess of the Niger. Adora herself was splayed out with her legs wide open and his semen dripping from her clean shaven chocolate pussy. She was so spent from the delicious bump ‘n grind session with her Crane Operator, as she called him that she couldn’t be bothered to get up and get cleaned up, at least not until she had taken a short nap.

Jack was getting worried again; he had been out by the early morning flight to Port Harcourt for a meeting with security operatives, and elements of an organization called MEND. As team leader for a critical engineering sub-group tasked with mending damaged pipelines in the creeks, he was put in the loop to familiarize himself with the ideology of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta or MEND, a militant organization in Nigeria’s oil rich Delta region which had sworn to disrupt all oil exploration and production activities.

Working in Nigeria had always been a high risk undertaking, especially more so lately but having served his tour of duty in Gulf war 1, Jack wasn’t a man who was easily discouraged by the taking of risks. What had him bothered, and kept him awake at that ungodly hour was in fact a different matter.


He had called his wife, Shirley back in the states just right after he returned from his meeting the previous night and got the answering machine. He had left her a message asking the usual, how was she doing; what was her progress like and so forth. He had also asked her to call him when she got the message.

When she hadn’t called him by noon he had started to get worried; Shirley didn’t socialize that much and hardly at all since both he and their son had left home. He tried calling her about three times that afternoon but she obviously wasn’t home. His guess was she hadn’t returned home since the previous day. He was even more worried by the fact that he couldn’t actually establish just how long she had been gone. He was suddenly overcome by a sense of guilt.

He felt guilty that he hadn’t called her in over a week; “what if something bad had happened to her, perhaps she had taken ill and been taken to hospital, he wondered as his thoughts began to run amok. ‘No,’ if she was that sick or had been in a car crash, someone would have contacted him by his listed emergency contact number. That realization however didn’t bring him much comfort as he wondered out loud, “where could she have gone?”

He had been so engrossed in his worries that he hadn’t even noticed that Adora had been standing by the door watching him. She cleared her throat to get his attention, and then she approached him with a soft understanding smile on her beautiful chocolate face. Her eyes were kind and supportive even though she didn’t know yet what troubled him so.

It was an essential part of her nature that she showed empathy and kindness in such little ways that most people didn’t even realize were important. She took the newspaper from him and set it down on the coffee table and then sat down next to him on the back porch of his staff house, which looked out to a beautiful little garden.

“What troubles your heart my darling Crane Operator?” she asked using her nick name for him that never failed to make him laugh. He looked at her face and then smiled, but the sadness in his eyes stayed put. Adora knew then that he would talk, but only when he was ready to do so. She reached out and gently patted his hand just to let him know she was there for him if he needed her.

Jack watched Adora get up and walk into the house, she had promised to spend the weekend with him and it goes without saying that she would be doing some cooking too. Unlike most Nigerian girls who studied abroad, Adora was a great cook, and Jack quite enjoyed every one of her meals that he had tried so far.

As she walked away, his eyes were trained on her awesome derriere. She was a tall woman of 5’10” with a lithe sexy body that boasts curves in all of the right places namely her chest, hips and full round buttocks. Everything was so perfectly proportionate that some greater power must have spent extra time working on her body.

Despite the stirring in his loins however, Jack’s mind soon strayed right back to Shirley. ‘Why isn’t she answering the phone or returning my calls,’ a rather unpalatable thought crossed his mind, but he quickly pushed it aside. He was bothered as well by the fact that her cell phone was also switched off.

That nasty thought crossed his mind again, this time he had to admit it had some merit in the present scheme of things. Whereas it was crazy and improbable, it couldn’t be completely ruled out yet that Shirley hadn’t just decided to leave him and finish their two decade old marriage. The questions that attacked that possibility however were first of all, why would she do that? Secondly, had things deteriorated that bad that she wouldn’t even have the decency to wait until he came home to tell him to his face?

Despite her struggles with depression or mid-life crisis as those crazy shrinks called it, he was certain that Shirley still loved him. She also must realize just how much he loved her and how he would have loved to stay back and take care of her. He had in fact taken a job abroad because they had both agreed that she needed time to be on her own and sort through things by herself.

Yeah, that sounded like a prelude to a breakup but they both knew that wasn’t what they had intended… “Damn!” he thought out loud again. The whole damn thing was so confusing and worrisome. ‘Perhaps I should call our son to travel home from college and check up on her,’ he thought but quickly discarded the idea. They had managed to keep their difficulty from him so far and there was no need to get him all worked up now; Shirley would hate that anyway.


Back in the states meanwhile, Shirley walked back into her house after she had paid off the cab and went straight to check for messages on her answering machine. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she listened to the fifth of several messages her husband, Jack had left her. He sounded concerned and by the time she had listened to his sixth message his concerned tone had turned into a panic.

Shirley felt so guilty and ashamed that she hadn’t spared a thought for her poor husband who was working so hard and far away from home too. Jack had been nothing but nice and gracious to her all through her battle with her condition. He had endured months of sexless married life without the slightest complaint, and yet there she was being a total bitch and making him suffer even more.

While she was out cavorting with her fuck buddies, poor Jack was worried sick about her. She should have called him but her cell phone battery had gone flat and … she carried on thinking until her conscience cut her off. ‘Oh shut the fuck up you inconsiderate slut! That man would have moved mountains for you and this is the treatment you mete out to him?’

Shirley felt suddenly so weak and she slumped into the nearest chair. The tiny voice inside her head continued; ‘as if it isn’t bad enough that you’re cheating on him, now you’re making him sick with worry too, and over what, Ugh? You were detained by some oversexed bimbo who tied you up and beat your worthless ass silly?’

Shirley wanted to scream at that voice to shut up! Just then the devil on her shoulder took charge. “Well at least you’re no longer depressed and wondering if your life is over… plus you gotta admit, since you met Jamal the sex has been great, more so now with Loraine and her oh so hot sex games.’

Both voices were quiet for a moment while Shirley calmed herself a little more. Suddenly the devil on her shoulder continued, “As for Jack, he loves you, so he would understand… just pick up the damn phone and call him, tell him you’re sorry and figure out what else you wanna say.’


“Hello darling, I’m so terribly sorry I got you all worried about me. I was invited to a party at a friend’s home and I had so much to drink. Remember how you never liked me driving when I’ve been drinking, well  it was late and rather than call a cab, I was offered the guest room, so I stayed.” Shirley explained to her husband a thousand miles away in Africa.

Jack was so relieved to hear she was alright that he gladly accepted her explanations of not calling him from her cell phone because her battery had juiced out, and she didn’t have her charger to hand. He however was also relieved because his guilt felt suddenly lighter as his eyes wandered to the ebony beauty sleeping right next to him.

He and Adora had made love twice already that Sunday morning. It was 11.00 a.m. and they were still in bed. Jack smiled at his good fortune, meeting Adora had given him the opportunity to make up for all the lost time too. His smile soon turned sour though; after hanging up the phone, he thought about his life at that point. He should be happy, after all he was enjoying the best of both worlds but the reality of things made him wish for a different possibility.

Back home he has a wife who loved him, and whom he loves with all his heart. In Nigeria, he has Adora, a very intelligent woman who loved him deeply, and whom he had come to care a great deal about as well. ‘Oh how wonderful it would be, if only I could bring these two separate parts of my life together in harmony,’ he thought.

His thoughts quickly flashed back to his time working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico 15 years earlier. He had heard stories about some of the guys he worked with, but always dismissed them as wishful thinking. One day his buddy on the rig, a redneck with a happy-go-lucky attitude whom he had befriended told him about him and his wife being swingers.

Apparently after catching Jack reading a magazine with wife sharing stories, he had thought he might interest the young engineer in a little bit of the “lifestyle” as he called it. Jack had been non committal and eventually the issue had been dropped. Jack was however so turned on by the idea of swapping wives with other friends, that he had broached the subject rather elliptically with Shirley at the time. She had shot down the idea as awful and dangerous, and he had promptly dropped the matter, even though he fantasized about it for years afterwards.

‘Now if there was a way to get my two beautiful women together without starting a world war, that would be the greatest treat in the whole damn world,’ Jack thought. His manhood was awakened from its slumber by the thoughts of threesomes and foursomes involving his wife and girlfriend too.

He threw back the covers exposing his darling Adora who was laying face down on the bed. Her legs were parted and he could see her pink slit closely guarded by her lovely pink pussy lips all tightly packed together and sandwiched by her chocolate mound.

Her big round ass cheeks were parted wide enough for his eyes to take in her tight brown eye too. He eyed her lean fit beautiful black body lasciviously; from her sexy well toned legs to her trunk where her breasts popped out at the sides from the weight of her body laying down on her chest.

Jack could simply not resist the temptation any longer; he shuffled over and took up position in between her open legs and then he buried his face in her hot chocolate sex. He commenced feasting on her cunt with tender the licks of his tongue. He licked and probed her sex teasing her lips apart and exploring her moist folds.

Adora was recalled from the land of tranquil, dreamless sleep, and then held in suspense in the twilight zone between the world of dreams and reality. Her moans were soft and deep as she wriggled her waist and fed him even more of her juicy honey pie. When his tongue found her hardening clitoris and then circled it in slow wet and tantalizing strokes, her moans went a couple of octaves louder.

Adora was a real life princess, so posh and savvy from her high priced British college education too, but when it came to sex, she was totally unpretentious with her feelings. She was an avid screamer and for Jack that was a coup. He loved to make love to a responsive woman. The moaning, groaning, sighing and gasping that precede and intersperse the screams of pleasure all did something really great not just for his libido, but also for his male ego as well.

She was wide awake and moaning like a bitch in heat, and she had eased her ass up in the air allowing Jack greater access to her soaking wet sex. Jack sucked her entire pussy into his mouth and then he licked her swollen lips whilst keeping up the suction still.

“Oh daddy, please eat my hot wet cunt…. Yesssssssss” she moaned.
Jack let go of her pussy and then licked up and down her slit, it was something he had come to realize she enjoyed. It was his prelude to escalation of her pleasure too, as the next move he made was to spread her cunt lips apart with his tongue and then lick her hole with the flat of his tongue.

Suddenly he stabbed his tongue into her hole. He did it again, and again as he began to tongue fuck her. “Aghhhhh,” she gasped and then moaned her approval, and encouragement for more of what he was doing to her. “Oh yeahhhh…. Give me more, go deeeeeper please.”

Jack had only been tongue fucking her cunt for a few minutes when her walls closed around his tongue as she shuddered and groaned deeply, and climaxed. She came all over his tongue and he swallowed her nectar which seemed to have the effect of driving the hardness of his member from hard wood to steel.

He shuffled on his knees and positioned himself for smooth deep rear entry into her tunnel of carnal pleasure. He slipped his cock into her tight cunt easily and got right down to business, feeding her his sausage in short sharp strokes.

He groaned and drove his cock deeper and faster in and out of her pussy as he sought to establish the best rhythm that would bring them both to a bone rattling orgasm. Adora responded to his every thrust with one of her own as she threw her big shaking ass right back at him, daring him to go harder and deeper.

“Oh fuck yeah… I love thisssss,” she moaned as she reached for her crotch and began to rub her clit while her mature lover pounded her cunt again and again just like she wanted. Adora was fast approaching another orgasm, but she was holding her horses, she loved it when she timed her climax to coincide with Jacks. He didn’t have the greatest sexual stamina in the world; his low staying power was however made up for in his attention to details. He ate her pussy better than most men she had been with and he was never in a hurry to get the pussy eating done and over with like most younger men were.

The only person currently in her life who ate her cunt better than Jack was Sade, her girlfriend, Jack of course knew all about Sade. He had accepted the fact of Adora bisexuality with grace and dignity and unlike most of the men she had entrusted with that knowledge before him, he hadn’t asked to have a threesome with her girlfriend either. The idea excited her though, and she’d probably do it too when the time was right.

“Oh fuck I’m so close!” Jack groaned, Adora’s thought of a threesome with Jack and Sade had snapped the cord that held her control lever, and then she lost it. “Oh yessss… cum for me, daddy, cum with me….” She let of a breathless moan just as she began to shudder.

“Aghhhhhhhh… yesssssssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhh.” Adora’s orgasm hit like a hurricane leaving her trembling like a leaf in the wind.

Adora’s quaking pussy walls immediately set off Jacks fuse and he exploded shooting a short squirt of hot cum in his lovers well used sex.


After the couple had rested, Adora leaned over and kissed Jack on the cheek. “I see you have finally heard from her. You look and feel happier, I’m glad she is alright.”

Jack looked into her eyes, he wondered how she could tell so much just from looking at him. Although he had decided to tell her he was worried about not having been able to contact his wife back home. She had been fast asleep when Shirley had finally returned his call. ‘Oh well, I shouldn’t be surprised really, she had always been able to read me like a book, right from our very first meeting.’ He concluded and then smiled at her and said simply, yes Thanks for your concern too.

To be continued...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (10)

# 3 on Story Picks for May 2011

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth 


Don Abdul ©2011 

CHAPTER TEN: A Private Party (Delicious Desserts) 

Loraine’s squirted juices trailed down over Jamal’s balls, and she felt his nuts and caressed them rubbing her juices into his sac. “Mmmm…” she let out a soft moan and then shivered as she replayed the moment when his load of hot cum shot up her vagina. She had squeezed his cock and choked his shaft with her tight cunt muscles and held his hot seed inside her body. She was determined to keep his sperm inside her for as long as possible, and then as their tremors died away, she thought up a plan. 


Loraine turned her face towards Jamal, half spinning on his cock, and then kissed him on the mouth. It felt like a thank you kiss, although the black youth wondered what for. They had all had a great time, so nobody should be thanking anybody, or so he thought anyway. 

Loraine called out to Shirley and teased her a little. “Hey there slut, did you enjoy watching me fuck your man?” she asked. Did you see how I bounded up and down on his big black cock like a two-bit black man’s whore?” 

Fearful of incurring the wrath of the crazy bitch, and prolonging her bondage, Shirley thought it wiser to respond and pacify her tormentor. “Yes ma’am, you were so hot and so great to watch,” she said, appealing to the younger woman’s sense of vanity. 

“Mmmm… flattery would definitely get you somewhere,” Loraine said with a smile. Sucking her cunt lips tightly together she tried to hold Jamal’s thick hot cum inside her vagina which she executed an awkward crab like walk towards the bound Shirley on the bed. 

“I’ve got a little… ah... reward for you darling, for being so gracious about me gorging myself on your boyfriend’s lovely big black cock,” she said with a hint of sarcasm. Shirley opened her mouth to say something snide but thought better of it. 

Loraine continued as she maneuvered herself into position, “What? You must think I’m some na├»ve little slut who has no clue.” She laughed at the look of shock on Shirley’s face. “I may be blonde bitch, but I’m far from being dumb, I saw the fire of jealousy burning deep in your eyes as you watched me bounce up and down on his ‘hood’… man-hood, that is…” she laughed again at the pun. 

“Well since both of you are wondering what … ah… reward I’ve got in mind, here it is,” she turned and vaulted her legs over Shirley’s prone body until her crotch was directly above the mature blonde’s face. Shirley felt a warm sensation begin to spread through her loins as she inhaled the aphrodisiac scent of raw sex from Lorain’s well fucked pussy. 

“Aghhh,” she gasped as her eyes adjusted to the slackened pussy above her face, the swollen lips looked so pink and juicy and her clitoris stood proudly outside of its hood. She was hypnotized by her first close up look at another woman’s vagina from up above. 

“Yeah, you guessed right you jealous slut. Suck your beloved boy toy’s cum from my juicy cunt,” Loraine commanded, disrupting the near hypnotic concentration of the older woman. She lowered her pussy until her soggy swollen lips made contact with Shirley’s lips. She ground her drenched sex into the other woman’s face rubbing her juices all over her mouth. 

“Eat it bitch!” she half moaned and half barked at her prey, even though she knew the reluctance she sensed was only half hearted. She could tell the adulterous little slut was quite aroused by the proximity of her pussy to her flared nostrils. She heard her inhaling her female essence and filling her lungs too. The very thought that she must be feeling giddy from all the inhaled smell of sex, and the twitches and spasms of Shirley’s slutty cunt lips before her very eyes turned Loraine on beyond words. 

“Aghhhh… Yes baby, Mmmmmm” she gasped and then moaned deeper as Shirley’s lips rose to the occasion, kissing her wet cunt lips and then sucking lightly on them. Putting out her tongue she gently caressed Loraine’s engorged clitoris, and then turned her full attention to the task at hand. 

With her tongue warmed up on her mistress’s clit, she eased her pussy lips open and then probed her love hole a little deeper. Loraine inhaled deeply as she gasped and then began to moan even louder. Her face was now buried in Shirley’s crotch where she tried to mirror the mind blowing sensations that were driving her wild. She was a total slut for that position; 69 was simply her favorite number in the whole of sexual math. 

Loraine’s rational thoughts took leave of her as she surrendered herself completely to the awesome sensations that threatened to rob her of her sanity. 

“Oh fuck yeahhhhhhhh….” She cried out loud as Shirley ravished her pussy and plundered her honey pot even deeper. She licked and sucked her beloved Jamal’s cum from the wicked bitch’s whore pussy. She was both thrilled and liberated as she pursued her task with passion way beyond the call of duty. She could even call the oppressive bitch names in her mind without the fear of her face betraying her emotions. 

‘Not a chance in the world she could read my thoughts now, hell no, not while she is so lost in the land of pleasure unrelenting,’ Shirley thought even as she herself was just a step or two behind Loraine in the race towards an inevitable climax. 

‘Mmmm, so delicious,’ she thought as she slurped her tongue about in Loraine’s stretched pussy liberating the ropes of cum that had been churned into a light milky liquid delicacy from the incessant bounding of the greedy bitch as she stole her man’s cock. She almost cried with pleasure as she felt his very juice of life run down her throat as she gulped it all down into her stomach where it would nourish her body in ways no one else could ever begin to imagine. 

Loraine's pulse quickened even more as she tugged and pinched at her nipples. As Shirley's tongue dove into her fuck hole to tease out an elusive sticky bubble of sperm, she let out a low moan. "Oh fuck, I feel so hot when my cunt is eaten like….that," she whimpered. "Oh yes, baby... fuck my hungry cunt with your tongue you filthy slut." 

She was humping away, driving her plump pussy desperately onto Shirley’s face. "Get all that cum out... that's it, Mmmmm..." 

Meanwhile Jamal had recovered his erection, the mutual oral stimulation the women were obliging each other had him so worked up that for the umpteenth time that evening he feared for the fate of the chair upon which he sat. His cock jumped and kicked relentlessly as he flexed his arms and legs trying to break loose of his bonds, it was futile he knew, but he tried nevertheless. 

The sound of Shirley’s wet, muffled slurps filled in the room, and matched only by Loraine’s heavy panting, which was rising now to a crescendo. "Oh fuck Do it, do it you filthy whore; make me cum," she wailed, clawing desperately at herself. 

Jamal watched as the slut domina Loraine lifted and crashed her sopping wet sex on Shirley’s face, while she tried between moaning and gasping to eat his mature lover’s cunt too. Jamal knew Shirley was at that special place in a world of her own, a place where nothing and no one could reach her. She was completely lost in the exhilaration of consuming the awesome pleasure that came with making love with another person; a pleasure which was still a novelty to her. 

The unparalleled intense sex she was experiencing was the culmination of her long suppressed lesbian fantasies. Her bi-curiosity was being satisfied on a much grander scale than she had ever imagined possible. Amidst mouthfuls of his cum and Loraine’s pussy, she moaned and gasped, as her body shivered and shuddered from the pussy eating she was also receiving from her mistress. 

“Fuck, this is so fucking messed up,” he whimpered, frustrated by his incapacitation by his leg and hand restraints. ‘This would have been a perfect moment to take that bitch Loraine, press her face into the bedding and fuck her ass and hear her beg for more.” 

He was happy for Shirley, but he was frustrated and pissed off beyond description… ‘Hey wait a minute,’ he thought; ‘who am I deceiving? Is this anger, or is it just me dying to fuck that bitch until my bruised male ego is restored?’ 

His train of thought was brought to a sudden crash by Loraine high pitched scream as she climaxed. It was a violent eruption of pent up pleasure as she shuddered and squirted a geyser of ejaculate all over Shirley’s face. If the older woman hadn’t been sucking on her clit at the time she probably would have drowned in the river of cum that flooded her face. 

To be the reason why the dominant seductress was cumming so hard and crying out so loud, completely reduced to a shuddering mass of bouncing tits and ass was an awesome new experience for Shirley. It excited all of her senses beyond anything she had so far experienced and then before Jamal could find the ‘M’ in orgasm, she followed in Loraine’s shuddering wake. 

The intensity of both women’s orgasm was so evident not only in how much they let themselves go as they screamed their heads off and shuddered, but also by the heavy breathing and the sweats that poured from every horny pore in their sexy fucked out bodies.

There was no longer a single item of makeup left on the women’s faces to run, it was all gone. The only things left as they flopped onto the cum-splashed bedding, spent and breathless was the smell of sex. What a potent smell it was too, it had Jamal’s cock throbbing, and the man himself cursing, needy of urgent relief. 


After they had rested enough, Loraine got up on her knees and deftly released Shirley from her bonds. The older woman was still feeling so fucked-out that she remained lying on the bed, with her pussy damp like a lazy slut. 

Next Loraine turned her attention to Jamal, his eyes burned with the fires of naked lust, but his face was hard from the pent up frustration of sitting helplessly through the most tantalizing sex he had ever witnessed. The submissive slut inside of the dominant blonde knew she had goaded the black youth too far, and that there would be hell to pay as he sought to have his own back on her. The expectation of consequences brought fresh heat to her core, and that heat was growing fast as she approached the horny young bull. 

Loraine fantasized that she was a matador approaching an enraged bull. She traipsed around him, and from behind, she set him free. The moment he could move he bounded onto his feet in one swift leap. With Shirley now watching the unfolding drama while resting on her side, the agile black youth swept his erstwhile tormentor off her feet literally. 

“Wow!” Shirley exclaimed as her young lover manhandled Loraine as though she was a paper sculpture. He slung her sexy naked body over his shoulder with her ass pointing out and her tits hanging loose and bouncing about, as she struggled and tried to resist. The resistance was of course all fake but the feigned reluctance heightened her arousal even more. 

He covered the distance to the bed in a few smart strides and threw her onto the king sized bed. Shirley had anticipated her lover’s intent and wisely made room. She watched slack-jawed the transformation of the sweet naughty boy into a wild sexual animal. 

Hardly had Loraine stopped bouncing off the bedding when he spoke his first words to her directly. “Get on all fours bitch!” he neither barked nor shouted, yet his words impacted like a force of nature. A quick glance at his face was all it took to convince the blonde bombshell that he was not a man to be trifled with. 

She obeyed and got on her hands and knees, and stayed that way, awaiting further instructions. Jamal turned to his lover and spoke softly; he could see a new fear in her eyes. She was probably finding it difficult to recognize the man he had become. 

“Get the strap-on and then hand me the lube darling.” He didn’t have to repeat himself as she obeyed almost instantaneously; he instructed her to don the harness while he rubbed his raging erection with the slippery gel. Sitting on the edge of the bed with a leg dangling over the side, Shirley watched him rub and then work the gel into Loraine’s ass. 

Loraine couldn’t help herself as the exciting sensations of his slippery hand caressing her rear portal coaxed a soft moan from her. Her moan was greeted with a hard smack on the buttocks. “Ouch!” she yelped; the blow had taken her by surprise, and a pleasant surprise it was too. 

Jamal hadn’t really given it a thought, he just spanked her round pert ass instinctively, but he loved the way his big open palm bounced off her fleshy round ass. He knew from the way her skin broke out in goose bumps despite her yelp that she loved it too. He quickly followed up with a couple more spanks and was thrilled at the reddening of her ass cheeks. 

“Please sir not so hard,” she pleaded even as she clenched her ass and steeled herself for the next blow of his stinging hand. When the anticipated blow didn’t sting her ass, she added, “I promise to be a good girl and do whatever you want … sir.” 

“Good for you bitch!” he said as he grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them wide open. "Somebody seems eager," it was Shirley, feeling the pangs of jealousy once again. It was more a whisper so neither Loraine nor Jamal heard her. Loraine moaned softly when she felt the hard tip of her new Dom’s huge cock touch her well lubricated anal opening; she push back against his thrust. 

"Aghh… please give it to me sir," she begged him to fuck her ass; amidst heavy breathing and an effort to stay calm, Jamal's only response was a deep grunt as his thick cock sank deeper and deeper into the tightness of her ass, slowly stretching her open. 

Pulling back impatiently, Jamal began to piston his cock hungrily into Loraine's snug rear portal, his thick, throbbing black cock providing a stark contrast as it disappeared again and again between her rounded white cheeks. "Oh please harder... yessss," she said huskily, as he reached forward and grasped a handful of her blonde hair. He pulled it tight and then shoved her head down, onto the bed until her cheek pressed hard against the cum splashed cotton sheets. 

Her eyes closed slowly at the sensation of his swollen manhood drilling her hungry ass. "Ohhhh….. Mmmm... Oh yes daddy please plunder my slut ass deeper and fuck it harder, pleaseeeeee" She begged for more of his huge cock even though it was splitting her wide apart. His thrusts stung in the most amazing ways. She winced as he thrust particularly hard, driving her hips so far forward if her head hadn’t been pressing hard into the bedding, she would have toppled over from the impact. 

"Oh fuck yeah!" he grunted, “His hands tightened on her waist as he stuffed his meat pole deeper up her warm, squeezing passage. She arched her back very slightly, turning her ass up further to face his driving lust. She wriggled her hips a little, splaying herself open for him.

Jamal gave a few more thrust and then the rush of pleasure almost swept him away into the undesirable chasm of a premature ejaculation. He quickly regained control of himself and slowed down his hip movements. ‘A perfect time to up the ante,’ he thought and pulled out his throbbing cock from her anal passage. 

He quickly issued snap instructions to the women, and Shirley took her position lying back propped up against the pillows. Her strap on cock was pointing up and ready to be mounted. Loraine did as Jamal commanded; she scooted forward and got astride Shirley’s crotch. She lowered her sopping wet pussy onto the mature blonde’s silicone penis riding the small waves of pleasure it generated inside her core with a soft moan until it was completely embedded in her hungry sex. 

It was an evening of unprecedented adventure for Shirley, and just laying there and seeing the woman who had only moments ago dominated and humiliated her now being impaled on her own ‘cock’ filled her with an overwhelming feeling of power. 

As if she had suddenly become possessed by some sex demon, Shirley spanked Loraine hard on her bare buttocks and then pulled her face down to hers. She kissed her softly on the lips and then even more with growing intensity. Their trading of tongues and swapping of spits was so intense they both forgot about Jamal. 

A rush of fury rose within him, but he willed himself to be calm. He could understand how Shirley must be feeling, and with all she had been through, he figured she deserved the latitude to enjoy the rest of the evening whichever way she chose. His rationale may also have had something to do with him still feeling guilty at having deceived her into coming to the non-existent party in the first place. 

Jamal was however not so considerate when it came to the younger blonde slut. He clambered onto the bed again and positioned himself behind her ass which was at that very moment raised high in the air and pointing towards him as it rose and feel from Loraine’s continuous humping of her mature lover’s strap-on cock. 

Loraine broke their kiss for a moment and moaned out loud as she felt Jamal’s cock push into her anus. He stretched her open and thrust deeper inside her, only this time it stung a little more as the silicone cock in her pussy also provided a reverse pressure that not only increased the friction both ways but also doubled her pleasure in ways that sent her cumming on Shirley’s dong almost immediately. 

The pleasure was so overwhelming she had another orgasm within minutes. Being bisexual and feeling so open about her sexuality, Loraine was used to MFM threesomes that ended up with her being double-penetrated by both her male and female partners, but she had never taken a cock as huge ass Jamal’s up her ass before. 

Amidst moans and shivers, she thanked her stars she hadn’t overlooked Jamal that night of their first meeting at the night club even though she hadn’t really been in the mood to hook up with a man on that occasion. She was quite glad she had slipped him her card when she realized Shirley had been too drunk to be of any use that night. 

The flashbacks of their conspiracy to reel in the mature blonde housewife, and her own hidden agenda of using the couple for her own kinky pleasure all excited her so much that she climaxed again from the unrelenting thrusts and counter thrusts that were churning the waters of her sex and provoking the tidal waves that swept her away. 


Jamal’s cursing and dirty talks soon turned to deep groans as his body tensed and his back arched. His hips locked, sending his shaft deeper inside Loraine’s ass". Freshly recovered from her third orgasm, Loraine was pleased that the pleasure of fucking her ass had been well worth the waiting and the teasing for Jamal. Well at least that was what she concluded from his grunts. ‘Men just can't help it when their balls are full now, can they?’ she though, grinding her plump ass cheeks back at him. She steadied herself in anticipation of his explosive ejaculation; having teased him so long, she expected his load would be huge so she opened her ass wider and prepared for it. She writhed her fingers slowly on the bed, entwining them in the sheets. 

He suddenly exploded in her ass, shooting his thick ropes of hot creamy spunk deep in her ass and filling her up. She rolled her ass in gentle little circles, using her practiced muscles to milk his thick long cock of every last drop of his semen even as he drew deep, ragged breathes. 

Meanwhile Shirley had also climaxed just watching her lover go through the final moments of his pre-orgasmic loss of control. She had clenched her thighs around Loraine’s hand, trapping her two fingers inside her wet pussy which she had been fingering while Jamal fucked her ass. 

Loraine smiled, relishing the warmth of not only Shirley’s pussy juice around her fingers, but also of Jamal’s spunk filling up her slutty well used ass. Those and the wet squishy sound of her ass accepting his every last drop of cum inside her. 

The threesome all piled on the bed and rested, and then after about twenty minutes. Loraine rose up and propped herself on her elbow as she watched her guests as they enjoyed their nap. ‘Poor darling, they must be exhausted,” she thought as she made a mental note to stay in contact with the interesting couple. 

She was feeling famished and she knew they must be too. She had anticipated that as well, and factored it into her planning of the evening. She gently eased out of bed so as not to disturb her playmates, and then headed out of the room. 

In her kitchen she opened her oven and dished a tray of hot fresh food, and then fetched a bottle of red she had kept on ice. With three glasses carefully placed on the tray, she carried the food upstairs to her hungry lovers. If her plan worked as she was certain it would, they would be spending the entire weekend together.

The party is just beginning...