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A Kinky New Beginning

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Date (TTT # 24)

Hi folks, I'm back with a fresh new teaser this Tuesday. I hope you enjoy reading it.


The Date

Don Abdul (c)2012

Amber Lynne kept glancing at the clock all day; she couldn't wait to get home to prepare for her special date. Catching her own reflection in the full length bedroom mirror, her nipples hardened. Her pussy tingled and her lust swollen lips glistened as she parted her legs. Feeling particularly slutty, she struck a raunchy pose whilst pretending that he was watching her from the other side of a two way mirror.

When she was through with her ablutions, she dressed herself in her nylon pantyhose with matching garter belts. Her lace panties had split crotch from which her horny pink labia hung slick and juicy from her intense desire. Her bra’s low cups served up a hot and tempting meal of her gorgeous breasts.

The woman in the mirror was an unapologetic slut whose parted lips and dimmed eyes said,

“I’m hot, horny and gagging for some hard fucking, so bring it on!”

She packed her bag, taking her pair of handcuffs with the mink sleeves, her black blindfold, and of course her eight inch life like vibrator. She started to exit the bedroom but remembered her satin gloves; switching the lights and went to get the car.


That's it for the week folks.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Going Black (TTT # 23)

My Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser for this week is a snippet from my most recent WiP Going Black. I hope you enjoy it.

PS. There’s a treat hidden somewhere in it too, watch out for it ;)


Going Black

Don Abdul ©2012


Dorothy’s heartbeat quickened as she willed herself to put one heeled foot in front of the other as she was led through the cozy restaurant by the Maitre d’. Luigi’s was fashionably reputed as a culinary love nest, so she was also a little nervous.

She spotted him waiting to greet her; his warm smile and the naughty glint in his sexy brown eyes left her completely flushed. Almost swooning as he lifted her hand to his lips, she moaned softly as his lips sent warm ripples through her body. She was grateful when he let go of her hand and pulled out the chair for her just in time to save her wobbly feet.

She blushed thinking about the sticky crotch of her black lace panties which at that moment was plastered to her heated sex; Dan’s eyes communicated what she hoped for.

‘Yes, tonight is the night darling,’

She gave him a sexy coy smile and averted her eyes, seeking to clear her mind of the hot images of her being ravished by the six foot chocolate sex god.

‘They say once you go black, you never go back….’

‘Tonight is definitely the night I put that and other myths to the test,’


I do hope you have enjoyed my teaser for the week. In order to make up for my absence last week, I offer you the rare opportunity to douse your burning curiosity by reading more of this teaser right now… Just follow this link:

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Book Release - Hubby's Gambling Debt

(Click on the book cover to buy)

Price: $1.69
Published by: Fiction4All
No. words: 10534
Style: Erotica
Categories: Menage/Group Erotica General Erotica
Setting: Present Day
Published 10 / 2012