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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Temptation in business suit (Thursday Taster #6)

My taster for this week comes from another WiP of mine titled Mile High Pleasure (a Sequel to Driven by Desire by Tyrese Jordan). I hope you enjoy it.


Temptation in Business Suit


Don Abdul

The maxim “Never mix business with pleasure,” has never held any meaning for Paige Devereaux. In her mind both are one and the same thing; doing business was always a pleasure. After all, she has proved herself as an astute business woman and shrewd investor.

In keeping with her personal investment philosophy, Paige had two key reasons for buying into the Dubai real estate deal in which Devereaux Industries was currently involved. The first and most important of her reasons was that it was profit. It was a great deal with a win-win future; the projected return on investment was so mouth watering that it had been a piece of cake convincing her husband Kyle to invest in it. 

Her second and more personal reason for backing the deal was a 34 year old Italian architect and conceptual brain behind the deal. From the day Roberto Scholari was introduced to her by a business associate at the country club, Paige Devereaux had not been able to get the Italian Adonis out of her head. 

His sexy dark looks constantly fuelled her wet dreams. Her nights were frequently haunted by images of his tanned his chiseled body covered in olive oil, slithering against her sexy contours as he ravished her in the most exhilarating manner.

Remembering the sensual movement of his lips while he spoke always led her to the same conclusion, “he has to be a great kisser.” The mere thought of his other potential skills always left her soaking wet.

The icing on the cake was that Roberto politely ignored her subtle flirtations. The graceful gentleman in him however generously complimented her beauty and her business acumen.

Mmm...Very few men are as gifted in the delicate art of flattering a woman while at the same time turning down her sexual advances…

She frequently reminisced about their second meeting, a business lunch at an upscale city restaurant. Even with three other people in their party, Paige took every opportunity to check him out. Her eyes followed every movement of his sexy lips as he spoke with the fluid grace of his slightly accented English. 

Her pulse raced at his gracious refusal to acknowledge her flirtation.

If only he knows how much more that turns me on… this beautiful man… this temptation in a business suit…

Being a wealthy woman who lacked nothing, she found his reluctance a rather refreshing departure from the norm. It greatly excited her that the hunt was set to be every bit as interesting as the conquest.


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Thursday, April 3, 2014

An orchid in Hell (Thursday Taster #5)

My taster for this week comes from another WiP of mine titled The Curse of Insatiable Lust. This is an excerpt from the opening chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

An Orchid in Hell


Don Abdul

The land is barren as far as the eyes can see; there is nothing in plain view but the windswept lifelessness of the desert. So fascinating is the sandy landscape of this godforsaken corner of the earth that it is both forbidding and seductive at once. It is nature’s own perfect piece of art.

The Ma-houtti’s, a long line of indigenous guides who have carried the map of the terrain in their DNA for centuries never cease to warn of the unforgiving cruelty of the sands beneath their feet. They regale travelers with tales of the desert meting out death to those foolhardy enough to attempt the taming of it.

Why on God’s earth would anyone in their right mind ever want to tempt fate by setting foot upon the barren sands of this uncharted territory, many have wondered. The reason lies on the other side of the horizon.

Out there in the vast arid terrain thrives an ancient tribe called the Houttis. These desert dwellers have been forged over a thousand years by the very unforgiving cruelty of the desert. They are the true epitome of resilience in an environment so hostile to life and living. Mighty armies of the world from the time of Asyrian Kings have dreaded threading upon its mocking sands.

It is even fabled that the “land of certain death” as it was known for hundreds of years is the point at which the sun scorched the earth the harshest. 

As if the scorching sand is not enough to deter would be adventurers, the undulating sandy terrain is broken by a horse shoe shaped mountain range. The ragged rock face dares the most nimble of mountaineers to attempt a climb; the reward to whosoever is foolhardy enough to try would no doubt be certain death.

Just off to the east of the awe inspiring mountain range lies an interruption, a chasm so deep it cut the mountain right down to its sandy foothills. So hidden by nature is the opening in the mountains that only those who knew its precise location are able to find it even in the sunny light of day. Making out this sacred passage at night requires skill of almost metaphysical proportions. It is also the stuff of local lore that the passage is a sacred portal which only opens to true believers and bonafide sons of the desert in their hour of need.

A kilometer and a half inwards down the narrow, meandering path the trail opens into a flat sandy clearing that slopes gently inwards. This is the forgotten territory Zarhouttia; beyond the sandy fringe of its natural border and fortification stands a mighty gate that protects the entrance to the city state.

If you are into poetry, you might like to check out my poem Orchid in Hell which incidentally was inspired by the landscape described in the piece above.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Orchid in Hell

Orchid in Hell
Don Abdul (c) 2014

Vast and barren as far as the eyes can see
Sand, so endless it’s like the sea

Windswept and lifeless
Yet, she is blessed with beauty nonetheless

She is nature’s own perfect piece of art
A marvel to smell, touch and look at

Both forbidding and seductive at once
She beckons with the lure of a near carnal force

Though she’s ruthless, meting out death to the foolhardy
How does one even begin to be ready?

Why on God’s earth would anyone tempt fate?
Yet men embrace the erotic swells of its curvaceous dunes
Only to rethink when it’s too late
She is hells deepest pit by day
Even as her breath is bone chilling with her nightly tunes

A melancholic lullaby as the life of the lost fades away
To this unfortunate and lonely death she leads many
In her wickedly seductive tyranny

Save for the few fortunate
Those for whom the gods navigate

To a patch of earth endowed so well
An Orchid in hell

An Oasis of life, so beautiful
Green shade and water plentiful