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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lady by Day (Thursday Taster #11)

This week Jamal and Amber-Lynne return in a continuation of excerpts from my WiP Spanking My New Boss. I Hope you enjoy it.


Lady by Day


Don Abdul


“I'm so horny right now; would it please you Sir, to punish me with that huge.coc…?" her voice quivered until my disapproving look and a shaking of my head stilled her question even before she could complete it.

"No Amber-Lynne I will not!”

“I’m just your lowly employee and it has been so exciting taking the trip down the adrenaline fuelled spanking lane with you. In the final analysis you are noth….”

I stopped abruptly, catching myself just in time before I said anything I might regret later.

“Please don’t stop on my account… say it, say what you were about to say,” She interjected.

“You were going to say I am nothing but a cheap slut, weren’t you?” Her voice was even and devoid of bitterness or malice when she said the humiliating words. Judging by the calmness her calm voice, and expression, I couldn’t help feeling that she rather enjoyed saying the words.

I kept my eyes on her but said nothing; after a tension soaked couple of minutes, I finally spoke.

“Actually, I meant to say you are nothing to me, not my girlfriend, lover or fuck buddy, so I cannot… I would not fuck you.”

Her beautiful face had been glowing with naked lust just minutes earlier; it was now clouded over with an expression of incredulity. When I noticed her shoulders droop, I felt a kick of triumph in my cock.

It was obvious that I had pulled quite a coup on her. She clearly wasn’t used to being rejected.

‘She never would have guessed that after voluntarily handing the reins of control over to me, I could still reject her...’

Her face reddened with embarrassment and anger, but she said nothing. In her eyes however, I saw curiosity as well.

“As a rule, I do not have sex with strangers. Of course I'm attracted to you; I believe the bulge in my pants testifies to that. However, any fucking you get tonight will have to be from someone and someplace else.”

She was dead still and quiet for another eternity after I dropped that bomb.

With my feet firmly planted on her expensive carpet, I stood with my shoulders squared and my arms akimbo.

Standing up she looked me straight in the eye and asked,

“So if I were to be your girlfriend … would that work?” Her anxiety was evident in the way she shifted her weigh from one foot to the other.

I simply shook my head, causing her to give me a questioning look that asked ‘why not?’

“Well, I wouldn’t spank you if you were my girlfriend; a gentle man never hits a lady.”

“Oh but I am not a lady…I much prefer to be your slut, so you can punish me as you deem fit...Sir.”

Smiling in spite of my resolve to keep a straight face, the desperation in her voice pleased me greatly.

“You prefer to be my slut, uh?” I asked her with mock surprise.

“Yes Sir, it’ll be an honour if you’d let me be your slut...”

“Lady by day, slut by night...” The phrase rolled effortlessly off my tongue.

“Mmm...I’ve got to admit it does have a nice ring to it...”

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  1. Ah Don, you do know how to set up a scene! Can't wait to see how this arrangement works out. :)

    1. Right Dianne! There is a twist or two along the way too :D
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The bannering between these two characters is excellent. The dialogue is realistic and entertaining. Great Taster.

    1. Always try to keep it real Michael. Thanks for the feedback my friend :D

  3. Great interraction in this sexy scene. I love your taster

    1. Thanks Naomi, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it too :D

  4. Great chemistry between the characters look forward to reading what happens next