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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Taking matters in her own hand (Thursday Taster #19)

This week, A Cougars Legacy Continues with Marie-Claire sleepless with anxiety about her date with Cynthia... When her anxiety turns into extreme arousal, she had no option but to take matters in her own hand... literally.
I hope you enjoy it, if so please leave some feedback. Thanks.

#8:       Taking matters in her own hand

Marie-Claire had a tough time falling asleep that night. She just couldn’t stop thinking about her proposed date with Cynthia. Although the other woman had eased her anxiety earlier, now that she was all by herself in her stateroom, she found herself struggling as she tried to define her expectations for the date.

‘It’s tough enough managing my attraction to Cynthia without letting my desire slip. Now how do I know what is expected of me on this date?’ she wondered.

Despite her long suppressed secret attraction to women, she had never actually been on a date with another woman. It was a whole new experience for her, one about which her head was telling her to tread carefully, but her heart was inclined to follow through.

She was pretty sure Cynthia was planning to seduce her during their date. Her fertile imagination even contrived a few very erotic scenarios, which left her flushed and breathless with desire.

‘Who would have thought, my first post-divorce date would be with a woman...”

Marie-Claire replayed her conversation with Cynthia over in her mind again. She had sought to understand what was expected of her, but Cynthia had only smiled and advised her to relax and be herself.

‘That is pretty easy actually, after all I am horny as hell and really attracted to her. The only problem right now is getting through the next 24 hours without going crazy with anxiety.’

Her mind soon wondered to Cynthia’s sexy chocolate skin. She instinctively caressed the skin of her own arm, and then as a rash of goose bumps arose beneath her palm, she allowed herself to dwell on the pleasure to be had from feeling the mass and warmth of the black woman’s ample breasts and voluptuous derriere.

She moaned softly as she tossed about on her bed.  The room suddenly felt stifling, and she felt the heat of her pent up desire rise up from her body. She felt her core tighten, as her heart-pounded.

She slid her hand downward over her flat tummy, and then in between her naked thighs to her slippery nether lips. The pulse between her legs quickened, as she dipped her finger into the throbbing source of her sweet torture. She rolled onto her back and her legs fell open; throwing her inhibitions to the wind, she moaned Cynthia’s name in longing for her confident touch.

With her free hand she rubbed and then pinched her stiff nipple hard.

“Aghhh... Cynthia, take me...” 

She moaned as a lightening bolt shot from her soggy fingers through her body. Biting her lower lip, her back arched and her crotch shot up in the air. She worked her fingers faster as the pressure in her core escalated faster. She kneaded the contours of her drenched inner folds whilst thumbing her stiff clitoris.

“Aghhh... Make me cum Cynthia..." she moaned louder as she surrendered to the power of her raging climax. With her thighs clenched, and her pussy shuddering uncontrollably, she gushed the lotion of her release until she was spent.

‘What am I doing? What am I letting myself into...? Acting and moaning like some sex crazed teenager whispering another woman’s name...Pathetic!’

Her thoughts reflected her doubts, and her fears as she lay there in her dark stateroom, shaking, and drenched in her sweat and juices. She curled up and eventually fell into a tired dreamless sleep.


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