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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Pain of Betrayal (Thursday Taster #15)

Excerpt from A Cougars Legacy continues to trace Marie-Claire's transformation from a happy wife to a horny cougar. I do hope you enjoy it and give some feedback too. Cheers!

#4:       The Pain of Betrayal

Marie-Claire remembered the fateful evening her marriage effectively came to an end like it was yesterday. She had been running errands in the shopping districts of Paris all morning, and then as she had been feeling quite frisky that week, she had decided to give herself a treat even as she prepared to make herself irresistible for Antoine.

She had shopped for sexy lingerie, and then headed to an exclusive spa for a full treatment including waxing. She hadn’t wanted any disturbance so she switched off her cell phone. It was rather late when she finished and upon turning her cell phone back on, she got a voice message from her hubby.

Antoine had called to tell her he would be spending the night at the corporate suite that night. The message was a huge disappointment for the horny wife, but just as she was beginning to debate the choice of sex toys to employ as a means of salvaging the evening, an idea occurred to her.

‘Mmm... Why not surprise my husband dearest by just showing up at the suite...’

She reasoned the change of scene and her horde of sexy lingerie would help their flagging sexual connection as well. With her mind made up, she ran a couple more errands and then made her way to the suite.

As she would recall much later, it was as though the stars were aligned in favour of her finding out about her husband’s treachery. All the controls he must have put in place to deter her access to the suite unannounced failed.

Antoine had arrived much earlier to join his secretary who had arrived ahead of him. The manager had been called away on business, and the concierge on day shift had closed without adequately briefing his colleague who had arrived to relieve him for the night shift.

Alain, the night concierge knew and admired Madame Gaultier who had always been nice to him on the few occasions she had visited the suite with her husband. Without any hesitation, Alain had allowed her go right up to the suite.

Marie Claire had knocked on the door and then waited for it to be answered with sexiest come on look on her face. She never bargained for what she saw when the door swung open. Wearing nothing but a short silk robe that left very little to the imagination was Danielle, her husband 24 year old secretary.

‘Oh fuck, it’s so obvious I should have seen it all along...’

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  1. Ouch! Now that was screwed up for Marie-Claire to find out that her husband was screwing around with his secretary. Revenge sex might be the answer to the conclusion.

    1. Ray, Marie-Claire is devastated by the discovery. Will she pay her philandering husband back in his own coin? Well, let's just wait and see.

  2. Great job Don Abdul! I loved the build up to the final scene. I can't wait to read the next part!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the build up Gynger, the best though is yet to come. Watch this space :D

  3. Antoine was screwed from that point. How did the secretary react? I would love to see the look on her face and Antoine's when he found out? Great leadin to explosives happening after thois encounter.

    1. Thanks Michaels, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far... the next installment should shed light on their reactions so watch this space :D

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed it is, and Antoine is a nasty piece of work too.

  5. Oh no! The rat! Great taster