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A Kinky New Beginning

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dream Eternal

Dream Eternal
Copyright Don Abdul ©2005

Shh!! Say not a word
Leave outside, worries of the world
Sit back and relax
Let me spoil you to the max

Candle light
Soft music, what a delight
Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream
Tonight is the night, baby let’s make a dream

Close your eyes
Let your imagination soar
Your anxieties, your inhibitions lower

Part your lips, taste this chocolate
Its sweetness, in your mouth I shall taste
Delicious, not the chocolate, you!

Let this go on for eternity
Romantic reference for posterity
This passionate embrace, this kiss
As we soar to a place where no eagles dare
Oooh! Here we are
Clothed in chocolate, strawberries, and cream
Right here, right now
Our reality, our dream

Tense yet relaxed
Bated breath, passion maxed
Smelling your hair
Nibbling your ear
Voices husky with promises and requests
Licking whipped cream off voluptuous breasts
One first, then the other
On and on, all over

Lie back my love
Upon fragrant rose petals, let our sweet release evolve

Sexy lips, hungry mouth
Vice versa, north to south
Take it; suck it, my cream-dipped chocolate stick
Your juicy, strawberry wetness, I gently lick

Oh! This is Eden
Moan…..cries…, ‘tween us there is noth hidden
Sweet….sweet torture
Deep sensual pleasure

Would I this goes on for eternity
Alas, we are temporal, cursed with brevity
Oh sweetness, time is now……ugh!
Let the man in me take the woman in you

Thick, proud chocolate hardness
Plunging….ever slowly….deeply into this haven
So soft, hot, dripping wet place of sweetness
Shivers, flutters, quivers, explosion of colors
Deep intense….animal passion

Explosive release…..dissipation
Seeds of life, elixir of love
One from under, the other above
Collapsing in a heap of love

Cold hands of reality intrude
No bother…..this dream is made eternal