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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Night before (2) Thursday Taster #9

Hi people, this week's taster is a continuation of last week's. It has some answers to the questions you asked last week. Enjoy!


The Night before (2)


Don Abdul

Her ass was tight, and perfectly fleshy. I swear I saw her shaven pussy smiling back at me. The thought of taking her forcefully right at that moment sent my heartbeats into a crazy rhythm.

By the time she turned around to face me again, my shirt was off and I had already kicked off my shoes. I guess she was getting impatient as she stepped forward and unbuckled my belt. 

Discarding my belt, she knelt down before me like a little slave girl before her master. She deftly unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and boxers in one fell swoop. My erect penis flipped free of its confinement, almost hitting her in the face.

When I was naked, she grasped my erection in a double handed grip, lifting to her mouth. She flicked its shiny chocolate head with her wet tongue which she then swirled all around it. Moaning, she licked my free flowing pre-cum and then cradled my balls in one hand while caressing my shaft with the other.

I closed my eyes and surrendered into her hands; I anticipated the sweet sensation of her hot wet mouth enveloping my manhood in a matter of seconds but it wasn’t to be. She only licked and lapped at my steely erection, and it soon dawned on me that she was being such a teasing bitch on purpose.

It all suddenly started to make sense. I could see it clearly now in my mind’s eye; the hints that I’d missed or not been sure of. The flashing, and the innuendos. The ambiguous statements, and now the cock teasing too.

‘You’ve gotta man up and bring your A game dude…This is one woman who loves a man to take what he wants…’

Well I was so damned horny and not at all in the mood to be teased. I guess she must have noticed my irritation. Switching gears and became hesitant… as if she had something she needed to get off her chest first.

“I know someone who wouldn’t hesitate to do your bidding for a taste of that.. thing between your legs...” She said with a measure of contempt in her voice.

The rational part of my brain knew well what she was attempting to achieve. Clearly she was looking to piss me off somehow.

‘She probably enjoys pissing off her lover so she could enjoy the grudge fuck that would follow.’ My intuition was however disrupted by my curiosity.

“Oh yeah, and who might that be then?” I asked her, my frustration increasing.

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  1. Nice scene!
    I'm curious how it plays out. I think she might like it rough.

    My favorite line:
    I swear I saw her shaven pussy smiling back at me.

    I haven't heard it described like that until now. :)

  2. Quite a tease isn't she? Still he really shouldn't mind being teased that way! This flows well.

  3. Very hot teaser! Let's see how it's going to play out. Nicely done, Don.

  4. Loving the interaction between these two. Who will give in first can't wait