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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Forever in our hearts

Forever in our hearts
Don Abdul ©2016
How many words are enough?
To eulogize a character so fine, yet so tough
He called the bully’s bluff
Even as his road to fame was rough
Like a Phoenix, he rose from the ashes
Triumphant in those trying clashes
Even when knocked down flat
To him only belonged the peoples heart
This Lion’s roar, a deep Rumble in the Jungle
Causing his adversary to stumble
They fall before him
On his way to greatness, birthing many a dream
He floated like a Butterfly
He stung like a Bee
“This is just another wicked lie”
Denial took hold of me
“Even death wouldn’t dare”
To take “Ali the greatest” from here
Alas! It is the truth that I fear
Shame on the Grim Reaper
For The Champ will live in our hearts forever

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