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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (7)

CHAPTER SEVEN:                        A Private Party (Feast fit for a Mistress)

The throbbing tension in Jamal’s manhood had grown quite intense from watching the unsuspecting Shirley being ravished by the seductress Loraine. He was enjoying every bit of his deeply rewarding voyeur experience; he was so lost in the moment that he almost jumped out of his skin when suddenly an unexpected and ill-timed text message alert from his cell phone alerted the women to his presence. Loraine whipped her head around to catch him watching them. She had completely forgotten about him in the heat of her passion, and when their eyes met, she gave him a knowing smile and a naughty wink.

In that brief moment, he felt like a little boy with the coolest toy in the playground, he felt a certain rush of power which arose from his inside knowledge of what was really afoot for his mature lover through the course of the evening. A part of him however felt guilty about keeping his loving and caring lover in the dark. ‘But that is the best part of the plan,’ the devil on his shoulder countered the voice of his conscience. ‘What’s to regret?’ he wondered as he again looked over at the spent, prone naked figure of Shirley in her post climax afterglow. The pleasure that the night’s secret activity promised would be as much a payoff for her as it would be for him.

Shirley turned her head but stayed on the carpet trying to catch her breath. Even though she was in a place where nothing but the buzz of pleasure which was still coursing through her being mattered, she felt ashamed that her young lover had walked in and caught her naked and breathing hard from being recently fucked to a climax. Her cheek burned so hot with embarrassment and shame and she felt like some cheap slut.

Moving only her eyes, she forced herself to look up at his face, she was tense for a moment, and then she smiled weakly, taking comfort in the fact that her black lover was also smiling, he obviously liked what he saw, ‘I wonder just how much he actually saw,’ she thought just before her train of thought was interrupted by Loraine’s lusty voice.

“Well, look who finally turned up…” Loraine said as she broke the silence, and then beckoned him to join them. As he walked towards them, she called out to him. “Oh won’t you lose the clothes darling, doesn’t look like you’d be needing them now does it?” she concluded in a naughty seductive drawl.

As it had been the case the first time Loraine had planted the idea in his mind, the very thought of having two of the sexiest women he knew at once, and all to himself sent Jamal’s pulse racing. His erection ached even more and his heart pounded harder as he swiftly discarded his shirt. Loraine then rose to her knees and grabbed his erection through his Gabardine pants. “Oh wow! What have we got here?” she asked with a hungry look on her face.

Shirley sat up and rested her back against the sofa as she watched Loraine unzip Jamal’s pants. She reached inside his pants and liberated his erect phallus even as she quickly unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to his ankles.

With Loraine, still holding onto his huge throbbing cock, he kicked off his pants and then watched as she opened her sexy mouth and began to lick the taut head of his pulsing manhood. “Mmm…” she moaned as she tasted his salty pre-cum, and then sucked him into her mouth.

Shirley watched with such keen interest as she began to feel the fires of lust rekindle deep in her loins. The scene unfolding right before her eyes was so thrilling, she had thought the younger blonde was only interested in women, but from the way she sucked her Jamal’s cock it was pretty obvious there was much more to the lesbian temptress than met the eye.

Shirley felt the beginnings of a furious emotion start to rise within her, but then it quickly dissipated as the burning desire in her tingling wet sex intensified and quickly outpaced the earlier emotion which she soon recognized as jealousy.

With the exception of the one time she had asked Jamal about his relationship with Mrs. Baxter, his ‘aunt’ who wasn’t really his aunt, she had never been aware of there being another woman in his life, let alone his bed. ‘Oh my God, what that sweet man-child has turned me into,’ she thought as once again she blushed deeply as she thought how absurd her emotions towards Jamal were. She wasn’t even his girl, ‘not really; I’m just the shameless and immoral housewife who gets her juices flowing from fucking a man who is young enough to be her own son.’

Despite her inner turmoil however, Shirley’s eyes stayed glued to her man and the sexy blonde who was pulling his crotch closer to her face as she massaged his meaty gluteus. The truth was, it all felt so hot and arousing even though she would much rather not share his thick, long black cock with anyone else. ‘Liar!’ her inner freak screamed as she reluctantly admitted to herself how she was dying to watch him fuck Loraine while she watched. She also wondered how he would handle the task of fucking them both when the time came, and she blushed again, feeling ashamed at just how much of a slut she had become.

Loraine cradled young Jamal’s black balls as if they were the crown jewels, While she sucked his cock with her eyes wide shut. She was like a connoisseur tasting a delicately prepared gourmet meal, intent on tasting each single flavor locked within the deliciously finished meal.

She reminded Shirley of a white little girl with a sweet tooth, sucking on chocolate lollipop on a hot summer afternoon. She savored his throbbing black manhood as if her life depended on it. The passion and commitment with which she gave Jamal the blow job that was making him moan and thrust his hip even as he laid his hand upon her head of blonde hair lit up Shirley’s desire. Her nipples hardened and her pussy tingled with renewed desire.

Jamal groaned as once again jammed his cock deep inside Loraine’s throat, her eyes were all teary, and her mascara was running as she started to gag a couple of times, but her hunger for his steely black flesh seemed greater than the discomfort of a spluttering gag.

Loraine finally brought herself to a reluctant stop, and then she turned to see how Shirley was faring. “Mmm, looks like somebody has been enjoying the show,” she said winking at the older woman. She beckoned on Shirley to have a go, and then she made way for her to take over Jamal’s young cock.

Shirley knelt at the feet of her ebony sex god and began her oral worship of his huge phallus, the very object of her countless erotic dreams. Meanwhile Loraine had taken up position behind the black youth and was now pressing her breasts deep into his back while she rubbed her shaved pussy into his full, tight male butt. 
 She reached under his arms and teased his nipples while she nibbled on his ear lobes and then blow her hot breathe into each ear after darting her wet hot tongue in and out of them.

The intensity of her own desire soon alerted her to the need to move the party along to the next level. She disengaged herself and then announced to her guests, “I think it’s time to flip the page and get the party going full swing, don’t you think?” she asked rhetorically.

Grabbing Jamal’s erect manhood, she led him by the cock literally, up the stairs towards her bedroom. Shirley followed with a few questions bouncing around in her head. She was caught between jealousy, curiosity and other shades of emotions she wasn’t quite sure of. In the end though, her bi-curiosity and the liberation of her inner freak by the wine in her system carried the day as she followed her lovers towards the bedroom.


Once in the bedroom, Shirley’s eyes scanned the area quickly, noting the king sized four-poster against the center of the far wall of the expansive room. Just by the door was a high backed chair which seemed to have been customized for bondage play. It had straps around the legs and down the sides where the hands and legs could be restrained.

On the night stand was a silver tray. In the tray, their naughty hostess had placed all the items she would need for a domination and bondage session. She had a tube of lubricant gel, a butt plug, a couple of dildos, as well as a strap-on cock.

The strap-on cock looked different than the ones Shirley was familiar with, this one had two heads and it seemed both the wearer and her lover would be penetrated at once. There was also a set of nipple clamps which sent a shiver of trepidation up Shirley’s spine.

Rather than succumb to fear however, Shirley’s ever growing curiosity led her on, as she wondered how exciting it would be to let herself go and really experience sexual pleasure at that level that she had always dreaded.


Eying the chair by the door, Jamal, couldn’t shake the feeling that something totally outside of the script was about to unfold. He had a sneaking feeling that despite being her co-conspirator, the kinky Loraine was about to deal him a sucker punch.

Jamal’s suspicions were confirmed when pulled him towards her, kissed him full on the mouth and then quite deftly spun him around and smoothly maneuvered him into the chair, and then she knelt down to restrain his legs with the Velcro straps. His hands were next and by the time she was done his bonds were so secure he could not break loose. From his vantage position he had a good visual command of the entire room, especially the bed.

Loraine turned her attention to Shirley; she gently touched and then pressed her lips to the wayward housewife’s and kissed her passionately. Shirley moaned softly, as the younger blonde pressed her warm body upon hers as they waltzed towards bed.  Still locked in their passionate embrace, kissing and tonguing all the way, they eventually tumbled onto crisp fresh top end white bed sheets.

Meanwhile, Jamal watched as the women groped and fondled each other in the most cock provoking ways. His manhood swelled even more and began to ache as the horny women caressed each other in those places that women desired to be touched. They ravaged each other’s breasts and buttocks, and then pelted intimate kisses on tummies, sides and mounds.

Loraine wasted no time taking full charge of proceedings as she held down the older woman even as they were both obviously needy of each other's passion. Their breathing could be heard across the room as their tongues explored every inch of flesh on each other’s bodies.

As Shirley began to plead with her lesbian seductress to take her, and make love to her, Loraine swiftly seized her older submissive’s hand and slapped the Velcro strap around her wrist, and then quickly repeated the move for her other hand. She then kissed her on the mouth whilst fondling her gorgeous breast.

She teased her big nipples and then rolled each rock hard one between her finger and thumbs before she eventually lowered her head and blowing her hot breath on each needy nipple. She licked her lips to moisten them and then she began to lick and suck on each nipple in turn until they were so taut and pointed like bullets about to take flight.

Jamal watched with keen interest while his erection grew harder and ached even more amidst her moans and gasps as she sucked air loudly and let off a low groan that betrayed the intensity and urgency of her desire. He gasped when he caught a glimpse of his mature lover’s saliva coated nipples, and just how erect they were.

When Loraine reached out to the tray of domination paraphernalia on her night stand, her intent suddenly dawned on Jamal. He wondered if he had really done right by Shirley in helping lure her into this erotic “trap”. ‘Would she be able to cope with the pain of this sort of play,’ he wondered, feeling a rush of guilt. As Loraine was about to apply the nipple clamps on his lover’s breasts, he shut his eyes, unable to bring himself to witness the moment when she would scream out in unbearable agony.

Meanwhile, Shirley’s eyes followed Loraine’s hands to the tray of toys, and then they widened as she picked up the nipple clamps which hung from the end of a silver chain. The mixture of fear and excitement kept her nipples rock hard, making them quite inviting to the younger blonde as she clamped them. She then checked to ensure the clamps were secure, and then she hung the chain from Shirley open mouth with a stern admonition, “You better not let that chain fall out of your mouth.”

Shirley wasn’t accustomed to being so addressed by anyone younger than herself, but since Jamal came along it felt a little different, besides there was a complete transformation in Loraine, something in her lesbian lover’s eyes told her she best obey her instructions or there would be hell to pay.

The burst of pain that shot through her nipples would have made her scream, but with the chain in her mouth held in place by her teeth, she only managed a muffled grunt as she bit down harder on the chain.

After waiting endlessly for her to scream, Jamal opened his eyes only to find his lover with her nipples clamped while she jerked at the chain and the clamps with her mouth. He smiled at the genius of Loraine’s technique, seeing as the chain also served to muffle any screams. He wondered what their naughty hostess was up to as she moved sideways and then parted his mature lover’s butt cheeks. His eyes caught her hand movement as she discarded the tube of lube which she was presently applying and working into Shirley rear portal.

Loraine was having so much fun with her older sub as she fingered her asshole, working the gel in deeper. “Wow, your slutty ass is so tight…. Mmmm..” She whispered. Your hubby doesn’t seem to have much use for your tight little ass, does he?” she said wondering how often the adulterous slut took cocks up her ass; ‘couldn’t possibly be that often,’ she concluded judging by the tightness of her hole. Next she quickly lubricated the vibrating butt plug and then began to work it slowly and patiently inside Shirley’s least penetrated hole.

Meanwhile, Shirley felt dirty at the excitement and arousal she derived as Loraine spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand, and then rubbed the lube all over her puckered opening. She gasped and then moaned softly as she felt the other finger worked the slippery stuff deeper and deeper into her anal passage.

It felt so good that she involuntarily raised her hips and humped her lesbian lover’s finger like some dirty old slut. Her pussy flooded over with juice that trickled down over her ridge to her brown eye just about the same time as Loraine began sliding and then forcing the plug into her anus.

“Ouch!” she cried out, shocked by the size of the stuff being pushed up her ass. “Loraine please… it hurt’s…” she began to say, but she was immediately cut off by Loraine. “Shush bitch! Filthy sluts like yourself must only address me as “Miss”.

“You will only speak when you are spoken to, and even then it shall be “Yes Miss”, or “No miss” unless you’re asked to talk by me. Is that clear?” she demanded in an uncompromising tone of voice.

“Yes… erh… Miss,” the wayward housewife responded in compliance with the wishes of Miss. “Good! Now relax your slutty ass and take what’s coming like a good girl,” she said giving Shirley’s butt a stunning firm slap that sent a loud cracking sound through the room.

Shirley could feel herself being stretched as the dominant blonde pushed the butt plug further inside her. She lifted her face in response to the pain and inadvertently yanked on the chain in her mouth causing the clamps on her nipples to bite at them harder producing excruciating pain. At that same moment, she felt her ass was being ripped apart as it sucked in the butt plug to the tapered ridge.

The rush of pain and the excitement of her ass being invaded combined in a strange way she had never experienced before to ratchet up her arousal to an almost narcotic proportion. Without warning, Loraine spanked her once again, so hard on the buttocks and then reached for the speed control of the butt plug, and turned it on to medium.

“Ohhhh…Mmm..” Shirley moaned as she felt herself growing even wetter as the vibrator in her ass began working its magic. With her anal need being on the way to fulfillment, she wondered what goodies her lover had in store for her tingling needy pussy.

“I bet you’re getting over the pain and enjoying the buzz in your tight and unappreciated asshole now bitch…” Loraine said as she regarded the older woman’s pleasure masked face. It was quite obvious from her tightly shut eyes and swaying head that she was sinking further into the depths of pleasure thanks to the buzzing sensation deep in her asshole.

“I bet you never thought there was so much pleasure to be had with another woman now, did you?” Loraine whispered in an extremely seductive voice that carried far enough for Jamal to hear her. She paused briefly and then her gorgeous breasts swung and jiggled as she turned to regard the bound black Adonis.

“Open your eyes bitch, and see how aroused your darling boy toy is just watching helplessly as you get dominated and used by another woman for her own pleasure.” Through the mist of pleasure unrelenting, Shirley struggled to do as she was told and opened her eyes, she looked over at Jamal where he sat with his shoulders all squared and dignified. He looked almost as regal as an Egyptian deity.

His body language was one of defiance; she could however see how futile his defiance was from the manner in which his thick chocolate cock had grown to a size she had never seen. She had him pegged down to 8 inches maximum, but at that moment his cock looked much bigger. From what she could see through her teary eyes, every little strand of muscle in his meatpole was standing out and his every vein about to explode from under his stretched shaft skin.

Save for his dark purple mushroom head, his cock looked like a highly energized live high voltage electric cable about to deliver a lethal dose of juice. “Ohhh God!” a muffled moan escaped her mouth as she wished he would break free and rip her innards apart with that monster erection that must be so painful for him to endure.

“Oh wow! How interesting to see that even bound and helpless as she is your adulterous slut is still craving that oak tree of a cock.” Loraine teased the couple, addressing herself to the immobilized Jamal.

“I bet she never wanted anyone else to share the totem pole of her faith,” she paused to let her words sink in and cut deep. “Isn’t that right bitch, you do prefer to be the only worshipper at Lord Jamal’s temple of cock don’t you?” it was more a statement than a question and she did not as much as pause for a moment before she added; “Well, I’ve got news for you dirty old cow. The reason I needed you to be sober when I fuck you is that I don’t want you to miss any bit of the fun I’m going to have using you and fucking your man-child lover boy here while you watched helplessly.”

“Unless you do as you’re told, I’ll spank your sorry cheating ass and then after fucking your every whore hole, I’ll kick you out of my house without any clothes and keep your boyfriend to service me and my friends for the entire weekend.” Loraine delivered her potent threat in a whisper that left the older woman in no doubt that Miss fully intended to make good on it unless she did as she was told.

Shirley, couldn’t believe her ears, her eyes widened, as she thought to herself, ‘it’s one thing to be called dirty slut during kinky sex but being humiliated like this and called a whore and… and.. Kicked out without my sex-god…’

Her eyes flooded over with desperate hot tears and her cheeks turned a hot and deep crimson with shame as she felt so humiliated like never before in her life. She forced herself to look in the direction of her young black lover, but all she could see through her tears was a silhouette.

Loraine began to walk away towards Jamal, and then half way across, she paused and looked back at Shirley. Seeing her tears, Loraine wondered if she had pushed the novice housewife too far; she glanced over at Jamal, and was greeted by a furrowed brow and a worried look. She started back towards Shirley and then she said in a gentle and conciliatory tone, “Awww… don’t cry, all I said was if you didn’t do as you were told, I’d kick your ass wasn’t it?”

For whatever reason, Shirley responded to the kindness that had suddenly crept into Miss’s nasty voice, and the tears ceased. Loraine went on, “Well so far you have been such an obedient slut, and I think if you keep it up you might actually be getting a reward.”

To be continued...

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