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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Morning After (Thursday Taster #7)

The Morning After
Don Abdul

Nervously looking left and right, I stepped off the elevator into the corridor. I thought it best to avoid my sexy new boss for the time being. I was worried that there might be some tension between us considering the event of the previous night.

‘That would surely make working for her very awkward and difficult.’

‘What I need is a plausible alibi to explain why I couldn’t make our morning briefing in her office,’

Thankfully I had an important meeting scheduled for the next couple of hours; the meeting was a brainstorming session to formulate strategy for dealing with the needs of an important client. Since it was scheduled to take place at my office, I could hide out right at my desk without running into her.

A couple of colleagues arrived for the meeting, and the meeting commenced with my assistant taking the minutes.

About half an hour into my meeting, there was a knock on my office door.  My heart skipped a beat when the door swung open and she walked in; a thin film of sweat formed on my brow despite the air conditioning but I willed myself to remain calm.

The meeting was put on hold as everyone around my desk stood up to greet the tall sexy blond bombshell that was my boss, Ms. Amber-Lynn McCain.

“Good morning everyone, please be seated.” She responded, waving everyone back to their seats.
 “Hello Mitch, I just stopped by to return this to you personally. The client would be quite impressed, keep up the good work.”

She turned around and started to walk away but after taking a couple of steps she stopped and then turned around. it was almost as if she could feel the numerous eyes caressing the sexy contours of her curvaceous ass and hips.

“By the way Jamal, great work last night, I trust there’s more where that came from,” she concluded with a naughty wink which I hoped none of the others noticed.

I couldn’t help the sheepish smile that graced my face; I felt like a school boy singled out for praise by a sexy female teacher he has a crush on.

She was almost out the door before I finally found my voice again,

“Thank you,” I said barely above a whisper.

The buzz around my desk continued immediately, but I caught my assistant watching me closely. I avoided her stare and pretended to focus on the meeting when in actual fact I was replaying the cock provoking events of the previous night in her office, and how it had all started.


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  1. Hang the meeting! I really want to know more about what's going on between these two. Something strikes me it is very sexy. Great writing Don. Love your taster

    1. Wel Naomi, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of what transpired between them in next week's Taster ;)
      Thanks for the feedback btw :D

  2. Forbidden fruit! I love a good office romance.

    1. This is one office romance with a twist, you'll see :)

  3. Excellent scene. I love how you described his reaction when she enters the room- " she walked in; a thin film of sweat formed on my brow despite the air conditioning but I willed myself to remain calm." I can empathize with his situation and want more to happen with his boss and him.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michael. There's definitely more happening between them... Just you watch this space :D

  4. Sexy excerpt and full of simmering passion!

    1. Hey Gemma, thanks for stopping by. There'll be more of that simmering passion in next week's teaser. Don't miss it.

  5. Very playful. The sense of tension is palpable. You set this up nicely for what is to come...

    1. Thanks Jake, I believe what is to come will justify the nicely laid down premise too. Watch this space and you can tell me if it does :D

  6. Every man's fantasy been seduced by the sexy boss I bet
    Love the awkward tension in the room and cheeky ending