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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stories I'm Working on - In Development

Bai Ling's Revenge
Don Abdul

Bai Ling is a very sensuous granddaughter of a Chinese dissident with a secret desire to explore her long suppressed sexuality. She met and married Lu Fen, mercurial character whose true identity is so much more than meets the eye. When Lu Fen get’s a promotion and choice posting to a diplomatic post at the embassy of the people’s republic of China in Washington DC, Bai Ling finally got her chance to pursue her erotic dreams.

Wu Jin Bao, a randy old goat and Lu Fen's section chief prey’s on the lonely and vulnerable Bai Ling. His unsolicited dominant lust set the ball rolling, triggering the sequence of events that would unveil Lu Fen’s true identity to his unsuspecting wife as the man who denounced her brother to the secret police.

Read the story and find out how brightly Bai Ling’s fire of hatred for her husband would burn as she plots and executes her revenge.

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