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A Kinky New Beginning

Monday, December 20, 2010

BOUND: Body & Soul (New e-Book)

Elaine is a very successful top executive, wife, church leader and mother who always felt there was something missing from her otherwise successful life. It wasn`t just sex, although sex with her husband was very infrequent; her yearning was for something quite different. 

That unrelenting yearning in her soul drove her to join an online adult community with a kinky bent where she met her Master, a younger man whose eyes alone sent intense shivers coursing through her body, leaving her feeling flushed and quite moist in her sex. 

Her new Master introduced her to a life of bondage and the potent mixture of pleasure and pain until she found herself catapulted to a higher plane of sexual stimulation than she had ever thought attainable.

Could this be the very thing she had been missing in her otherwise very successful prim and proper life?

Read this compelling seven-part page turner, with lots of exciting twists and turns and find out more on her great odyssey through bondage, submission, spanking, humiliation, gangbang, and servitude. 

The vivid imagery is guaranteed to put you right there on the scene in a way that makes this eBook un-put-down-able!

Get your copy now at:

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