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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Gift of Orgasm - 2 (Thursday Taster #23)

My taster for the week is the concluding part of my last excerpt from the first book of A Cougar's Legacy Trilogy, Chocolate Desire.

Chocolate Desire is due to be released on the 4th of October 2014, that's just a couple of days away. This taster is just the tip of the iceberg, be sure to get your copy on Amazon Kindle and find out why this is the hottest of my stories yet.

#12: A Gift of Orgasm - 2

Upping the ante, Cynthia slid her juice slicked hands under her lovers round wifely ass and kneaded her buttocks. Marie-Claire spread her legs and arched her spine slightly, luxuriating in the black woman’s massage of her gluteus.


Cynthia’s audible inhalation of the faint musky essence wafting from her dripping wet pussy sent a shiver through Marie-Claire, who has always had a knack for maintaining a pleasant smell down south.


Marie-Claire’s head went into a tailspin when Cynthia’s exhaled breath washed over her erect clitoris. The other woman lowered her face and touched the tip of her tongue to her quivering cunt.

“Oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy... fuck me with your loving mouth... Please...”

Tangling her hands in Cynthia’s hair, Marie-Claire pulled her lover’s mouth down to her soaking wet sex.

Her cries grew louder as Cynthia began to lick her juicy slit from the peak of her stiff clit down to the ridge of her ass, and then back.

“Mmm... take me now...” she moaned. She thrust her pussy harder at her lover’s mouth until Cynthia acceded to her lusty demands by rolling her tongue swiftly over the hard projectile of Marie-Claire’s clit.

All hell broke loose as the black woman wrapped her lips around it, sucking on it with swift pressure, and then soothing it with soft wet kisses.

Marie-Claire was at the peak of pleasure as she thrashed about on the threshold of climax. Her cunt flowed the nectar of her arousal.

“Mmm... you’re so delicious baby... I’m loving your pussy juice so much...”

The vibrations generated by Cynthia’s crooning through a mouthful of pussy flesh reverberated through her lover’s core until she was shivering on the brink of the orgasmic precipice.

It was obvious to both women that the end was nigh. Marie-Claire was in urgent need of release, and Cynthia was keen on treating her to an orgasm she would not forget.

“Go for it baby, cum for momma...”

With that breathless whisper, Cynthia launched her lover into orbit. Sliding two fingers into her lover’s cunt, she began to knead her G-spot. She sucked her clit between her lips then tongue-beat it until Marie-Claire was reduced to a shrieking, moaning wreck.

Driven beyond the bounds of pleasure known to her, Marie-Claire surrendered herself to her lover’s will.

“Oh mon dieu... I’m cumminggggg....” she screamed as she fought to ride the wave of fulfillment as it sped along, faster and cresting higher before finally exploding in an overwhelming tsunami of pleasure. Her shuddering pussy squirted the elixir of her orgasm all over her lover’s face and ripe brown breasts.


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  1. "Ripe brown breasts...."? Mon Dieu, for sure! That was a slice of Heavenly erotica, juicy, lustful, fulfilling and totally delicious. Ripe, totally. xo

  2. You have an interesting way of using geographic and climatic vocabulary in this.

  3. Phew!! It's hot in here. A very sexy taster indeed. Love it!