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A Kinky New Beginning

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Going Black

Going Black

Don Abdul ©2012

Dorothy’s heartbeat quickened as she willed herself to put one heeled foot in front of the other as she led through the cozy restaurant by the Maitre d’. Luigi’s was fashionably reputed as the culinary love nest so she was also a little nervous.

She spotted waiting to greet her; his warm smile and the naughty glint in his sexy brown eyes left her completely flushed. Almost swooning as he lifted her hand to his lips she moaned softly as his lips sent warm ripples through her body. She was grateful when he let go of her hand he pulled out the chair for her just in time to save her wobbly feet.

‘Thank goodness, I couldn't possibly have lasted a few more seconds on my wobbly feet,’ she though blushing at the feel of the sticky crotch of her black lace panties which at that moment was plastered to her heated sex. Dan leaned across the table and whispered in his deep manly voice as he handed her the menu. His eyes communicated what she hoped to for.

‘Yes, tonight is the night darling,’

She gave him a sexy coy smile and then averted her eyes, seeking to clear her mind of the hot images of being ravished by the six feet tall chocolate sex god.

From the moment she laid eyes on him across the ether, a month earlier, she had known he was the man to lead her down the mind blowing road to no holds barred sex and ultimately help her experience the orgasmic tsunami she so desperately craved.

Sipping her glass of wine and spying on Dan, Dorothy suddenly realized that for the first time in the past couple of years, she was not mad at Jeff for turning her into a bitter, sex starved bitch who took her frustrations out on the batteries shelf at the local supermarket.

‘They say once you go black, you never go back….’

Wrapped up in her naughty thoughts she smiled and resolved to see how tonight’s tryst would turn out before deciding if she would opt out or stay with her sexual dead wood of a husband whose idea of a loving marriage was buying her stuff.

She thought the ambiance of the restaurant was classy, and the food and wine proved her right; it was such a romantic place and she soon found herself wondering why hubby who loved to eat out never thought to bring her to a place like Luigi’s.

‘It’s probably not the best place to take a woman if you’re planning on showing her off.’ It all suddenly made sense to her; Jeff was always more concerned about keeping up appearances than he was about doing the things they both enjoyed.

“Penny for your thoughts,”

Dan inquired in his deep manly velvety voice after clearing his throat.

She smiled as she swept all thoughts of her husband out of her mind. Before she could even begin to apologize however, he laughed softly and then asked.

“Am I really that boring?”

“Hell no; never!” Dorothy exclaimed defensively, and then instantly regretted her clumsiness.

His smile soon made her relax as they finished their dinner amidst light banter and hot visual flirtations.

Another Freudian slip signaled the end of their meal. As she was beginning to feel a little tipsy from the wine, Dorothy made a comment about desserts.

“Wow, the food was great, I might have eaten a little more than I should, I think I’ll skip dessert thank you.”

Knowing how self conscious she got about her weight, he smiled and then feigned righteous indignation in his secret bid to ease the building tension.

“Oh no; you wouldn't dare.”

“Oh!” she said stunned by his words; unsure whether he was serious or just kidding she proceeded with caution.

“And why is that?”

“Well, because I've got this unbelievably delicious chocolate treat for dessert,”

She looked about for the menu and then remembering it had been removed by the waiter, she looked at Dan and asked.

“How’s that even possible, we didn't order any chocolate, and….”

“Shhhhh; that is my special treat for you,” Counting out crisp notes from his wallet and leaving a generous tip, he got up and pulled out her chair. They departed the restaurant immediately.


Standing right behind him as he unlocked the motel room door, Dorothy could feel the heat of their shared lust radiate through her. Stepping through the door he pulled her in and seals his sexy lips over hers. Kissing each other passionately they grope and rip the clothes off of each other as they struggle with their passionate desire.

With their clothes hanging off their bodies, the almost naked couple groped and fondled each other frantically. Too impatient to make the trip to the bed, Dan backed her up against the wall and kissed her even more passionately. Breathless with passion he came up for air and then resumed kissing his way from her neck down to her chest where he licked the taut pebble hard nipples of her ample ripe breast.

“Aghhh… yes.” She gasped as he clamped his mouth over her areola and sucked on her breast with such hunger and desire. She pushed her chest closer into his face and sank her fingers in his curly hair as she melted into the wall. Lost in her continuous free fall into the bottomless pit of pleasure, she wondered if he had grown more hands than an octopus as he seemed to be touching her everywhere all at once.

Laying a trail of wet kisses and licks down to the curvy plains of her lower abdomen, Dan went on his knees like a devotee preparing to worship at the feet of a worthy goddess. Easing her right thigh over his shoulder, he lifts up his face and deeply inhales her musky womanly essence.

Holding her aphrodisiac natural fragrance in his lungs, he kissed her slick swollen labia and then let out his heated breath bathing her needy sex in the heat of his desire.

“Aghhh… Oh you’re so goooooooooooood” she moaned as she lowered her dripping wet sex over his face.

Gliding his tongue over her swollen lips, Dan licked and then sucked on her labia, until she was humping his face and pulling the back of his head, shoving his face deeper into her crotch.

Dan grabbed her voluptuous ass and kneaded her buttocks as he ate her out making her croon and moan as she mouthed breathless gibberish to the rhythm of his tongue.

Aggrrrrrr fuck yeah…” she cried out when he sucked on her clitoris, swirling his tongue all over it inside his mouth.

Dorothy squashed his head deeper into her crotch as she began to shudder hard. Her climax was intense and accompanied by a screeching sound which she tried to stifle by biting her lower lip.

‘Oh my god!’ she thought as her shudders receded; it was the first orgasm she had had making love with a man since forever.

If Dorothy was hoping for some respite she was wrong; with his raging erection to placate, Dan rose to his feet, and kissed his married lover. She might have found his juice bathed slick face funny if she wasn't already feeling horny again. She could taste her own juices in his mouth as their kiss deepened in intensity.

Sliding his hands down over her curvy wide hips, he lifted up her left thigh and pinned her to the wall. Reaching down to guide his throbbing chocolate cock into her soaking wet channel, he thrust his hips forward sending his manhood deep inside her tight neglected pussy.

His thrust literally knocked the wind out of her lungs, as his cock filled and stretched her walls like she couldn't remember possible.

Dan’s hunger for her was evident in the way he took her hard and deep, thrusting faster reaching deeper and pounding her against the wall of the motel room. A part of her felt dirty and cheap; it was the very first time she was cheating on her husband for real but her feeling of guilt if that’s what it was short lived.

There was something about this man Dan; he was the first black man she had ever been with. All of that didn't matter to Dorothy at that moment though, all she cared about was the pleasure of her imminent second orgasm.

“For that orgasm and more like it, I’m prepared to be this man’s slut or whatever else he wishes me to be.”

Dorothy’s second orgasm was even more intense. She quaked and shuddered as her lover pounded her hard into the wall. In the throes of her release, she dug her nails into his dark skin and squeezed his long thick shaft hard with her slippery walls as her ass bucked wildly triggering his own climax as well.

“Ughhh,” his deep animal grunt followed the violent final thrust of his hips; with his cock lodged at the mouth of her womb he shot his seed filling her up. Sweaty and breathless, the spent lovers staggered towards the bed and collapsed into each other’s arms.

Dorothy was surprised when Dan pulled her into his arms and hugged her from behind with his sperm coated semi erect cock pressing against her gorgeous pale ass. She had expected him to head straight to the shower, like her husband always did on the rare occasion that they had sex.

She smiled when he kissed her neck and then whispered sweetly into her ear;

“You look even more beautiful without your clothes on honey,”

‘Mmmm, compliments; how so sweet.’

For the first time in a very long time, Dorothy’s self consciousness and obsession with her weight paled into insignificance as she basked in the euphoria of Dan’s appreciation of her curvy figure. Her smile soon turned sour as she remembered she would have to leave her lover and return home to her real life and a husband who increasingly saw her as a possession to be shown off to his friends and neighbors.

“Whether I stay or leave Jeff; I’ll definitely be helping myself to more of this gorgeous man’s special chocolate treats, for as long as he’ll have me anyway,” she smiled at her own secret slutty thoughts.


  1. Very hot! The excitement of meeting a lover while being married was wonderfully portrayed. The passion and erotic description left me 'hot and bothered' first thing this morning. Great work Don! Made my morning!

    1. Why thank you Sensual Lady. Your comment just made my morning too :)

  2. You just made my morning tea hotter and more enjoyable. Thank you! I really enjoyed this one Don!

    1. I am only too glad to please darling. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I'm speechless! Wow! Words absolutely fail me Don!

  4. Mmmmm.. A very HOT treat, indeed! It brought special memories back to me *Wicked Grin* The vividness of your writing is always able to trigger a heated response for me. I loved the 'cat and mouse' game they seemed to play over dinner, and how it was immediately forgotten once they got to the hotel in the wild abandon of their lust.
    I hope there will be more of Dan and Dorothy to come!

  5. Hot Damn this story was so hot it steamed my computer screen