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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, June 30, 2011



Copyright Don Abdul ©2008

Caught, bound and hogtied
Suspended in space and time
Her Pleasure, her pain both rhyme

Her pain blending with her pleasure
Neither has a beginning
Neither has and end
She drifts...on and on
In a continuum
Helpless yet happy
Satisfaction with her grasp
Her every fantasy being fulfilled
Nipples at tingling erection
Labia engorged, quivering from mini cums
Almost succumbing to the avalanche
An eternal multiple orgasm
Yet held momentarily at bay
By the bite of the rope into her tender skin
Her pain a welcome distraction
Counterpoint to the pleasure consuming her
Until somewhere deep in her cosmos
A huge Bang!
A rending asunder, an implosion, then explosion
A shattering of all her worries, inhibitions, fears
As she explodes into a million pieces
Infinite ionic particles
Each supercharged piece of her Orgasmic energy

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