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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy is Here

Daddy is Here


Don Abdul ©2011

Pulse racing with each silent foot fall
Casting a slight shadow on the wall

Stealthily up the stairs
Craving that moment, the stoking of her fears

Door opening silently on each well kept hinge
My eyes caressing her sleeping body, noting all else on the fringe

Of my peripheral field of vision
The moment to accomplish my mission

Closer, smelling her delicate perfume
Radiant body warmth, her even breathing as the lone sound in the room

Reaching for my knife, I flick the switch
That familiar sound never fails to tickle the bitch

Her eyes flew open, her mouth starts to scream
None of this is a dream

Shut it slut daddy is here
The terror in her eyes ebb, like the flow of dying rivers far and near

Yet the sweat on her brow, and on her ashen face
The adrenaline rush, now serving her tingling secret place

Taut big nipples, needy and exposed
Hard deep shudders, the touch of cold steel imposed

Thighs flung apart, slit moist with desire
This slut of daddy’s is consumed by lust’s wild fire

Snaking the blade beneath the fabric of her delicate thong
Thinking, oh this is awesome, even if also wrong

For she is another’s woman, yet my very own whore
He’s away every night, now of me she begs for more

Lifting and slicing away, her thong is ripped apart
Exposing lips of her Yoni, so slick, juicy and fat

Kneeling at her triangle of lust
T’was only seconds until I was lost

Feasting, harvesting the nectar of her flower, unlike any other type
Savoring her forbidden fruit, so juicy so ripe

Oh f*ck daddy, eat me some more
Take me as you will, use me like a whore

‘How can I refuse her,’ this bitch is in heat
It gets even better each time, this thing that we repeat

Ohhhh, daddy, daddy your whore is cummmmmming
A perfect conclusion to her moaning, groaning and humming

As I pluck her every string, and blow her trumpet, and her flute too
She is my musical instrument, I love to play her, oh yes I do

Through with the quakes and aftershocks, she floats back to earth
Now it’s time she savored my throbbing girth

Aghhhh, Mmmmm, yeahhhh; gasping and moaning
As I plunge, bump n grind, cursing and groaning

Spanking her, pulling her hair tight, I take my pleasure, and also give her some
As I work all of her portals, stretching, and filling her until I’m set to cum

Sinking my fingers, digging my nails in her delicate skin
Pounding, hammering, my sex cry thundering; t’was an awesome thing

Oh dayummmm daddy is gonna shoot
Tensing, back arching as I bury my oak tree to the root

I kissed the face of heaven, and let go all my cares
My horny whore is with me, trembling, shaking, and shuddering and in tears

Overwhelmed by daddy’s rough loving ways
Wishing it could go on, and on for days

Alas, the night retreats, and so must daddy with it
For her husband returns soon, hungry, tired and beat

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