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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (6)

CHAPTER SIX:                   A Private Party (Appetizers)

On her way home from another successful day of work, Shirley needed a boost from the loneliness that had dogged her for the past week. Jamal had been so busy at college he hadn’t been spending any time in her bed. She was so desperately horny, lonely and a little downcast too, and so she decided to do some lingerie shopping at an adult shop she had discovered just about the same time she had started her affair with young Jamal.

As she went up the stairs to the very private lingerie/sex toys collections section, she couldn’t help but smile as she felt a certain comforting warmth deep inside her core. The fact that she had called and told Jamal in very explicit terms about this shopping trip, and how she wished he would be there to watch her try on the sexiest and the sluttiest lingerie in the shop made her even hornier.

‘Oh god, how I wish he was right here right now,’ she thought as she remembered how hungrily he eyed her the last time they had visited the shop together. ‘Oh that was such a wonderful experience,’ she reminisced, blushing and feeling like a naughty school girl as she recalled how they had sneaked like a couple of horny teenagers into the toilet in the midst of trying on stuff, while the shop attendant was busy with the new arrivals catalogue.

By the time she began browsing the collection her pussy was soaking wet and in desperate need of relief. That was when the idea came to her; ‘Mmmm, wouldn’t it be fun to just buy a vibrator and then give myself a deliciously languid buzzing pleasure once I get back home.’ As she made her way down the aisle to the back of the shop, she noticed a woman bent over as though she was inspecting some articles on the lower shelf.

Whoever the woman was she had a pair of very sexy long legs which she showed off so unapologetically right up to her upper thighs. The slit at the back of her very short dress left very little to the imagination too. As the mystery woman’s legs were slightly parted at the time, Shirley could almost swear she caught a quick glimpse of her moist pink sex. ‘Maybe that’s just my horny mind playing naughty tricks on me,’ she began to conclude when the woman straightened up and turned around suddenly.

Shirley who was both lost in the flashing display of the other woman’s pussy and trying to get past her as quickly as her weak legs would allow suddenly found herself colliding into the object of her voyeuristic observation. It all happened so quickly, yet it all seemed to unfold in slow motion too. Suddenly both women were in each other’s arms, instinctively steadying each other from toppling over from the impact of their collision.

“Wow!” The other woman called out, apparently taken by surprise.
“I’m so sorry; I wasn’t looking where I was…” Shirley started to apologize profusely but stopped mid sentence the instant she recognized the other woman as Loraine, the Lesbian woman she had befriended at the night club the other night.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” Loraine enthused; “if it isn’t our very own sexy Shirley.”
Shirley blushed instantly as she remembered how awkward things must have looked the last time they met; yet she couldn’t help smiling so enthusiastically at how sweet it felt that the beautiful Loraine thought she was sexy.

The women greeted each other and then chatted for a bit before Loraine took Shirley’s phone number and also handed her a calling card. “Listen Shirley, I’ve got a private party coming up and would love it if you could come.”

Shirley looked surprised and undecided but said nothing even though she wondered what a ‘private party’ entailed. Sensing her reluctance, Loraine said in a calming tone of voice, “You’d love it, besides you should bring that gorgeous hunk along as well.” Her gambit worked as Shirley relaxed and smiled indicating by a nod that she would like to attend.

They hugged each other as they said their goodbyes, and then out of the blue Loraine kissed Shirley on the mouth. She was so shocked that she parted her mouth automatically. The sexy blonde slipped her tongue in the older woman’s mouth and French kissed her until nothing else made any sense at all.

The kiss seemed to last for an eternity, but in fact it lasted only a couple of minutes, and then she was gone without as much as a backward glance. Shirley’s legs could barely hold her weight and she quickly supported herself by grasping onto a nearby shelf. “Oh my God!” she whispered breathlessly as she savored the after effects of hurricane Loraine which had swept so intensely through her consciousness.

Shirley suddenly realized she was breathing quite hard and covered in a film of sweat despite the air conditioning in the room. Her innermost thoughts at that moment were ones that made her ashamed. ‘Oh my God that was….’ She couldn’t even bring herself to admit that the mere touch of another woman could make her feel so sexually awakened. She couldn’t believe that she had so desperately wanted to reach under Loraine’s short dress to feel the wet heat of her bald sex.

She blushed deeply and unconsciously fanned herself with her open hands just before the shop assistant who was herself a very pretty and sweet looking young woman with oriental features interrupted her train of thoughts.

“Are you alright ma’am, may I help you with anything?” the shop assistant asked courteously.
Shirley hurriedly pulled herself together and thanked the girl who courteously walked back to her station, leaving Shirley to complete her shopping.


Shirley was so horny when she got home that she started to strip off the moment her front door closed behind her. By the time she made it to her bedroom she was practically trembling with desire. She quickly climbed into her bed and closed her eyes and tried to come up with an appealing fantasy. The effort wasn’t at all necessary as her mind went straight to the hot sexy Loraine bent over at the shop flashing her naked sex.

For a moment she reminisced over their all too brief but deeply intense kiss, and then she wondered what the blonde bombshell would have done to her had they had more time together. For a brief moment she was shocked at what she was fantasizing about, but her moment of shame quickly passed and her mind continued to play out the enticing fantasy of her lesbian seduction.

“Aghhh,” she gasped as her fingers slipped easily past her swollen labia and into the slick wet folds of her pussy. It felt so good, and she moaned with increasing loudness and intensity, she simply could not remember ever being so wet or enjoying masturbation so much as she was presently. 

In her mind’s eye, the fingers caressing her dripping wet sex were Loraine’s and she gyrated her hips as she opened her legs wider and then slowly inserted two fingers inside her pussy while her thumb plucked and rubbed at her now swollen clit. Her sex cries made for such great music even as her other hand moved upward to her well endowed chest and began to fondle and caress her ample breast causing the nipple to crinkle up to a bullet.

“Ohhh my God…” She moaned as she felt sweet waves of pleasure overtake her body. As her hands worked faster, her legs soon began to quake as her thumb continued to furiously rub her swollen clit until a tidal wave of pleasure shook her body with such an intensity that she couldn’t remember ever experiencing except when she was being mercilessly pounded by her youthful sex god, Jamal. She let out a squeal before she somehow managed to stuff her fist in her mouth to muffle her orgasmic scream. 

Still aglow as her orgasmic tremors receded she brought her nectar coated hand to her mouth and with her eyes still shut she began to lick her fingers clean. Shirley blushed as she realized that she had never done that before, and the taste was surprisingly magical too. ‘I should be ashamed of the slut that I seem to have become,’ she mentally chastised herself but at that moment all she could feel was the very warm orgasmic afterglow that would thenceforth benchmark her expectations of a very successful masturbation session.

She soon fell into a brief but deeply restful nap, and it was only after she had awakened that she remembered she had purchased a vibrator for the purpose of pleasing herself; ‘Well, my fingers seemed to have worked the magic perfectly too,’ she thought with a shy smile on her mature face.


The invite for Loraine’s ‘private party’ said 6pm, and as Shirley and Jamal both had a busy day, they had agreed to meet up at Loraine’s home. Shirley arrived on the dot of 6p.m and was just getting seated when Jamal’s call came through on her cell phone. He called to apologize for not being able to make it there on time. He said he’d be delayed for a couple of hours at least. “You girls carry on, I’ll catch you up when I get there,” he concluded.

Noticing Shirley’s slight frown and look of disappointment, Loraine handed Shirley the drink she had gone to fetch and then and asked what the matter was. Shirley quickly filled her in and much to her surprise, Loraine said, “well welcome to my world,” she then promptly explained to her guest that the other couple she had also invited for the party also called about half an hour earlier to say they could not make it either.

“Oh I’m so sorry you have gone to all this trouble for nothing,” Shirley started to console her hostess, but Loraine dissuaded her with a wave of her hand. “Oh nonsense, you know what they say; the show must go on!” Both girls giggled and clinked glasses as they downed their drinks.

Loraine suggested a hand of poker over a bottle of white she had in the fridge, while they waited for young Jamal to show up. Shirley who was already feeling self conscious and turned on by her close proximity to the sexy temptress quickly agreed.

Loraine fetched the playing cards and they got a game going. Soon the wine started to take effect but Loraine was cautious not to let her guest get drunk, just tipsy enough to be a great sport. Amidst suggestive comments and less than discreet flirtation, the game soon turned from a little bit of dare into strip poker and by the time the girls had played a couple more hands, they were both down to their thongs.


Loraine told a few dirty jokes and Shirley laughed, her inhibitions washed away by the soothing essence of the wine. She did not flinch or recoil when she felt Loraine’s hand touch her thigh. It lingered there, soft and arousing, her fingers crawling lightly upon her skin. Their eyes met and locked, with Shirley’s mature sexy eyes pleading that she be gentle even as her hands fanned the embers of her desire.

With a slight knowing nod, the younger woman acknowledged her pleas. A soft sigh floated from Shirley’s rouged lips, which had formed into a perfect “O”. Loraine was tempted to take her face and kiss her passionately and urgently too, but she instead smiled to reassure her inexperienced lover. She could tell by the tone of her reaction to her touch, the movements of her body, and her labored breathing.

Shirley’s dreamy; far away expression painted a perfect picture of the intensity of her desire. As if enchanted by the younger woman’s sexual magnetism, Shirley’s legs soon parted of their own volition. Beneath the table Loraine touched her guest’s thong, and then pressed the fabric against her already soaking wet sex.

A shiver ran through Shirley’s body, her arousal crested and the rush of excitement lingered for an eternity accompanied by a deep shudder as Loraine’s finger strayed and then teased aside the triangle of fabric, and exposed her sensitive engorged clitoris.

“Aghhh!” Shirley gasped and then moaned deeply as the lesbian seductress fingered her sensitive nubbin, slowly rotating her finger around it. Not being keen on wasting another perfect moment, Loraine leaned into her prey and softly kissed her neck as she continued to work her deeper into a sexual frenzy. Shirley was putty in her lover’s hands and offered no resistance as the other woman steered her towards heaven.

Too excited to continue being docile, Shirley took hold of her lover’s wrist and fed her fingers to her aching wet sex. She clumsily unclasped her bikini thong letting it slip away just as Loraine’s hand rubbed her pussy. “Ohhh!” Shirley moaned deeper as she fought for control of her passions, but Loraine just wouldn’t let up as she teased her lips with tender caresses.

“Oh my God…” She moaned even deeper as the tip of the younger blonde’s finger brushed her clit, and then thrust into her slippery hot vagina. Loraine slowly worked it in, moving her wrist in a leisurely circular fashion. Although Shirley had no recollection of moving from the card table, she soon found herself on the plush carpeting of Loraine’s living room as she expertly slid her finger in and out of her pussy in sweet short strokes.

Meanwhile, Jamal had arrived just before the last hand of strip poker; he had let himself into the house using the key to the front door which Loraine had spirited under the flower pot. Unbeknownst to Shirley, Jamal and Loraine had been in contact, and it was actually Jamal who had told Loraine where Shirley would be doing her shopping for lingerie.

Jamal stealthily made his way through the foyer, and then peeked into the living room. He smiled mischievously as he watched the two women lost in their girl on girl sexual tango. Shirley moaned as Loraine explored her deeper with each stroke, until her finger was inside her sex to the knuckle. Her moans were bolder and louder now, not caring if she was heard. She laid her head on Loraine's shoulder even as her face flushed and heated up with pleasure as the lesbian seductress finger fucked her towards ecstasy. Shirley had lost track of space and time, and all she cared about at that moment was to climax from Loraine's digital caresses. Her ample breasts jiggled as she rocked her hips in tune with the rhythm of her lover’s thrusting fingers.

Her moans grew even louder, as the ripples of pleasure deep in her core gathered momentum as Loraine quickened her attention until a bolt of lightning struck and her pleasure surged into a tidal wave. Amidst spasms and shudders she succumbed to the rush of pleasure as the orgasmic tsunami that followed swept her away to nirvana.

Loraine and Jamal had also planned the party and all the drama leading up to it together. It was the reason Jamal had taken a break from his mature lover’s bed. The break had made Shirley so horny and sexually needy thus making her so vulnerable to Loraine’s seductive overtures. They also reasoned that the spiked sexual libido carefully combined with a tipsy state of mind would make the mature blonde more than a willing participant in the threesome which they had also planned for the evening.

There never was another couple invited for the ‘private party’, just the three of them and Shirley was the guest of honor. It was all so carefully planned and timed that Jamal had missed nothing at all. In fact, the party was only about to begin, with his big black cock as hard as steel and threatening to bust the seams of his pants, he was very well turned on for the next act in the unfolding saga.

To be continued....

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