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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream

Don Abdul ©2010

Asleep before my head kisses the pillow
My dreams not one of a grandiose hero

But lusty images of you and me
Doing all the erotic things we ought to be

With eyes on the clock I await your entry
Tonight is when we go beyond every boundary

I feel for my rope, blindfold and ball gag
Thinking of the pair of handcuffs in my bag

Thoughts of your goose-bumpy skin
As I tickle you with a feather, oh what sweet way to sin

Painting your beautiful body with honey
Licking it off, taking you places with no stress, rules or money

Teasing your nipples, lips and clit
Giving you all of me, a special treat

Spanking your bare buttocks
Pushing your arousal, knocking off your socks

Feeling your hot, labored breathing
As I take you hard from behind, bumping and grinding

Yanking at your hair, hitting it harder, a sexual fender bender
Putting your pleasure and pain in a blender

Taking off the ball gag, letting loose you thundering cries
Our breathing, blood pressure, primal cries all on the rise

As we each and both embrace the approaching storm
Moaning, groaning, crying, and screaming as we both cum

Deafening silence, quiet darkened bedchamber
Cool breeze of looming dawn, and this sweet dream that I remember

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