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A Kinky New Beginning

Monday, November 29, 2010


Lynda is a sexy hot model with an insatiable sexual appetite who marries a stupendously rich older man who shows her off at parties and but has neither the time, energy nor the inclination to meet her sexual needs. She soon starts to look outside of her marriage for sexual gratification.

This book is a detailed account of her Lusty adventure as she enjoys all kinds of sex with all kinds of very interesting people and in very many different and interesting places too. 

This  hot erotic tale of betrayal, revenge, and downright nymphomaniac desires with a lot of mouth watering twist and cliff hangers is my fourth Book. In the first week it outsold all my previous books so far.

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Submissive Neighborly Lust (Erotic EBook)

For two years Jacquie stumbled about in the frustrating darkness of her ignorance. She wrestled with her sexuality and her strange desires. She lost her marriage in the course of her sexual voyage of discovery during which she indulged her bisexual lifestyle; yet her strange and confusing desire remained unclear and unsatisfied until it hit her like lightening during a raunchy elevator ride with a beautiful, tall and sexy stranger with a dominant will. 

That life changing encounter opened a new door to the fulfillment of her dark passions which she indulged fully under the tight discipline of her sexy Latina neighbor and new found Mistress. It is a sizzling erotic tale of submission, domination and group sex in an interracial environment. 

This page turner is generously spiced with moments of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and mind blowing sex scenes that are guaranteed to leave both male and female readers gasping in breathless anticipation.


Submissive Neighborly Lust is my third published book, and by the far the most widely received at the time. It continues to appeal to readers with a kinky side even today as evidenced by the continued reader demand for the book.

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REELED IN (e-Book)

This exciting EBook follows an American couple with an open marriage, stranded during a business trip to London. To pass the time, they caught and reeled in a Scottish entrepreneur, luring him into their sex games which led them all to indulge in their shared interracial fantasies.

Reeled in is my second published book, and it has been highly rated by reviewers:

Stunning tale of erotic ingenuity. I love how these characters turned a potentially boring time into a week of hot, wild and pussy tingling sex. So well written with exciting twists and turns.
5/5- Ms-Phoenix

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Taboo Sex Run Wild

This eBook by Don Abdul tells a compelling tale of strong lusty desire and torrid taboo sex between a young man and a woman, brought up together as siblings though not blood relatives, and their Latina maid. The consequences of the relationships are far reaching.

This first published Book from the widely followed author is an easy read that would keep you turning the pages as the colorful characters and riveting story line unfold.

Get your copy of this un-put-down-able book and navigate the series of exciting twists and turns that are guaranteed to leave you breathless with excitement.

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