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A Kinky New Beginning

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Orchid in Hell

Orchid in Hell
Don Abdul (c) 2014

Vast and barren as far as the eyes can see
Sand, so endless it’s like the sea

Windswept and lifeless
Yet, she is blessed with beauty nonetheless

She is nature’s own perfect piece of art
A marvel to smell, touch and look at

Both forbidding and seductive at once
She beckons with the lure of a near carnal force

Though she’s ruthless, meting out death to the foolhardy
How does one even begin to be ready?

Why on God’s earth would anyone tempt fate?
Yet men embrace the erotic swells of its curvaceous dunes
Only to rethink when it’s too late
She is hells deepest pit by day
Even as her breath is bone chilling with her nightly tunes

A melancholic lullaby as the life of the lost fades away
To this unfortunate and lonely death she leads many
In her wickedly seductive tyranny

Save for the few fortunate
Those for whom the gods navigate

To a patch of earth endowed so well
An Orchid in hell

An Oasis of life, so beautiful
Green shade and water plentiful

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