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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lady by Day (Thursday Taster #11)

This week Jamal and Amber-Lynne return in a continuation of excerpts from my WiP Spanking My New Boss. I Hope you enjoy it.


Lady by Day


Don Abdul


“I'm so horny right now; would it please you Sir, to punish me with that huge.coc…?" her voice quivered until my disapproving look and a shaking of my head stilled her question even before she could complete it.

"No Amber-Lynne I will not!”

“I’m just your lowly employee and it has been so exciting taking the trip down the adrenaline fuelled spanking lane with you. In the final analysis you are noth….”

I stopped abruptly, catching myself just in time before I said anything I might regret later.

“Please don’t stop on my account… say it, say what you were about to say,” She interjected.

“You were going to say I am nothing but a cheap slut, weren’t you?” Her voice was even and devoid of bitterness or malice when she said the humiliating words. Judging by the calmness her calm voice, and expression, I couldn’t help feeling that she rather enjoyed saying the words.

I kept my eyes on her but said nothing; after a tension soaked couple of minutes, I finally spoke.

“Actually, I meant to say you are nothing to me, not my girlfriend, lover or fuck buddy, so I cannot… I would not fuck you.”

Her beautiful face had been glowing with naked lust just minutes earlier; it was now clouded over with an expression of incredulity. When I noticed her shoulders droop, I felt a kick of triumph in my cock.

It was obvious that I had pulled quite a coup on her. She clearly wasn’t used to being rejected.

‘She never would have guessed that after voluntarily handing the reins of control over to me, I could still reject her...’

Her face reddened with embarrassment and anger, but she said nothing. In her eyes however, I saw curiosity as well.

“As a rule, I do not have sex with strangers. Of course I'm attracted to you; I believe the bulge in my pants testifies to that. However, any fucking you get tonight will have to be from someone and someplace else.”

She was dead still and quiet for another eternity after I dropped that bomb.

With my feet firmly planted on her expensive carpet, I stood with my shoulders squared and my arms akimbo.

Standing up she looked me straight in the eye and asked,

“So if I were to be your girlfriend … would that work?” Her anxiety was evident in the way she shifted her weigh from one foot to the other.

I simply shook my head, causing her to give me a questioning look that asked ‘why not?’

“Well, I wouldn’t spank you if you were my girlfriend; a gentle man never hits a lady.”

“Oh but I am not a lady…I much prefer to be your slut, so you can punish me as you deem fit...Sir.”

Smiling in spite of my resolve to keep a straight face, the desperation in her voice pleased me greatly.

“You prefer to be my slut, uh?” I asked her with mock surprise.

“Yes Sir, it’ll be an honour if you’d let me be your slut...”

“Lady by day, slut by night...” The phrase rolled effortlessly off my tongue.

“Mmm...I’ve got to admit it does have a nice ring to it...”

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Night Before - 3 (Thursday Taster #10)

Hi folks,

My Taster for the week is a continuation from last week. It is a sneak preview of the heated scenes from my current WiP Spanking Ny New Boss. I do hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment, it will be most appreciated.



~The Night before (3)~


Don Abdul


“Who else, Shirley Fairbanks of course… the bitch was literally drooling all over you…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me; are you for real?” I asked with an incredulous expression on my face.

“Oh come on; stop playing dumb and admit it… the way she held onto your hand and asked if I’d loan her your services…”

“But she’s old enough to be somebody’s grandmother….” I fired back.

“And so, that hasn’t stopped her before…” She came back even more determined.

‘I can’t do this right now… I need to get laid, my balls are hurting… I’ve got to get this show on the road right now…’

“You know what; let’s not talk about Shirley right now. Just take my cock into your mouth and suck it real good.” I commanded, testing my earlier suspicion that she loved a man to take what he wanted.

She paid no heed to my words even when I repeated my demand. My frustration was past the boiling point as my balls ached from her teasing, so I grasped a fistful of her honey blonde hair and yanked her head backwards so her face was turned up at me.

“Suck my fucking cock you bitch!”

The moments the words left my mouth I regretted saying them. It was as if I had become possessed by some sex-crazed spirit.

Her response to my last words however encouraged me to continue on my chosen path.

“And why should I? You’re not my master, and you cannot make me do anything I don’t want to do… or can you?” she teased me even further.

“What would you do if I refused anyways?” she goaded me even more.

“If you don’t start sucking my cock like a good girl I’ll whip your sorry ass, you bitch!” I said in an even tone but with the force and conviction of a man determined to have his way.

Although I sometimes fantasized about dominating a submissive female, I never imagined myself truly capable of addressing a woman in that manner. The reality of that moment had made me into this new creature. With this ache in my balls, I pushed those gentlemanly considerations from my mind.

Amber-Lynne looked up at me and defiantly held my gaze for what seemed an eternity, and then with her hair still in my grasp, she stood up and began to walk towards her desk.


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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Night before (2) Thursday Taster #9

Hi people, this week's taster is a continuation of last week's. It has some answers to the questions you asked last week. Enjoy!


The Night before (2)


Don Abdul

Her ass was tight, and perfectly fleshy. I swear I saw her shaven pussy smiling back at me. The thought of taking her forcefully right at that moment sent my heartbeats into a crazy rhythm.

By the time she turned around to face me again, my shirt was off and I had already kicked off my shoes. I guess she was getting impatient as she stepped forward and unbuckled my belt. 

Discarding my belt, she knelt down before me like a little slave girl before her master. She deftly unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and boxers in one fell swoop. My erect penis flipped free of its confinement, almost hitting her in the face.

When I was naked, she grasped my erection in a double handed grip, lifting to her mouth. She flicked its shiny chocolate head with her wet tongue which she then swirled all around it. Moaning, she licked my free flowing pre-cum and then cradled my balls in one hand while caressing my shaft with the other.

I closed my eyes and surrendered into her hands; I anticipated the sweet sensation of her hot wet mouth enveloping my manhood in a matter of seconds but it wasn’t to be. She only licked and lapped at my steely erection, and it soon dawned on me that she was being such a teasing bitch on purpose.

It all suddenly started to make sense. I could see it clearly now in my mind’s eye; the hints that I’d missed or not been sure of. The flashing, and the innuendos. The ambiguous statements, and now the cock teasing too.

‘You’ve gotta man up and bring your A game dude…This is one woman who loves a man to take what he wants…’

Well I was so damned horny and not at all in the mood to be teased. I guess she must have noticed my irritation. Switching gears and became hesitant… as if she had something she needed to get off her chest first.

“I know someone who wouldn’t hesitate to do your bidding for a taste of that.. thing between your legs...” She said with a measure of contempt in her voice.

The rational part of my brain knew well what she was attempting to achieve. Clearly she was looking to piss me off somehow.

‘She probably enjoys pissing off her lover so she could enjoy the grudge fuck that would follow.’ My intuition was however disrupted by my curiosity.

“Oh yeah, and who might that be then?” I asked her, my frustration increasing.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seven Whole Days (Erotic Poetry)

Seven Whole Days
Copyrights Don Abdul ©2006

There is something wrong with my eyes
I cannot take them off you
It didn't take me a moment to realise
How my soul yearns for you
From your little actions to the complex
The beauty of your soul reflects
The twinkle in your eyes
Soft feminine strength in disguise

If I had a week to live and dream with you
To act out my passion so deep so true

I would spend two days licking your nipples
Caressing and suckling your tits
Feeling your body succumb to ripples after ripples

Two days to pet your wetness, spreading those lips
Sucking on your clit and tonguing your vulva
Until its spews like a Geyser
Bathing my face in your essence

Two more days tossing your salad
Loosening the behind of you
Tongue, finger, and then a little toy
Calming, your fears, as one still so new
Gently slipping my throbbing veined member
One little inch after another
Resting, feeling the snug fit, as lust overtakes anxiety
Loving every thrust as you throw it right back, seeking yet another

One last day to tie it all up
Make love to all your five senses, all at once
Loving you softly, fucking you hard,and then filling your cup
Enjoying your moans, then contracting your passionate screams
Making our week evergreen, the stuff of dreams
Every second of every minute of every hour of everyday
A real Wow! Fun, fun, fun all the way

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Night Before (Thursday Taster #8)

Hi folks, this week's taster is a continuation of last week's offering, I hope you enjoy it.

The Night before (1)


Don Abdul


We had been working non-stop all day on a nutty case. It was 8 p.m. and the rest of the team had left for the day. Amber-Lynne ordered a break and then she shifted the coffee table out of the way. Even before the smoothly gliding table came to rest she slipped off her three-inch heels, and then she rose to her feet and moved towards me. She stood in front of me and then without saying a word, she bent down and kissed me on the mouth.

Stunned by her seductive audacity, I had no idea how I got to my feet, but suddenly she was in my arms. I was so turned on by her sudden sexual provocation, I had a burning desire to enter her right there and then but I was determined not to allow my primordial desire to ruin our first sexual encounter.

We kissed hungrily and passionately for what seemed an eternity. Time came to a stop as we caressed and fondled each other, pressing against each other and moaning deeply.

The man inside of me rose to the occasion like my father once said it would when the time came. At that point, Amber-Lynne McCain wasn’t the boss anymore, she was a sexy woman whose needs drove her into my arms, and I was determined to sate her hunger.

Easing her arms away from my neck, I pulled her silk blouse from under her skirt while she unbuttoned it. My hand then got busy removing her bra, and fondling her lovely full breasts. I was intent on teasing her a little so I avoided touching her rock hard nipples even as I circled my finger around her areola.

Ohhh… please… she moaned as she pushed her breasts closer t my hands.

I could tell she was at the peak of her arousal already, so I eased her onto the couch.

“Oh my, that is beautiful she enthused in a throaty tone as she pointed at the tent my erection had made in my pant. Unable to contain her excitement, she upped the ante, fluidly swinging her sexy legs off the couch. Reaching behind herself to unzip her skirt, she turned around she slid down her skirt bending down to get it clear of her feet.

That was when I got my first ever look at her completely naked rear view.

‘Oh my word! She is one hot momma!’ That tiny voice in my head screamed. I’ve always had a thing for women who go without panties.


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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Morning After (Thursday Taster #7)

The Morning After
Don Abdul

Nervously looking left and right, I stepped off the elevator into the corridor. I thought it best to avoid my sexy new boss for the time being. I was worried that there might be some tension between us considering the event of the previous night.

‘That would surely make working for her very awkward and difficult.’

‘What I need is a plausible alibi to explain why I couldn’t make our morning briefing in her office,’

Thankfully I had an important meeting scheduled for the next couple of hours; the meeting was a brainstorming session to formulate strategy for dealing with the needs of an important client. Since it was scheduled to take place at my office, I could hide out right at my desk without running into her.

A couple of colleagues arrived for the meeting, and the meeting commenced with my assistant taking the minutes.

About half an hour into my meeting, there was a knock on my office door.  My heart skipped a beat when the door swung open and she walked in; a thin film of sweat formed on my brow despite the air conditioning but I willed myself to remain calm.

The meeting was put on hold as everyone around my desk stood up to greet the tall sexy blond bombshell that was my boss, Ms. Amber-Lynn McCain.

“Good morning everyone, please be seated.” She responded, waving everyone back to their seats.
 “Hello Mitch, I just stopped by to return this to you personally. The client would be quite impressed, keep up the good work.”

She turned around and started to walk away but after taking a couple of steps she stopped and then turned around. it was almost as if she could feel the numerous eyes caressing the sexy contours of her curvaceous ass and hips.

“By the way Jamal, great work last night, I trust there’s more where that came from,” she concluded with a naughty wink which I hoped none of the others noticed.

I couldn’t help the sheepish smile that graced my face; I felt like a school boy singled out for praise by a sexy female teacher he has a crush on.

She was almost out the door before I finally found my voice again,

“Thank you,” I said barely above a whisper.

The buzz around my desk continued immediately, but I caught my assistant watching me closely. I avoided her stare and pretended to focus on the meeting when in actual fact I was replaying the cock provoking events of the previous night in her office, and how it had all started.


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