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A Kinky New Beginning

Monday, December 20, 2010

BOUND: Body & Soul (New e-Book)

Elaine is a very successful top executive, wife, church leader and mother who always felt there was something missing from her otherwise successful life. It wasn`t just sex, although sex with her husband was very infrequent; her yearning was for something quite different. 

That unrelenting yearning in her soul drove her to join an online adult community with a kinky bent where she met her Master, a younger man whose eyes alone sent intense shivers coursing through her body, leaving her feeling flushed and quite moist in her sex. 

Her new Master introduced her to a life of bondage and the potent mixture of pleasure and pain until she found herself catapulted to a higher plane of sexual stimulation than she had ever thought attainable.

Could this be the very thing she had been missing in her otherwise very successful prim and proper life?

Read this compelling seven-part page turner, with lots of exciting twists and turns and find out more on her great odyssey through bondage, submission, spanking, humiliation, gangbang, and servitude. 

The vivid imagery is guaranteed to put you right there on the scene in a way that makes this eBook un-put-down-able!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


A Web of Deception (Part Three)

Don Abdul ©2010

Oblivious to the rebellion welling up in my inner mind, she lowered her head intent on feasting upon my throbbing manhood, and that was when I made my move. I intercepted her opening mouth with my right hand, promptly clamping it over her mouth. My cock throbbed angrily in open betrayal of my decision to impede her intended oral ministration.

She looked up suddenly with a mix of shock, and pain in her eyes. I could tell that Anne was a woman accustomed to getting her way; apparently she wasn’t used to men denying her desire. Our eyes stayed locked, only this time there was a visual bearing of fangs for a short moment, and then she nodded once and her eyes softened. Not a single word was said between us, yet it was understood that as far as I was concerned, she had to ask if she expected to receive.

For my part I understood abundantly that she would not be dominated by me, but the door seemed wide open for a mutually engaging pursuit of our lusty desires and use of each others bodies in ways that were beyond the mundane and yet on terms that were more or less equal in pre-eminence.

I removed my hand from her mouth and in one fell swoop she lowered the wet heat of her mouth over my cock and let off muffled moans.  The vibrations of her pleasure cries sent ripples of pleasure right through my entire body.

Anne sucked me and cupped my balls, gently stroking them. “Aghhh!” I gasped from the awesome oral pleasure which she so expertly unleashed on my throbbing member. I could tell right away that loving girls and licking their vaginas doesn’t in any way diminish her appetite for the male flesh, as she lowered her head even further and took my knob deeper, past her tonsils and into her throat.

I thought I was hearing moans and love cries in the background, but I couldn’t be sure. The pleasure of Anne’s mouth on my dick was so mind blowing it was fast becoming hard to differentiate between illusion and reality. The moans from deep in her throat, muffled though they were came out audibly enough that mixed with my own groans I was no longer sure if the moans I heard were ours or from some place in the distance.
I could already feel myself approaching my tolerance threshold for blow jobs and if she didn’t back off soon, she would have a gusher on her hands. ‘I should get her to stop or I’d cum for sure,’ I thought albeit without the desire or enough will power at that point to stop her.

Uncanny as it might sound, she once again read my thoughts perfectly and pulled her mouth away from my cock. Breathing quite hard and rubbing her aching jaw, she breathlessly whispered that it was time to turn on the heat even higher. She rose to her feet and gestured for me to rise as well. My steely erection pointed proudly in front like a pathfinder, and she grabbed it in her hand and led the way towards the bedroom.

As Anne led me by the cock towards the bedroom, the moaning sounds became even more audible and more intense. Whatever she had done to Cindy before coming out to rejoin me in the living room was still making my assistant moan out in pleasure, and it was also making me quite curious too.

I didn’t have long to wait, as we stepped into the bedroom I had to stifle a “Wow!” it was a spacious room dominated by a big four poster bed and a wardrobe that took up an entire wall. Thankfully the room was well lit in soft white fluorescent light. My eyes went straight to the nude figure of Cindy as she laid spread eagled on the bed with her limbs tied to the four posts of the bed.

Her half open eyes were glassy with pleasure as she shuddered and strained against her bonds. She was moaning and her face was mask of undiluted and on going pleasure, which left me wondering what could be the source of her pleasure. The answer came almost immediately. My eyes travelled from her heaving breasts down her flat tummy to her crotch. Lodged in her pussy was a 7 inch vibrator with a couple sprouts two-thirds of the way down the sides. The 7 inch dildo fitted in the pink depth of her pussy while each of the hands fitted in her anus, and at her clit respectively.

Judging by the low whirring sounds and slight movement of the vibrator, I could conclude that after tying up Cindy, Anne had masturbated her with the toy and then left it lodged in her body setting it on low speed for continued pleasure.

My brows knitted into a semi frown as it does when I’m trying to figure out a puzzle, and once again, Anne read my mind perfectly. She let go of my cock and handed me a riding crop and suddenly I could see it all in my minds naughty eye.

“Mmmmm! Not bad,” I whispered as our eyes once again kissed. Anne walked right in front of me and then began to unbutton her blouse. Barely three buttons down she stopped and looked straight into my eyes as though inviting me to do the honors. ‘How could I refuse such a mouth watering offer,’ I thought. I dropped the riding crop she had handed me earlier on the nearby dresser and moved closer to lend her a hand.

I began to undress her, starting with the remaining buttons on her blouse, undoing them one by one until I was able to remove it completely. The evidently pricey designer top fell on the floor, next was her bra, which quickly joined the discarded blouse in a piling heap of garments.

I took a step back to admire her very invitingly gorgeous pair of breasts, then stepping forward  and reaching up with my hands I cupped one of her breast, and then the other, my mouth quickly found a nipple which I sucked on rather hungrily. I flicked my tongue across it, and then nibbled on it, driving her wild with body shaking sensations. 

Meanwhile Cindy’s moans and love cries were reaching a crescendo, somewhere in the distant corners of my sexually overloaded mind I imagined that she was close to a climax, but I had more immediate preoccupation at that very moment to dwell on what might be happening with her.

My hands travelled down Anne’s body seeking the zipper at the back of her skirt. I deftly unzipped it and it quickly slipped down her thighs, it ended up at her ankles and she deftly stepped out of it. Next I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my thong, and pulled it down. Just as the waist band was half way down her gorgeous ass, I sensed some reluctance, and then she tried to stop me by pushing my hands away and saying, “Not just yet.”

I wasn’t in the mood for being teased or toyed with, so I gave her a stern look and said in a breathless yet firm tone, “Quit playing games or you’re going to be punished for being a naughty girl.” She gave me a mock glare, and I could tell by the excited spark in her eyes that the prospect somehow strangely appealed to her. She held on to my hand for a moment longer and then slowly she eased her hold on my hand.

I removed her thong and then picked up the riding crop, I turned back to face her and the sight of her standing fully naked before me simply took my breath away. My cock nodded its approval repeatedly and dribbled pre-cum generously too.

She must be feeling completely exposed, especially since I was still fully clothed. Her eyes gave my dressed body the once over in a silent request for me to disrobe. It was the perfect opportunity to establish who was in charge. I went around her and then laid a hand on her shoulder. I gently eased her towards the dresser, and once there I reached around her and took her hands and placed them both on the dresser top. Grasping her waist I pulled her back towards my erect penis which poked hard at her ass.

“Oh yeahhhh! I love that hard thing….” She moaned and pressed her soft full ass right back at my swollen crotch.I placed my right foot in between her legs and kicked them gently apart until her thighs were wider apart and the crack of her ass revealed her delicate pucker. The naughty girl inside of her seemed to have read my mind yet again as she arched her back such that she was semi bent over the dresser with her tits pointed at the wall and her ass was sticking right out at me. I could clearly see her soaking wet pussy mound, and her slick puffy pink lips peeking out.

With the riding crop in my right hand, I raised it above my head and then brought it down on her fleshy buttocks. Her ass shook as the light whacking sound of the crop finding its mark rent the air. “That’s for all the slutty teasing games you’ve been playing with me; I did warn you there’ll be consequences didn’t I?” I said my rising desire weighing heavily on my voice.

“Answer me, or I’ll double you punishment!” I barked at her, flogging her again, and again for emphasis.
“Yes Sir, you did,” she answered taking me by surprise. I hadn’t thought it would have been that easy to get her to play submissive in light of her earlier reluctance.

“I’m going to give you eight strokes of this riding crop, and you’re going to count every one of them loud and clear, and then ask me for the next one. If you lose count or swallow your words, I’ll start over, is that clear?”
“Oh yes daddy, it is clear sir…” she answered as she struggled overcome the temptation to reach for her butt and sooth away the stinging pain.

One more thing, I said after a brief pause. If you don’t mess up the count, and you sound grateful enough right through to the end, you shall be rewarded. Is that understood?” 
“Yes sir, it is understood Sir...”

Her rosy cheeked ass still pointed at me in the perfect position for me to carry on her punishment. That was hardly a position from which to negotiate any concessions, and she clearly didn’t seem keen to do so anyway. My earlier flagellation of her buttocks seemed to have steered her into the perfect frame of mind to accept my control, at least temporarily. At the moment though, I could almost smell her desire to be taken in hand and punished; I knew for sure that between my hand and my cock I would deliver the satisfaction she craved.
I flogged her with the riding crop even harder with each successive stroke, while she struggled to count along and ask for more.

“Thwaaaack”. Her head jerked up as the swat of my well aimed crop landed square on her warmed up rosy pink butt cheek. 
“Aaaaahh!” Anne cried and caught her breath, and then said, “One… thank you, sir.” Gasping she asked for more; “Please… may I…. have another?” from the strain in her voice and the bead of sweat on her brow, I could tell she was barely managing to keep the count...
“You may”, he chuckled. “Since you asked me so nicely.” 

I swatted her other ass cheek, spreading the heat, and then tapped several times, building the suspense before bringing it cracking down to give her an identical stripe on the other butt cheek. “Aghhh…Four… Thank you daddy,” she winced, groaned and struggled to keep the count.  

Putting more energy behind the last stroke, I swatted the lower curve of her ass, and she shrieked “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!” This time she took much longer to catch her breath between sobs, the tears already running freely down her cheeks. Her booty felt like it had been set on fire. She wiggled her big white ass in a desperate attempt to soothe each buttock where I had whipped her as it stung, and released the moisture hoarded in the confines of her pussy.

Anne’s ass had gone a raw shade of red, I bet as my riding crop peppered her backside, she was wondering, probably even fantasizing about what the promised reward would.
I reached out and cupped her curvaceous buttock and soothed her ass, and favoring her with a word of praise. “Well, well you took that like a good girl and earned yourself some reward.” I figured, since I’d already exposed the gorgeous white slut’s subconscious arousal to pain and submission thus far, it was time to reward her with a really special treat. I resolved to finally unleash the surging energy in my big black cock on her dripping wet cunt and bring her relief through an earth moving orgasm. 

‘That should fit perfectly into my plans for the naughty, conniving slut called Cindy, who lured me into this exciting web of deception in the first place.’ I thought as I remembered my true hidden agenda as it pertains Monique and Cindy. Of course neither Monique, my married boss, nor the flirtatious Cindy knew anything of my sinister lustful plans, and using Anne for my pleasure tonight was an unexpected bonus which I was determined to exploit to the fullest.

To be continued….

Sunday, December 5, 2010


(Part Two)

Don Abdul

We worked late on Friday and left together again as she still didn’t bring her car to work. I went up to her apartment where she asked if I would like a shower before we go out. I declined her offer and she handed me a drink while she went and showered.

I had just refreshed my drink when her video door system rang and I went to see who it was. It was a sexy young woman with a beautiful smile and naughty eyes. “Hi, is Cindy home?” she inquired, she didn’t seem too surprised that anyone other than Cindy answered the door. “Yeah, she’s in the shower who are you?” I asked.

She smiled and said her name was Anne, “hang on a sec let me get her,” I said, and then as I turned to go get Cindy, I bumped right into her. She had a towel wrapped around her chest and the impact of out collision sent the towel falling to the floor. “Oops! She said laughing as she picked up her towel which she slung over her shoulder and walked nude towards the door.

She punched a set of buttons and a few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. Still nude from rubbing lotion all over her sexy body, she walked to the door and opened it. With my cock still erect from watching her apply her body cream, I turned to see the stranger for myself.

‘Damn!’ I thought, Anne was even prettier than I thought and she didn’t seem to mind that Anne was nude as they both hugged each other. I was just about to conclude that they might be sisters when I noticed that they were joined together in a French kiss.

‘Damn fucking slut is full of surprises too,’ I thought. I felt embarrassed that I was spying on their intimate contact, so I turned away and took another sip of my drink. Suddenly I heard a loud whacking sound. I turned around quickly and found Cindy walking ahead of Anne while she rubbed and soothed her ass.

The girls came around and Cindy introduced us, I quickly stood up and offered Anne my hand. She began to laugh and then pointed at the tent in my pant. “Mmmm! Someone is quite horny…” she said as she took my hand and held on to it for a touch longer than normal. While holding on to my hand she looked me right in the eyes and asked in a sexy low tone of voice; “What’s that bitch been doing to you handsome?”

“I bet she has been such a naughty slut too… I bet she deserved to be punished, don’t you think?”

Her words sent my erect dick pulsing and upon noticing my reaction to her suggestion of punishment for Cindy, she became even more excited. She smiled and whispered conspiratorially and pointed again at my throbbing erection and said “from the way little master there jumped at the idea of punishing Cindy, and the fire in your eyes I’d say you’re a dominant who enjoys punishing sluts and making whores out of them… am I correct?”

I paused briefly but maintained eye contact with her, and then I said in a firm low tone. “Let’s just say I love to teach naughty girls a few lessons.”


As I contended with the question of whether Anne was herself a submissive, she made her next move. So I decided it would be best that I played it by the ear.

Anne came over to me where I sat on the couch and bent down to whisper in my ear; as she did so, I could see down the plunging neckline of her blouse. She had such beautiful pair of breasts too. Her words got me breathless with anticipation, and then she moved her face and kissed me softly on the mouth. Something primal inside of me awoke instantly and I seized the initiative and forced her lips open with my tongue. I slid my tongue into her mouth and found hers, coaxing her into an intense kiss that seemed to last for an eternity.

In the distance, Cindy leaned against the wall and watched us with such keen interest and naked lust in her sexy eyes. At that point my cock was threatening to rip my pants apart and I had just about had it with her teasing, my body needed so much more. As if she could read my mind, Anne broke free of our kiss and then whispered in my ear once again; “Now Daddy; let’s get this show on the road.”

As she seductively walked towards her lover, swinging her hips for my benefit, it became clear to me that nothing about that evening was a coincidence; it all smirked of a well orchestrated ‘accidental’ event but the more it unfolded, the clearer it became that I was the only party in the room who didn’t have a fore knowledge of the whole thing.

I smiled at the simplicity and brilliance of the plan even though I felt I had to make someone pay for tricking me into a situation such as that one. I could also tell from the body language of the cavorting couple that Anne was the dominant while Cindy was the happily submissive slut. Anne broke their deeply passionate kiss and flashed a lusty wink my way saying simply, “I’ll be back.”

She led the naked Cindy towards the bedroom and the out of sight about five minutes later I heard a series of loud cracks accompanied by a legion of loud yelps, “Ouch!” and “Aghhh,” sounds that sent my naughty imagination running wild and my cock straining hard against the restraints of my boxers and pants. I fought the temptation to get up and go see things for myself.

The sounds stopped as suddenly as they had started and as I cocked my ear to listen for any more sounds coming out of the bedroom area, and then I caught a glimpse of Anne as she poked her head playfully out from around the door into the living room. She smiled and then blew me a kiss and then she stepped out into the room and walked towards me while holding my gaze.

She didn’t for a single moment break eye contact and by the time she arrived where I sat on the couch, I could almost hear her heart pounding in her chest which was visibly rising and falling. The sexy undulating motions of her boobs made my cock even more impatient than before from all the teasing that I had endured all evening.

She knelt down with her sexy blue eyes still fastened to mine and then she reached for my crotch and stroked my huge erection through the tortured fabric of my pants. “Mmmm! What do we have here… feels oh so big too,” she cooed as she fumbled for my zipper, and pulled it down. Licking her lips she slipped her hand through the opening and then deftly unbuttoned my boxer short and quickly released my throbbing manhood. Only then did she break the magic of our locked eyes.

“Oh my God!” she gasped as she beheld the majesty of my 8 inch cock for the very first time, and then she blurted out, “fuck! It’s even more beautiful than Cindy described….” I felt an unfamiliar swelling in my chest which I quickly realized was a feeling of pride at the fact that the beauty of my manhood had made this obviously experienced seductress spill the beans on a carefully contrived plan to seduce me.

She looked up at me with a strange mix of lust and appreciation. ‘How could this white bitch be thanking me for something I had nothing to do with?’ I thought. ‘Could be she is just like all of those white women who believed the myth that Sex is a brotha’s game,’ not being able to even bring myself to think the N word.

I soon realized though that with the look in her eyes, she had just served me notice of her intention to take her pleasure from my dick. It felt almost as if she was insinuating that I assume the position to be used by her. Something deep inside of me resented that, even though the softness of her warm hand on the shaft of my throbbing cock felt so good it filled my head with so many scenarios all of them ending with me driving my phallus hard and deep into her soaking wet cunt.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Web of Deception

Web of Deception

Don Abdul (c)2010

I was missing my prime Pet, Monique who also happens to be my boss. She was busy with structuring the framework for merger deal, so I busied myself with my own assignment which also meant working late into the evening in such close proximity to the horny, flirtatious old seductress that was my assistant Cindy.

The self confessed black cock slut had been desperately trying to get into my bed since I first joined the firm six months earlier, but so far she had only been able to blow my nine-inch cock once. As we worked late that night however, she eventually moved things along rather surprisingly.

As with all things to do with her it was quite an intense affair. Because my office was not as well secured as those on the partners’ floor however, I made it quite clear to Cindy that it was a very bad idea to do anything sexual in the office as we might get caught by the security staff on patrol. They would be well within their rights to look in on any occupied office after regular work hours too.

Rather than drop her quest to get in my pants however, the 22 year old slut simply got more creative in her desire. The following day she turned up at work without her car and deliberately neglected to inform me until we finally finished with work at 8.30 p.m. and then she asked if I’d be so kind as to give her a ride home. I couldn’t jolly well refuse after keeping her at work that late, besides her place was right along my route.

While I ruminated on the idea versus the option of just calling a cab to take her home, she stepped very close to me and ran her hands down the sides of my exposed arms blow my rolled up shirt sleeves. “Mmmm” She purred and then continued in a sexy low tone, and with unmistakable intention, “Seeing as you’re a 6feet tall black attorney with an athletic build that happened to be employed by a very prestigious city law firm, what girl wouldn’t feel a lot safer hitching a ride home with you?” Of course I knew a rhetorical question when I heard one, and so I saved my energy and made no reply.

As we rode the elevator down to the basement parking garage, she stood between me and the door while I leaned against the back wall of the lift, she then reached behind her to grope my crotch. Within a moment of feeling her touch my black monster came alive and when she looked back and saw the decent tent it had formed, she backed up and rubbed her soft full ass all over it. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, she bent over and then humped my crotch as though she was being hammered doggy style by me.

There was no doubt in my mind as to her penchant for risky sexual escapades, and so I spanked her hard on the buttocks to bring her naughty mind back to the moment. I expected her to shout out in pain as my hand smacked her quite hard, but instead of a loud “Ouch!” the only sound she made was “ughh…. Do it again!” Of course I obliged her and then suddenly, the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

“As we got into my SUV, she immediately spread her thighs wide apart and reached under her short skirt, when she rested back in her seat and gasped, I figured she had dipped her finger in her pussy. I expected that she was intent on masturbation and bringing herself to orgasm despite my presence, after all I seemed to have greatly aroused her by my well aimed and perfectly timed smack on the bottom back in the elevator.

I was wrong, and her next move confirmed how off the mark I was. Cindy pulled out her index finger which glistened with its coating of pussy juice. She showed it to me with so much naked desire in her eyes and then she touched it to my lips…. and rubbed it around. I inhaled her tangy female essence deeply and on the back of it’s intoxicating effect I opened my mouth. She eagerly slipped her finger in my mouth and I sucked on it and savored the nectar from her sex.

The wonderful taste of her pussy juice left me hungry for more but I knew it wasn’t safe to pursue my desire in the parking garage of my office building. It would really look bad if I were to be caught in a compromising sexual position with a much junior colleague. So I started the engine and was about to drive off when she queried in a sex laden voice, “What’s your hurry?”

Before I could answer she had zipped down my pant and reached inside to liberate my throbbing cock. She leaned her body over to my side and bent closer to my crotch. “Mmmm!” I moaned as her wet hot tongue swirled around the tender head of my erect penis. After she bathed the shiny head of my cock with her tongue she proceeded to take me in her mouth and began to suck me even better than she had the other time in my office.

She was such a gifted cock slut who loved her chocolate treat so much, and the way she sucked my big black cock, got me moaning in no time at all. I was thrusting my hip upwards and forwards as I humped her mouth; I weaved my fingers into her brunette hair and gathered a fistful of the sexy black mass holding on tight and forcing her head and her mouth down harder on my cock.

Awkward as it was she managed to slip her other hand in between her legs and pleasure herself by rubbing and fingering her pussy while she sucked the stress of the day’s workload out of my manhood. We had both been quite horny and it didn’t take too long before she was jerking as the spasms of her orgasm wracked her body.

As she jerked and shook meanwhile, my cock thrust deeper down her throat and her muffled orgasmic groan was cut short by a wet gagging sound. It was a strange even bizarre sound coming from the depth of her throat, and it sent me over the edge as I felt my balls contract and then shoot a stream of hot cum in the air.

As she coughed and spluttered following her gagging groan, she must have somehow become aware of my impending jizz, as she immediate opened her mouth wide over my loaded gun of a cock catching all but a few stray spurts of my cum. She cleaned my cock by sucking and licking all the cum from it and then she zipped back my pants and we departed the parking lot for the journey home.

When we arrived her apartment building she invited me in for a night cap but I begged off and drove off, but not until she made me promise to take her out on Friday night which was the following evening.

To be continued....