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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nora's Infernal Domination (Thursday Taster #25)

Welcome! This week I'll continue with another snippet from my WiP, Nora's Infernal Domination. I hope you enjoy it; please leave comments. Thank you :)


Nora's Infernal Domination #2

He had stood up her sweaty naked body and held both her hands in a vice grip behind her back and then pushed her face and hard nipples into the wall as he thrust his steely erection into her throbbing, soaking wet pussy. 

“You may cum now, pet... Ughhh...” 

He had whispered into her ear amidst her orgasmic shudders. Her walls clenched about his girth, kneading his chocolate cock even as he rammed himself into her depth over and over again. Nora had never been so rudely fucked in her life, yet there she was experiencing the most powerful orgasm ever. 

By the time he was done with her she had collapsed against the wall, with nothing but his grip on her hands holding her up on her rubbery legs. She was in a state of bliss, feeling as a feather dancing in the wind as it floats back down to earth. 

‘How could I possibly walk away from that sexually exhilarating experience...?’ she wondered in a self deluding attempt to justify what she would have described as “letting the pussy do the thinking” if the situation had involved someone else other than herself. 


The elevator ride to the tenth floor was a smooth one; thankfully she was the only occupant of the lift. The car pinged and the doors opened to let her out. Her heart was pounding faster and harder in her chest with each step she took closer to his suite. 

Subconsciously patting her knee length little black dress, she smiled. She was at least certain he would be pleased that she had done as he had instructed in his test message to her. 

‘Mmm... Clean shaven and not wearing panties, just like her commanded.’ 

Her smile was soon replaced by a slight frown as she realized she really had no clue what tortuous designs he had in store for her. Even as she lifted her hand up to knock on the door, Nora’s pussy was tingling and her nether lips moist in anticipation of the surprise treat he had promised her if she behaved. 

‘He didn’t stand me up, now did he?’ she began to wonder when she got no response to her second knock on his door. 

‘Not likely... at least I hope not. I’m not sure that I can put myself through all of this again...’ she thought hoping his regimented discipline would work in her favour for once.


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nora's Infernal Domination ((Thursday Taster #24)

It's thursday and here we go again doing what we do best. This week I'm taking a break from Sharing tasters from my Trilogy A Cougar's Legacy. As you are all aware, the first book of the Trilogy Chocolate Desire is out and available on and Amazon UK, where it is has been well received.

This week and for the next three weeks I'll be bringing you snippets from another WiP of mine titled Nora's Infernal Domination. I hope you enjoy it; please leave comments. Thank you :)


Nora's Infernal Domination


Don Abdul


#1: Nora's Dilema

Nora sat in the back of the taxi silently staring out the window, watching the city traffic rush by. She was on her way to meet the dark handsome man who had commanded her to call him Sir. She wasn’t going to come at all, but she later decided to meet him for just an hour during which time she would end their Liaison. She would tell him she wasn’t really cut out for a Dom/sub relationship.

‘Well, if you’re going to end it, then why meet him at all?’ the devil on her shoulder asked for the umpteenth time.

The truth was in fact more complicated than she would admit; Nora had in fact come for the sex. The first time they had met face to face at the same hotel suite, he had teased the living daylights out of her. She had been so aroused she had decided she would let herself go and cum regardless of his warning to the contrary.

He however proved to be quite skilful at frustrating her resolve to rise above the sensual torture and snatch much needed release, and along with it control of her senses. She never would have imagined herself surrendering control to another human being, yet from their very first time meeting online, he had managed to get her to willingly yield to his demands.

‘That’s just the thing; he never makes any demands...’

He just instructs her in that deep manly voice and she finds herself swooning as she obeys his command without question.

It is the ease with which he got her to do his bidding that scares her to death. He had a certain quiet strength about him that transcended the physical. His electric charisma seemed to have demagnetized her mind and she hadn’t thought about any man in the last one week since their first face to face.

Ironically, it is that same ease with which he controlled her actions, even her thoughts that made her want to run as far away from him as quickly as her legs would carry her.

Despite her resolve to stand him up, and have nothing further to do with him, she had ignored her rational inner voice and taken a taxi from work to the hotel across the city to meet him. All she could think about in the past couple of day was how well he had fucked her after putting her through the seemingly endless sensual torture the last time she met him in the hotel suite.


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Gift of Orgasm - 2 (Thursday Taster #23)

My taster for the week is the concluding part of my last excerpt from the first book of A Cougar's Legacy Trilogy, Chocolate Desire.

Chocolate Desire is due to be released on the 4th of October 2014, that's just a couple of days away. This taster is just the tip of the iceberg, be sure to get your copy on Amazon Kindle and find out why this is the hottest of my stories yet.

#12: A Gift of Orgasm - 2

Upping the ante, Cynthia slid her juice slicked hands under her lovers round wifely ass and kneaded her buttocks. Marie-Claire spread her legs and arched her spine slightly, luxuriating in the black woman’s massage of her gluteus.


Cynthia’s audible inhalation of the faint musky essence wafting from her dripping wet pussy sent a shiver through Marie-Claire, who has always had a knack for maintaining a pleasant smell down south.


Marie-Claire’s head went into a tailspin when Cynthia’s exhaled breath washed over her erect clitoris. The other woman lowered her face and touched the tip of her tongue to her quivering cunt.

“Oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy... fuck me with your loving mouth... Please...”

Tangling her hands in Cynthia’s hair, Marie-Claire pulled her lover’s mouth down to her soaking wet sex.

Her cries grew louder as Cynthia began to lick her juicy slit from the peak of her stiff clit down to the ridge of her ass, and then back.

“Mmm... take me now...” she moaned. She thrust her pussy harder at her lover’s mouth until Cynthia acceded to her lusty demands by rolling her tongue swiftly over the hard projectile of Marie-Claire’s clit.

All hell broke loose as the black woman wrapped her lips around it, sucking on it with swift pressure, and then soothing it with soft wet kisses.

Marie-Claire was at the peak of pleasure as she thrashed about on the threshold of climax. Her cunt flowed the nectar of her arousal.

“Mmm... you’re so delicious baby... I’m loving your pussy juice so much...”

The vibrations generated by Cynthia’s crooning through a mouthful of pussy flesh reverberated through her lover’s core until she was shivering on the brink of the orgasmic precipice.

It was obvious to both women that the end was nigh. Marie-Claire was in urgent need of release, and Cynthia was keen on treating her to an orgasm she would not forget.

“Go for it baby, cum for momma...”

With that breathless whisper, Cynthia launched her lover into orbit. Sliding two fingers into her lover’s cunt, she began to knead her G-spot. She sucked her clit between her lips then tongue-beat it until Marie-Claire was reduced to a shrieking, moaning wreck.

Driven beyond the bounds of pleasure known to her, Marie-Claire surrendered herself to her lover’s will.

“Oh mon dieu... I’m cumminggggg....” she screamed as she fought to ride the wave of fulfillment as it sped along, faster and cresting higher before finally exploding in an overwhelming tsunami of pleasure. Her shuddering pussy squirted the elixir of her orgasm all over her lover’s face and ripe brown breasts.


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