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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (5)

CHAPTER FIVE:                  Eden in the Garden

Shirley had awoken early the following morning blushing; she was almost in shock as she recalled how naughty she had been the previous night. She and Jamal had gone clubbing, and it had turned out to be even more fun than she ever thought it could be.

She had downed quite a few drinks early enough for Dutch courage. As the alcohol began to take effect, her inhibitions plummeted paving the way for her to lose herself in the spirit of the moment and have fun in ways she hadn’t in two decades.

The part of her mind that wasn’t befuddled by the liquor was shocked again and again at some of the things she got up to during the course of the night. At one point she even confessed to having had such bi-curious thoughts about some of her female friends especially back in her college days. And then when a sexy skimpily clad blonde with a drop dead gorgeous figure blew her a kiss, she had waved her over and introduced her to Jamal.

The blonde whose name was Loraine was obviously looking for a one night stand lesbian fuck buddy. From the way she eyed Jamal, it was obvious that she was also into men, black men too. As the trio chatted in the corner over the loud music, the drunken Shirley leaned over and kissed Loraine on the mouth. Though the other woman was surprised by the audacity of the obvious novice, she played along anyway. Loraine returned her kiss and was quite impressed that despite her lost sobriety, Shirley was a great kisser.

From the look on her face however, Loraine didn’t appear to be interested in sleeping with drunken women; and so what most probably would have been a great threesome ended abruptly once she realized just how drunk Shirley was. Before taking her leave though, she slipped Jamal her calling card; which he put into his pocket as she gave him a kiss on the cheek and departed.


Alcohol always made her horny and she was really looking forward to a raunchy session in bed when they got back home but by the time they arrived home she was so tired she instantly passed out cold. Jamal had had to undress her and tuck her into bed.


Gardening had always been a source of comfort for Shirley. It had been so since her early years when she would join her mother in her big garden within the grounds of their farm house. Even during her teenage years she never lost her desire to help something grow, and her doting father had left a corner of the property so “his little girl” would always have a piece of land just to plant whatever she wanted.

Although her current house was small compared to the previous one, Shirley had planted a small garden nevertheless; it was an integral part of her healing process, and nothing soothed her pains like some quality time in her garden very early in the mornings or later in the afternoon. The smell of freshly turned earth and the aroma of sweet smelling roses simply made her feel so alive.

On this Saturday morning with her hangover sorted by a glass of fizzy Alka-Seltzer, she had hastily pulled on her short well worn garden dress which she liked to use while working her flower bed. It was so short it always allowed her feel the fresh morning air circulate all over her skin, even in places that would normally be out of reach. Shirley was always thrilled by the feel of the air kissing her naked sex as she never wore any underwear for her gardening.

As Shirley worked on her hands and knees, she couldn’t help but look up towards her bedroom window, the thought of her young black lover still asleep in her bed was already potentiating the fading effect of the previous night’s alcohol on her system.

Alcohol always left her feeling desperately horny, and she regretted having let herself go to the point of getting so drunk the previous night she had passed out cold rather than sate her towering sexual desire. She smiled mischievously as she sank the prongs of her hand fork into the earth to loosen it up; she reminisced over her clumsy attempt at seducing the sexy  lesbian Loraine back at the night club, and then she blushed as she realized she couldn’t really remember much of what else happened after that.


Shirley was so engrossed in her gardening and her thoughts that she didn’t hear Jamal approaching her from behind. Meanwhile, Jamal had awoken to find her gone, and then he had peeked out through the bedroom window to find her on her hands and knees tending her garden.

“Hot Dayum!” he whispered under his breath as his eyes zeroed in on her short dress the hem of which had flipped over at the rear. Her sexy round ass was on display and even from the distance he could tell she was so wet from the glistening moisture of her exposed slit. The perfect view of his mature lover on all fours, with her ass stuck up in the air like a bitch in heat did nothing to alleviate the discomfort of his raging early morning erection.

He licked his lips even as his raging boner nodded with such determination that summed up his innermost desire to go out and take her like the cock slut that she was. He knew he had to be careful though as he could still be seen from the street by anyone close enough to the fence while he traversed the lawn even though once he got down to her level they would both be undetectable from the street.

Grabbing a short PJ top he hurried from the room, and sneaked up on Shirley’s prone figure. She was so absorbed in her chore that she didn’t notice him until he was finally upon her. He immediately sank to his knees behind her and lowered his face to her buttocks. Laying his hands on either cheeks of her voluptuous ass, he parted them and buried his face in her crack.

Jamal inhaled her natural female essence until his lungs were filled, and then he held it for a moment while he lapped up her nectar. He ran his tongue up and down her swollen pussy lips much to her delight. “Aghhh!” she gasped as he slowly let out his hot breathe; she shivered and her skin was covered in goose bumps as his balmy breathe bathed her hot wet sex.

“Oh yes baby!” She cried out as he buried his tongue in her sopping wet hole. He was clearly intent on playing mind games with her as he poked her hole a couple of times and then withdrew his tongue despite her backing her buttocks closer into his face. With the tip of his tongue he probed in between the slippery folds of her womanhood, and then using the flat of his tongue he lapped and bathed her swollen labia until her moans grew in both volume and intensity.

The fact that they were doing it in the dirt further turned them both on and when he stabbed at her hole with his tongue again in a series of thrusts, she practically buried her face in the dirt, while her big gorgeous breasts spilled forth from the unbuttoned front of her gardening dress. She moaned deeply as her erect nipples rubbed back and forth in the dirt; the feeling was strangely exhilarating, it felt almost as though her nipples were being tweaked, scratched and pleasured all at once, and in an intelligent manner too.

Just as she was about to plead for his throbbing black cock in her wet tunnel of lust, his tongue found her very needy clitoris. He slid his hands a little higher, grasping her wide hips and escalating her pleasure by enveloping her prominent clit with his fleshy lips, and then sucking on it and licking it up and down and all around. Shirley moaned even louder, gyrating her hips, and grinding her dripping wet sex deeper into his greedy mouth. She never failed to marvel at how gifted he was at eating her pussy, even as she went suddenly tense and lifted her dirt smeared face and let out a deep moan from the depth of her core and then succumbed to an orgasmic explosion that left her shuddering.

Jamal meanwhile had lost all forms of conscious control to his animalistic inner freak. He was so overwhelmed by the pleasure of eating her out that his throbbing cock would not be pacified by anything short of a total possession of her sex. He longed to fill her up and fuck her in ways that only an energetic young thug could do.

Shirley would have been content to collapse onto the grass and freshly weeded earth of the flower bed, but she knew no such reprieve would be allowed. She therefore wasn’t quite surprised when her lover bounded onto his feet in a low crouch and then promptly squatted behind her. He grabbed her by the waist and then lowered his crotch until she felt his huge erection penetrate her dripping wet sex with very little in the way of ceremony. It was as if his cock had a homing device that led it to hit bulls eyes on an imaginary target deep in her molten sexual core.

“Oh…Oh yes ... “ she moaned breathlessly, Jamal himself let out a deep groan as he savored the heat rising from her wet pussy as he thrust his long thick manhood inside his mature lover’s needy vagina. “Oh yes baby… Mmmm…” she cried as he began thrusting, faster and harder. Sweat formed quickly on his torso in the humid weather, as he banged her harder still and drove her face deeper into the earth.

Shirley’s eyes shot open, it was watering and she sucked in a sharp breath, as a sliver of pain rifled through her body when his long hard cock hit her cervix. At the same moment the thick vein of his cock grazed her erect clitoris back and forth, sending a rush of pleasure through her whole being... The potent intoxication of pleasure mixed with pain sent her on a mind blowing spiral towards another orgasm.

Meanwhile Jamal was seized by the sweet sensation of her pussy walls which was spasming and kneading his shaft even as he carried on thrusting, and grunting as he fucked her like a cheap slut, his lean strong frame pinning her face to the ground as she gasped, and then moaned and finally screamed as she exploded in her second orgasm of the morning.

All of a sudden Jamal cursed out loud and then tensed up as he stopped ramming his thick cock into her well fucked pussy, and literally convulsed against her. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he jerked and then shot his load inside her. 


After resting in the dirt to catch their breath, the lovers dusted each other off and then sneaked back into the house where they helped each other wash off the dirt in the shower.

To be continued....