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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, September 11, 2014

GIRLS' AFTER PARTY (Thursday Taster #21)

My taster for the week is a continuation from last weeks taster. It is also a juicy bite of "Chocolate Desire" the first of a three part A Cougar's Legacy series. It is due to be released very soon. Watch this space and enjoy the taster.



The door had barely shut behind then when Cynthia hugged Marie-Claire from behind, and then spun her around until they were starring into each other’s eyes.

‘Please be gentle...’ Marie-Claire thought, but when she opened her mouth to verbalize her mind, no word came out of her. Apparently no words were required as she experienced the magic of Cynthia claiming her mouth, even as she began to undress her.
Following her lead, Marie-Claire reached for her lover’s jacket and eased it halfway off her shoulder.

As their kiss intensified, the women waltzed lustfully towards the queen sized bed, leaving a trail of discarded clothes in their wake.

At the edge of the bed, Marie-Claire felt her skin break out in a rash of goose bumps, even as her cheeks turned red. She felt so self conscious as her lover took her by the shoulders and inspected her naked body with a wickedly naughty smile on her very beautiful face.
“My goodness, you are so beautiful...”

Cynthia’s husky voice radiated such naked lust it invoked a deep intoxication of Marie-Claire’s senses. The warmth in her core was fast turning into an open conflagration of desire. Her legs turned to jelly and if Cynthia hadn’t chosen that very moment to guide her onto the bed she probably would have collapsed under the weight of her deep need to be fucked.

‘Oh mon dieu... how could I have lost all control of myself... and all to this...this ravishing woman... Only a few months ago I was a respectable married woman who had never ever slept with another woman...’

Marie-Claire’s thoughts were fragmented and driven mostly by desire, but also some guilt. When Cynthia climbed into bed with her however, that feeling of guilt melted away in the heat of passion the sexy black goddess unleashed.

Towering astride her naked right thigh, Cynthia’s shaven sex was so close to the needy French woman’s sensitive skin the wet heat it radiated aggravated the dull ache in her core.

‘How long? How long has it been since I’d been touched, in a way that awakens my femininity?’

Marie-Claire’s fleeting mind pondered, whilst recalling the lonely, sleepless nights, when she would shove a restless hand between her legs and rub her pussy, grinding away to a quick, often lack lustre orgasm.

‘But tonight, this beautiful chocolate angel will take me to seventh heaven and the most beautiful orgasm...’


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  1. Don! This scorcher just never looses its flame! I can not wait to read next weeks when they actually get to it. I have almost as many goosebumps at the thought. I love these words and how you use them "heat of passion" "unleashed" "chocolate angel". Bravo. xo

  2. Wonderful taster! Love the trail of discarded clothes- it lends to the scene so well. You have a talent for picking the right words for specific scenes. great job.

  3. I think the divorce was a good idea, her husband was a total jerk anyway. Really hot scene here.

  4. She definitely deserves some happiness.

  5. The sexual tension just keeps usual you leave us wanting more. Can't wait till next week

  6. You've written a very sensitive, passionate scene between the two women, with Marie-Cliare's guilt and lack luster self induced sexual pleasure from her past, not inhibiting her pleasure with the Fench woman's touch, she never thought could ever happen. I'm sorry for this wordy description of praise I have for your writing, but your words are wonderful.

  7. These two are so totally wrapped up with each other the passion is evident. I love your descriptions. Great taster

  8. Oh man, what a delicious scene you painted Don. I love a good f/f scene in the story, and it's a hot one!