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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quickie Fix

Quickie Fix


Don Abdul


Ahmad stood with his back against the wall just a few feet away from the bedroom door. Lost in his reminiscence of his fulfilling sexual encounter with Diamond, he rubbed his cock subconsciously until loud shattering noises from the direction of the kitchen snapped him out of his erotic reverie.

Rushing out of the bedroom, he raced in the direction of the commotion. He came to a stop just inside the door frame the kitchen and quickly scanned the room for Diamond. It wasn’t until he found her that he realized what had happened.

She was on her hands and knees, sweeping the shattered pieces if china plates into a dust pan and then depositing same in a trash bin. The red silk robe she wore was way too shot; it bared her voluptuous hindquarters to his eyes.

His manhood kicked enthusiastically at the rear view of her moist pussy lips. It was only then that Ahmad realized he had rushed to the scene of the disturbance with his cock sticking out the parted front of his robe like the gun turret of an armoured tank.

“Oh my word!” He quickly realized the moment the words were out of his mouth that he had just alerted Diamond to his presence. It didn’t matter though as he was way too horny to be embarrassed at that point.

“Oh no you don’t....You’re not coming anywhere near me with that thing looking so enraged... Hell no!” Diamond warned him with mock seriousness when she turned around to find him ogling her in a state of complete arousal.

“Look who’s complaining... Come on baby, you know you want it...” Ahmad teased her as he began to advance towards her.

He chased her around the kitchen until he caught her. Even though she resisted his advances, he knew she was only play acting the reluctant damsel. She only struggled a little longer and then she began to push her bare buttocks harder against his throbbing erection.

Turning her around the moment she stopped fighting to get away from him, he kissed her neck, and then nibbled on her earlobe. The urgency of his desire was so infectious, by the time he kissed her mouth, she eagerly welcomed his tongue.

Scooping her up by her thick thighs, he planted her on the edge of the countertop. Reaching between them, she untied the belt of his robe just as he did the same for her.

“Mmm...” he heard her moan as he felt and fondled her ample breasts amidst their urgent kisses. Driven by the urgency of their shared desire, Ahmad guided his throbbing cock into her wet channel.

“Aghhh....” she gasped and then bit his lip as he entered her.

Ahmad let himself go completely this time; gone was the self consciousness and worries of what might go wrong. He had found his Mojo again as grasped her voluptuous ass and thrust his member in and out of her. The rhythm of their individual movement and sex cries quickly coalesced into the harmonious intensity of a perfect quickie sex.

Diamond was the first to climax as she wrapped her thick legs around his waist and sucked his shaft deeper inside her depth. She screamed, shuddering even as she dug her nails deeper in his fair muscled shoulders.

“Ohhh yes... cum for meeeeeeeeee....” Ahmad groaned just as the rush of climax cut him off midsentence. His hips shot forward one last time, burying his cock to the hilt and then he shot his load in her juicy cavern.

Out of breath and sweating hard, he pulled his semi flaccid member out of her cum filled sex. It was only then that he felt the burning sensations on his back and shoulders, memorable legacies of her scratches and love bites bestowed upon him in the throes of her orgasm.

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