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A Kinky New Beginning

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lust in Battle (TTT #7)

Here we are again on another Tuesday, the first one in the month of June 2012. My Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser this week is an excerpt from a long lost WiP which I only recently found on an old memory stick. I hope you enjoy it.

Lust in Battle


Don Abdul (c)2012

The battle for the soul of Fallujah was so fierce, and deadly that resident like Salma only ventured out in the open only to find food. Trapped in the city after her husband was killed, she lived alone and kept to herself.

After foraging one evening, she happened upon a Humvee lying in a nearby ditch completely burnt out. Near the crippled vehicle were contorted charred remains of soldiers. Salma heard the faint whisper of the lone survivor; it was the faint plea of an injured foreign soldier.

Five days later, she was sponging his naked body when he awakened, confused.

“Oh Mona, I love you so,” he whispered to her. It felt good to hear a man say those words to her after so long. It pained her that the words were meant for another, yet their sensuality moved her in ways she couldn’t believe.

Her eyes roamed his beautiful scarred body; for the first time since she brought him into her house, his manhood stirred. ‘Mmmm, a wet dream,’ she stared lasciviously at his huge erection licking her lips, craving his cock and dying to suck on it like those women in the erotic novel she bought off the black market years back.


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  1. Why very sensuous and haunting at the same time. He may need to read the book in question to remind and give him even more wicked thoughts about how he can handle her.

  2. This was filled with raw emotions: sadness, separation, pain, desire, physical need in love and passion. It is haunting, how aptly phrased. Touching, lovely ... destiny in the making:) xo

  3. A very sensuous feel here. What a grea way Teaser. Good job!

  4. Sext, well written teaser Don, loved it!

  5. Sensual and sad. I could feel her loneliness and need. Careful, though! He might wake up in fight mode. Could be dangerous for her until he realizes she's not an enemy. I'd love to read more of this.

  6. So sad and yet so beautiful!! That's a great piece you wrote there. I love it

  7. Oh, an Angel of Mercy. Wow, this is a deep post on a lot of levels, because war is terrible and often the deaths are so senseless. This post reminds us that even in the midst of such ugliness, there can be compassion, hope and passion. Now, I certainly hope she give him that blowjob, I'm sure it would speed up his recovery. Muwah!@

  8. How much more precious to find love in such terrible circumstances.

  9. What a beautiful piece! I love this!

  10. I absolutely love your picture...and am interested to find out how their story progresses. :)

  11. Fabulous teaser! You've hooked me. I want to know what happens next.

  12. An abundance of emotions captured in 200 words. I was hooked. I hope you carry on with the story so the tense excitement and lust can continue

  13. That was a fantastic teaser! How moving and erotic! Very well done!

  14. Via facebook:
    Kali wrote: "For some reason, my account wouldn't let me post a comment, but....: What a wonderful and haunting post, Don. It was full of longing and pain..both physical and emotional. I can envision one of our wounded brave feeling these healing caresses somewhere far away. The woman finding a glimmer of something she had been missing, as well. Thank you for your post! :-)"

  15. Excellent post. Loved how sensual it was.

  16. I have already commented on this when it was first posted, but upon reading it a second time, I see another side to this. The tenderness with which she must have caressed his wounded body ignited passions for both her and the dreaming soldier. To see his manhood stirring, even for another, had her salivating to do things to him she had probably craved to do to a man for a long time. The thoughts that must be going through her head; the desire and *need*, but the respect for the wounded, probably mixed with a twinge of fear of the unknown, leading to restraint. Such a tender, tenuous, but lustful scene. If it were *me*, I'd go for it! *WG* A blowjob would be a good universal "Hello", wouldn't it? ;-)

  17. How very interesting... I believe under the circumstances, that kind of a universal hello is in order too. LOL
    Thanks for returning for a second helping too :D