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A Kinky New Beginning

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seduction in Three Acts – The First Bite

Seduction in Three Acts – The First Bite 
Don Abdul (c)2011

Having devoted the better part of the last two decades to building her career, Taylor Bartlett’s rise to the enviable position of Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Pyramid PR Inc. was no surprise to anyone. Despite a mantle filled with award plaques, together with an enviable pay check, stock options and perks, the price of her success was indeed a steep one.

Although a very attractive 5’8” tall woman with shoulder-length honey blonde hair and a striking body, Taylor had no one special in her life. She hadn’t had a lover for ages despite the legion of men and women jostling for her attention.

The choices she had had to make in the course of her growth in the unforgiving corporate environment meant she had been forced to subordinate any sentiments for a long term relationship to the imperatives of her ascent to the top. Even her raging libido, and insatiable lust for pleasures of the flesh had to be tailored to short mutually beneficial trysts, and clean breaks that left no loose ends that could later come back to haunt her.

Fortunately for the forty-two year old, one of the perks of her job was the endless supply of young handsome men she got to work with. For the most part they were cocky, and always horny, which worked perfectly for the cougar inside of Taylor. She had mastered the art of seducing and ravishing their youthful bodies and drinking from their fountain of youth to quench her thirst for sexual relief.

Tim Brody, the current subject of her covetous interest was proving a greater challenge than she had anticipated. The self confident, twenty-eight year old Green Projects Team leader always left her flush and breathless with his dark good looks. His mysterious blue eyes made her tingle in her most intimate places, and from the first day she set eyes on the 6’ tall handsome athletic hunk, Taylor vowed to have him. It was also fortuitous that his job of devising Marketing strategies for selling Green Energy products to the public presented the perfect platform for the actualization of her wanton desire.

Despite his seeming nonchalant attitude towards her flirtations, Taylor’s sexual attraction to him grew even more intense by the day; since she never was a moderate at anything including her desires, the charming seductress pursued her handsome young subordinate at every given opportunity until she finally succeeded in sinking her horny claws into him during a business trip.

Taylor had reserved a suite of rooms with adjoining doors, and then elaborately prepared the ground for her next move. She scheduled meetings with him every evening, supposedly to recap the day’s business and plan for the next day. They would usually have an early dinner with others and then retire upstairs for an hour of review.

Careful not to spook her quarry, she alternated their review meetings, between her room and his.  She also plied him with fine wine so that by the time they were done, he was usually tipsy and more receptive of her flirtatious touches and risqué humor. For some reason she just couldn’t bear the thought of him going out on his own at night. She cringed at thoughts of him finding some willing slut to frolic with, while she laid awake in her bed pining for the warmth of his hard masculine body.

Five days into their seven-day trip, they met for their routine recap, and she broke out a bottle of the finest vintage. “Mmmm…” he murmured his approval and then after gawking over the label, he handed it back to her. Retreating to the wet bar which was outside his field of vision, she poured the wine while he busied himself with some notes.  The soothing sound of harmonious mood music wafted into the room from high end hidden speakers, and before he could react to the changing ambience of the room, she returned, and handed   him glass.

They clinked glasses and sipped their drinks, and then as he was setting down his glass of wine on a side stool, Taylor leaned across his line of sight to snap on the floor lamp to his left. She took her time turning it on too, whispering, “I imagine you’d need the extra illumination to finish your ah... work on that draft.”

Tim’s eyes widened as he caught a perfect down blouse glimpse of her perky breasts. At first he turned away, but his slutty boss would not give up so easily. She stretched a little more ensuring that her hardened nipples were exposed to his hungry eyes; she prolonged the moment by suggestively justifying her decision to turn on the light.

Timothy’s resolve began to melt as her the delicate fragrance of her perfume filled his lungs and tickled the man in him. He licked his lips and then swallowed hard as he contemplated grabbing her breasts and then kissing her hard on the mouth.

Taylor gave a low throaty laugh as she pulled away, and then sat down beside him.
‘Is it possible that she was teasing me, could she be amused by my clumsy school boy response to her unwitting wardrobe malfunction?’ he wondered, trying unsuccessfully to fathom why she laughed. Unwilling to admit to loss of concentration while he spied down her blouse, he feigned a nervous smile and pretended to follow her every word.

The charade continued and quarter of an hour later he was feeling so horny he could no longer hide his huge erection. He tried twice unsuccessfully to beg off and leave, but she managed to parry his every move by bringing up an important issue that required a detailed analysis. Meanwhile, she plied him with more wine until the combination of alcohol and his extreme arousal was no longer controllable.

Taylor had been very careful not to drink as much as she was letting on, and while Tim was preoccupied with yet another detail, she excused herself for a bathroom break. When she returned minutes later, she had slipped into very sexy lilac nylon and lace lingerie. 

‘Damn!’ Tim thought, as he ogled her sexy figure. Her pretty face with the high cheek bones and sensuous lips were perfectly framed by her shiny blonde hair. Remembering that she wore no bra, his eyes darted to her chest and he confirmed that nothing had changed under her sexy transparent teddy.

Breathing heavily, his eyes roamed her nether regions and then he sucked in a sharp breath as he found the split crotch of her knickers which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. His eyes lingered longingly at the curves of her hips, and moved on down her silken thighs to her pair of long, shapely hot legs. Her feet were ensconced in a pair of three inch black heels that added a few more inches to her tall, breath taking figure.

Tim imagined how punishing her work out regime must be to maintain her mature body in such lithe condition despite her grueling work schedule. Then the face of his fiancée flashed across his mind’s eye and he rushed to his feet, feeling a little guilty that he might have overstayed his welcome, so he thought he’d let Taylor get to bed before he did something he’d later regret. Somewhere deep in his mind though, he hoped she would be less than cooperative with the idea of him leaving.

That pulse racing soft fragrance of her perfume seemed to have formed a pleasant cloud around him. The music, the warmth and the romantic ambience of the room all combined to sap his will power as he helplessly looked at her. 

‘Ohhh, she looks so damn hot in those frilly slutty undergarments, I should throw her on the floor right now and fuck her silly,’ his evil alter ego whispered, resenting her evil wanton machination yet loving the sweet temptation she laid out before him.

Tim let out a pent up sigh, frustrated at how precarious his situation had become. ‘What has come over me,’ he wondered; he knew getting sexually involved with her was nothing but trouble; he also shouldn’t cheat on his fiancée, yet he had never been so aroused in his life. He so badly needed to relief for the deep ache in his manhood.

His penis was so hard at that moment that even a gentle slap on his shaft would suffice to break it in half. Although he was young and fit with a healthy libido, he thought it strange that the intensity of his erection that night was way beyond the ordinary.

He blushed deep when he suddenly realized how awkward he must look standing right there before her with a huge tent in his pants and literally drooling over the semi nudity of his habitually flirtatious boss. He looked up at her face even though his head told him to turn and flee, yet his body stayed put as he searched her sexy face and mesmerizing green eyes for a clue, a semi- conscious last hope for some much needed relief.

She shook her shoulder length locks of rich blonde hair loose.  The fluid, cock-provoking, flirtatious move sent her hair cascading over her half exposed breast, partially covering her left eye. She looked right into his eyes, peeking into his soul. He was exactly where she wanted him, extremely horny, needy and uncertain that she would oblige the deep almost maddening sexual urge that threatened his very sanity. Taylor knew she shouldn't have taken that path, but she felt no remorse as the alternative would have led her down the crappy road to another dead end.

“You look so tired and worked up all at the same time Tim; perhaps you need a helping hand.” She paused and smiled at the pun which was intended. She winked at him and then lifted a finger to her lips, she kissed her finger and pointed it towards him and then beckoned him to come to her.

‘Hell no, this is the perfect time to getaway,’ Tim thought, but the rest of his body disagreed. He walked in a lust induced daze towards her but when he was just a couple of steps away, she turned around and started walking towards the bedroom.

Tim followed her through the open double doors with his eyes firmly riveted to her pert teardrop shaped ass. Every movement of her butt cheeks was accentuated by the ruffled trimming of her transparent knickers as she cat walked ahead of him, as if she was dancing to the music of her spiked heel on the hard granite tiles, his heart beats combined seamlessly with the music in the room.

She stopped at the foot of the king sized bed and then raunchily turned around. She gestured for him to get rid of his clothes, and then watched longingly as he cast his shirt in the corner. He was about to unbuckle his belt when she laid her hand on his and whispered in a tone that dripped with intense lust.

“Allow me,” she knelt reverently before him and worked with the precision of a seasoned surgeon. When his zipper was undone, she pulled down both his pants and boxers in one fell swoop. His tightly packed manhood sprang forth and narrowly missed hitting her full in the face. His uncut shaft was as hard as steel, and from under the fore skin peeked the mushroom shaped purple head, already dripping copious amounts of pre cum.
“Mmmm… beautiful.” Taylor crooned as she eased back his fore skin and touched the tip of her tongue to his slit. A shiver of excitement coursed through her as she tasted his salty fluid, and then concentrated on nursing at his throbbing knob.

“Aghhh!”  Tim gasped as she took his head a little deeper into her mouth and then began to suck his cock in short shallow strokes. Her pussy tingled and her clit pulsed as she felt him thrust his hips forward, forcing her to take him even deeper into her mouth.

Taylor wasn’t one of those women who contented themselves with dutifully sucking a man’s cock. She wouldn't just tag along as a docile participant in a man’s quest to relieve his aching balls in a slutty woman’s mouth. She was so much more talented and passionate about the art of fellatio.

She had once been told her mouth was purpose made for sucking cocks, and over the span of her career there’s been nothing but proof of how true that assertion was. She lived to suck cock, and she could and had on several occasions climaxed just from giving blow job. Her lover would not be allowed to ejaculate until she was good and ready to let him.

‘Oh my, she is so good at this,’ Tim thought as he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. He was lost in his own little slice of heaven where pleasure in its purest form was his narcotic of choice. She was dosing him high on it too; he felt her soft, warm hand on his balls as she deftly massaged his balls whilst sucking his penis deeper into her mouth.

She withdrew his cock from her mouth and looked up at him, and his eyes shot open, disappointed that she had stopped. She smiled at him, filled her lungs with the intoxicating mixture of his musky masculine smell and the fragrance of his cologne, and then with a shiver of excitement, she resumed her oral worship of his throbbing phallus.

“Ohhh… yesssss Taylorrrrr,” Tim breathlessly moaned her name as he felt her soft, warm, and wet mouth engulf his length once again. Amidst the flexing of her thighs muscles, the squeezing of her soaking wet cunt, and the waves of pleasure that spread all over her, Taylor nursed his manhood.

She growled and dug her nails hard and deep into the flesh of his tight masculine butt cheeks as she feasted on his cock which seemingly continued to swell and fill her mouth, and reach even deeper down her throat.

‘Damn! If her mouth feels so good I wander what her pussy would feel like,’ he struggled to keep his thoughts coherent as each inch he fed her of his steely shaft took him deeper down her throat. He couldn’t hold back anymore but he wasn’t done yet, he grasped a fistful of her hair and then pulled back his cock.

Taylor was pleased that he was finally getting involved; she lifted her face and looked into his eyes. Looking down, he caressed her face and traced her jaw line and then whispered, “Ohhh your mouth feels so warm and good on my cock.”

Taylor grabbed his trembling thighs as though to still then as she took him back in her mouth. She sucked him back and forth, eager to take his length even deeper, but he was being careful and would only feed her shallow strokes.  He continued to look down at her, watching with growing excitement as his thick white meat disappeared between her sensuous red lips.

When he finally felt his head graze her tonsils and slide into her throat again, he thought he would ejaculate prematurely but Taylor was several steps ahead of him. She eased his cock out of her mouth and pressed the head with her thumb and index finger choking off his orgasmic rush with pressure to a point just under the neck of his shaft. She stroked his shaft loosely with her spittle serving as lubricant and then she licked the underside right down to his balls.

“Aghhh… Mmmm… he gasped and moaned just s she popped his nut into her mouth. She sucked on his testis in ways he never experienced before and then she let it out before taking the other nut in her mouth and treating it to some even more exciting pressure and tender caresses.

Tim’s cock was rock hard she hardly needed to hold it to keep it aimed at her mouth. She grasped his butt cheeks with both hands and pulled his hips towards her. His pointed cock slipped right through her open mouth and she resumed sucking him. She controlled the feed and she sent him deeper and deeper until he was once again in her throat.

She started to choke but held still for a moment to overcome the gag reflex and then she really took him deep in her throat. Her eyes watered and her mouth drooled but she kept going until she could hold the reflex no longer. She coughed and spluttered and by the time she had come away for a breath of fresh air, his entire length was covered in her spittle.

Taylor knew her young lover was ready as she was for the moment of truth. She rose to her feet and then pulled him to her in a warm embrace that left her rock hard nipples boring into his chiseled chest. She listened to his hard breaths for a moment and then she eased him around and pushed him into bed.

Tim got himself into position on his back, and Taylor promptly straddled his crotch. She looked into his sexy blue eyes and without breaking their locked gaze, she reached down and eased his throbbing cock into her dripping wet honey pot. “Aghhh,” she gasped out loud as his thigh length slid smoothly into her hungry hole.
She lowered herself aiming her pussy down on his cock; taking him in inch after delicious inch until she had completely impaled herself on his shaft. She sat tight for a moment and then she began to move up and down riding him with an increasing pace that left both of them moaning and groaning with pleasure undiluted.

Tim knew he shouldn’t be doing this; he was cheating on his fiancée Kathryn, but nothing in the whole world mattered at that point other than the pleasure he was feeling. The relief that would hopefully save his sanity from the inexplicably heightened libido that seemed to have engulfed him that evening.

He grabbed her by the ass, and then thrust his hips up to meet her crashing wet cunt. They traded thrusts and fucked wildly, and she started to tremble uncontrollably as she neared her climax. Through half open eyes he drank in the beauty of her bouncing breasts as they mirrored the frantic hip movements that sent her hurtling towards a mind blowing orgasm.

“Oh…Oh…..Oh fuck me harder… Mmmm… yessssssss so close…. So close…Aghhhhhhhhh!”
She moaned, and then screamed as she shuddered and climaxed forcing her inner walls tightly around his thrusting shaft.

He felt her glorious pussy walls kneading his hard shaft as he thrust faster and harder, knowing he was only a few paces in the wake of her orgasm.

“Aghhh... yes… don’t stop moving… please… so soon… close… yessssssss... Oh fuck… I’m … Aghhhrrrr….”

He tensed up and then grabbed her ass so tight his nails dug deep in her soft flesh as he shot his volley of ropy cum deep inside her twitching cunt.


The following morning, Tim was overcome with guilt and at breakfast he begged her to forget what had happened between them the previous night. He avoided direct eye contact with her as he nervously explained that he couldn’t be with her because he had a long term relationship with his fiancée, Kathryn Price to whom he was due to get married in just three months.

Taylor was hurt, but hardly surprised considering the underhand tactic she had to employ to get even the small victory of the previous night. ‘Thanks Mr. Blue Pill,’ she thought as she resolved that it would be best if she concealed her disappointment, and graciously played the good boss.

Taylor placed a hand on Tim’s and smiled reassuringly at him, “it’s alright Tim, I’m a big girl and you don’t have to worry about me. As for last night’s ah… encounter, it was fun and now it’s behind us. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, ok?”

Tim was glad she that she took it quite well, and when she teased him and encouraged him to tell her more about Kathryn, he proudly showed her a photo of his very pretty fiancée that he always carried in his wallet.
Being a master of subterfuge, Taylor enthusiastically smiled and showed keen interest as he talked glowingly about how they had met. She mentally filed away all relevant facts for later use. In the meantime however, she decided to encourage Tim to bring the delectable Kathryn to company social functions. She would be so sweet and nice to the couple whilst secretly plotting her next move.

When she subsequently attended the couple’s wedding, Taylor’s envy of the bride's luck, and her deep dark desire for the young and athletic groom was rekindled with a vengeance. She desperately needed him to become a frequent flier in her bed.

‘I don’t want to take him away from her, I just need him to satisfy my hunger for his young virile masculinity, he can fuck me when I need him and then go right back to loving his precious little wife.’ she mentally justified her unwholesome yearning in a twisted logic that made perfect sense in her own warped mind.

To be continued...

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  1. Taylor is such a deliciously manipulative bitch. But I have a feeling that Kathryn will turn out to give her a run for her money.