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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Broken Wings - Chapter One

Broken Wings
Don Abdul


Tricia Somers is a sexy, slightly curvaceous forty-one year old brunette who didn’t seem impressed by her own beauty. She had been raised to consider that a vanity that couldn’t possibly stand the test of time. Being a pastor’s wife only made it easier for the rather shy mother of a teenage son to tune out vain thoughts from her mind in favor of the things that would nourish her spiritual life.

The reward of leading a righteous life was obviously a happy and healthy family dedicated to the service of the good Lord. Beneath her ill fitting baggy clothes and the tranquil façade of her life however, Tricia had a secret that had been gnawing away at her for most of the previous couple of decades.



Tricia’s secret was that she was bisexual, and despite having stayed off women and remained faithful to her marital vows, each passing year had honed her craving more until she couldn’t help herself anymore. She secretly researched options for the fulfillment of her bisexual craving, and eventually decided to use the services of an online escort agency to indulge her bisexual desire.


It was a lovely spring night, the cool evening breeze, and the starry night sky made for a perfect atmosphere for a memorable sexual assignation. Tricia Somers couldn't have hoped for a more pleasant evening to meet her date and satisfy her pent up desire.

She forced her legs to keep on moving as she alighted from her car and headed towards the motel room that had been prearranged for the rendezvous. She was understandably excited as she was in fact meeting her would be lover for the first time in the flesh. The 41 year old religious house wife glanced over her shoulder, worrying that anyone close enough might hear her heart hammering away in her chest.

She questioned the wisdom of going through with the tryst for the umpteenth time, but after coming so close to doing so several times in the course of the past three years, and then chickening out at the eleventh hour, she knew it was now or never. She had to see it through for the sake of her sanity.

Aside from worrying she might be recognized by someone from her husband’s congregation, she also if her date would look as pretty and sexy as she did in her picture on the escort agency website. She felt a surge of confidence as she suddenly remembered that she had taken the precaution of disguising herself with a wig of long blonde hair, and clothes so daringly sexy that nobody who knew her would ever expect to find on her back.

As she let herself into the motel room she smiled as she was instantly greeted by the arousing fragrance of scented candles, which provided the only illumination in the room. The room was bright enough for her to discern the rose petals scattered so romantically all over the crisp white bed linen upon which her very pretty date laid stretched out. Her sexy purple lingerie tantalizingly complemented her tease of matching stockings.

Sheila Price was even more beautiful in person; when she swung her long shapely legs off the bed, playfully flashing her crotch at her client. All Tricia saw was a brief glimpse of her purple silk clad crotch but it was more than enough to send a shiver of excitement through her. All of her worries melted away in the heat of her lust as the tingling warmth in her core spread slowly throughout her body. For the first time that night, she was glad she had been decisive in arranging for the scratching of her pent up itch of many years.

As she rose from the bed to greet her pretty client, Sheila could tell right away that the sexy brunette required some handling. She seamlessly transitioned into her seductress character and raunchily cat walked towards the shy older woman. First she needed to distract enough to assuage the guilt that hung over her like a dark cloud if the evening would have any hope of working.

She gave Tricia a welcoming hug followed instantly by a light brushing of lips. It was kiss to be sure, but it was a reassuring kiss that let her client know the evening would progress only at a pace she was most comfortable with.

“Please make yourself comfortable while I pour us both a drink. The ‘donation’ for Sheila’s services included a little something for refreshment. Every girl carried her own props to set the right mood for their dates. One of the props Sheila had brought was a bottle of champagne. She had kept the drink on ice and now poured two glasses for them. She carried it to the dresser beside which Tricia stood, taking off her wig.

Tricia’s eyes roamed the sexy curves of Sheila’s body as she took her time to undress; the 24 year old escort was indeed very beautiful. ‘I bet she is just a student out to make a little extra money,’ she thought feeling a little guilty that she was partaking in the corruption of a younger woman. That fleeting guilt threw up the question she had been pondering all her adult life, ‘How did I become this woman?’

She couldn’t help reflecting on what she had come to label “the weakness of my flesh.” Way back in her high school days, Tricia had always known she was different; although she liked boys, she had always felt a strong affinity for the girls as well.

Due to the prevailing moral atmosphere in her little town however, she had no name for the way she felt about other girls until the night of her graduation from high school. That night had remained ingrained in her mind ever since.

In her senior year a popular girl and contender for prom queen, Samantha Honeywell had taken an interest in her. When the other popular girls would poke fun at her for being a virgin, Samantha would be nice to her and tell her to ignore them. Their friendship blossomed and Tricia felt really cool to have the popular girl as a friend. Samantha had invited her to an exclusive graduation after party at a seaside home of a friend whose parents apparently didn’t mind.

Samantha had planned the conclusion of the seduction of Tricia which had begun earlier in their friendship. She had been flirting with Tricia all semester; the girls had even kissed and smooched a few times but it always ended the same way each time. The shy, religiously inclined Tricia always succumbed to guilt and fled.
That night however, Samantha had enlisted the help of her brother Jake and his friends to get Tricia’s boyfriend drunk. Frank Somers whom she would later marry, had been so drunk the boys had led him to one of the bedrooms upstairs where he slept like a baby until early the following morning.

Once her boyfriend was drunk and out of it, it wasn’t so hard for Samantha to work on the naïve Tricia whom she also plied with alcohol. The girls had ended in a small guest bedroom where Samantha had seduced her into carefree expression of her inner most desire. She had been teased out of her shell by Samantha’s kisses and caresses, until she responded with her own unbridled lusty caresses. By the time they were done, the virgin Tricia and her seducer had gifted each other with body wracking orgasms that left them in a panting, sweaty, tangled mass of limbs.

Tricia hadn’t realized how far back in time her reverie had taken her until she felt Sheila’s warm hand on her shoulder.

“Mmmm, somebody is thinking happy thoughts,” Sheila said referring to the smile that graced her client’s sensuous lips. She stood back and gave the straying housewife a rather flattering look that made Tricia’s nipples harden with desire. She was standing in her pink lingerie; the push up bra molded her gorgeous 36D breasts and presented her stirring cleavage in the most flattering way. Her matching garter belts with its ruffled trimmings held up her sexy stockings which gave her legs a teasing glow. Her feet were encased in 3 inch black heels that bespoke a woman whose confidence and passion by far outstripped Tricia’s.

Sheila’s nipples hardened in response to the delicate beauty of her mature client, she felt herself moisten as she only did when she played seductress. There was just something about being in control that made her horny as hell. She picked up the glasses of champagne and handed one to Tricia, and then proposed a toast.
“Here’s to new friendships and expression of deepest desires!”

The women clinked glasses and sipped their drinks. Their eyes met and just as the shy housewife was about to lower her gaze, the wanton escort seized the initiative.

“Come here you sexy, hot woman,” Sheila’s husky voice held Tricia spellbound for a moment and then her legs began to move of their own accord.

“Come closer,” Sheila whispered, her sultry voice magnifying the buzzing ache in Tricia’s core. The glowing embers of lust between them turned into an open conflagration of passionate desire. ‘Could I be daydreaming again, could this whole scenario be a creation of my horny imagination,’ Tricia wondered. She closed her eyes briefly and then opened them again just to see if it was all her bisexual fantasy gone wild.

‘Oh my God!’A silent scream born of her mind attended the reality of being just a hair’s breadth from a very beautiful young woman. Her pulse raced even harder due to the seeming reluctance of the other woman to touch her.

Meanwhile, Sheila’s eyes missed nothing, from the visible vibrations on the side of her horny client’s neck to the quick undulations of her breasts. She reveled in the power she had over the woman. She delighted in teasing her, deliberately delaying physical contact until the last possible moment.

Finally, Sheila’s hands came to rest on Tricia’s hips, and she pulled her closer, her breasts pushed into Tricia’s body as she fought the urge to just rush on and ravage the submissive brunette’s gorgeous body.
Tricia felt her legs go weak and she felt an urgent desire to beg the young minx to make love to her, but she controlled herself. ‘I so desperately need her to take me right now, yet I want this exhilarating sensual exploration to take forever,’ she thought of the unfolding pleasure sharing such intimacy with another woman.

"Kiss me!" Sheila’s whisper jolted her out of her reverie again; as the words sank in Tricia felt her knees buckle underneath her. She could scarcely move a muscle as she felt her date’s rock hard nipples pressing against the soft flesh of her cleavage. She struggled against inertia and moved her mouth closer her Sheila’s pouted lips and just when she was close enough to feel the sexy redhead’s heated breath on her upper lips, Sheila suddenly pulled away.

She took a couple of steps back from Tricia whose face was a contorted mass of confusion. But before she could question why she had suddenly become so repulsive to the younger woman, Sheila reached behind her back and unclasped her bra; she then shrugged it off her shoulders and arms, exposing her pert 36C breasts to the horny wife. Her hard nipples stood out waiting to be touched and sucked; all she did was stand there showing her beautiful breasts, but that was apparently more than enough to hypnotize Tricia.

Tricia felt her kitty flood with juices that soaked right through her purple thong from the pleasure of seeing the wonderful globes on the beautiful temptress.

“Come on you sexy slut, I see the way your wanton eyes are ogling my tits, I know you want them,” Sheila’s voice galvanized Tricia into action. With shaky hands, she also took off her bra and exposed her own slightly saggy 36D breasts to the hot escort.

Tricia’s nipples were rock hard and her areola was rough with raised bumps as she felt intensely excited exposing herself before the other woman. She had never felt that excited before, but then she had never exposed herself for the visual inspection of anyone but her husband before either.

Tricia could tell from the lascivious look on Sheila’s face that the escort was enjoying every bit of her indecent exposure. Both women maintained eye contact for a brief but deeply intense moment, until the strong sexual magnetism that had built up pulled them closer together into each other’s embrace once again.

Tricia’s eyes sparkled with unbridled lust, and her bottom lip quivered as she licked her lips and accepted the hard nipple offered to her by the wanton temptress. The courtesan seemed humorously determined to humiliate her mature client by making her beg for pleasure that she had already paid for.

Tricia wondered how she could unravel such a deeply embedded desire to be dominated in her, even when she herself scarcely knew it about herself. The escort’s ballsy reference to her as a slut earlier had taken her by surprise in more ways than one. It had shocked her that anyone would dare call her a slut, but it had also felt so naughty, it excited her like nothing she had ever experienced before.

She took Sheila’s breast in her hands and licked her rock hard nipple, her tit flesh felt so soft and warm, sending a shiver through her entire body. Tricia licked the redhead’s taut nipple a little longer, and then swirled her wet tongue all over it before sucking it into her mouth. Tricia moaned through her suckling on Sheila’s breast, she was aching for the other woman’s touch.

She shivered as she imagined the heavenly feel of Sheila’s velvet tongue in her mouth but she knew she had to ask, even beg for it. She did what she had to, she begged.

“Ohhh, please… please kiss me,” she pleaded in between mouthful of breast.

Without waiting for a response she leaned towards the escort, closing her eyes in the process. Her lips longingly sought Sheila’s, but all she got was a brief touching of their lips before the other woman pulled away. Tricia frustration mounted, she knew she was the client and had a right to take what she had paid for, yet something deep inside her enjoyed the humiliation to which she was being subjected.

“Ohhh… please…” she begged again.

Sheila gave a soft throaty laugh and then kissed her on the cheeks before whispering, “If you want the teasing to stop, you have to beg me to make you submissive slut.”

Those words sent a shiver through her body ending inside her aching wet sex making her juices flow even more copiously.

“Aghhh… please… take me, make me your submissive slut,” Tricia begged. The words were alien to her normal vocabulary, but hearing them spoken in her own voice was so surreal. The humiliation left her cheeks flush with red heat; it so deeply turned her on.

Like a sex goddess that had been appeased with a great sacrificial offering, Sheila smiled and then kissed her with such breathtaking passion. Their tongues did a romantic dance to the music of their shared lust as they made love just with their tongue, soft and gentle yet deeply intense lovemaking.

Meanwhile, Tricia’s panties were soaked through, and she was completely lost in the passionate heat of the moment. Sheila gave no quarter as she caressed her breast amidst moans and gasps of pleasure that seemed to go on for an eternity. Determined to move things to the next level, Sheila reluctantly pulled away from their kiss and then slowly laid a trail of hot wet kisses down to Tricia’s left breast.

She lingered there and licked her hard nipple before gently sucking on it; she reveled in the musical coos and grateful moans that escaped from deep inside Tricia’s throat. When she backed her sucking with a little more pressure, the horny older woman shuddered from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Tricia was swept up into the rush of sweet sensations coursing through her entire being that she lost all track of time and space; the next thing she realized was that she was being eased onto her back on the cool crisp linen sheets of the king sized bed. Lying down next to her, Sheila started to run her finger tips across her stomach giving her goose bumps in the process.

Tricia moaned louder as her lover slowly made her way up to the bottom of her breasts and then quickly traced her fingers down the middle of her body and into her shaven mound.

“Oh yesssss… Mmmm!” she moaned as Sheila shifted the drenched crotch of her panties aside, and then slid a finger down over her engorged clit circling it several times,  and then gliding it down to her slick labia. The seductress gasped at the exciting heat coming from deep within her submissive lover’s pussy; she felt so proud to be the harbinger of such pleasure. She felt her pussy lips quiver and squeeze together in a spasm that sent  juices soaking through her damp panties, and escaping down the inside of her silken thighs.

Tricia was thrusting her hips up at Sheila who clearly could understand just how much the bisexual housewife wanted her to touch and make her cum. The naughty temptress ignored her needy pussy and instead reached in between her butt cheeks. Finding the cleft of her ass already soaking wet from her running pussy juice, she slid in her finger rubbed it for a moment. She then found her puckered rear portal and applied a little more pressure. “Humph….” Tricia gasped and moaned in pleasure as she was penetrated in the rear.

Sheila’s thumb also found her engorged clit and started to rub it. Tricia moaned louder as the tempo of Sheila’s fingers increased, the pretty escort reclaimed her lover’s lips to stifle her love cries, but the moans still escaped from her lips amidst their kiss. Giving the coy woman some breather, Sheila retreated to the forty-one year olds breasts.

Sliding her finger down to her slit, she slid a finger into her dripping pussy as far as it can go and then re-positioned her thumb onto her clit. Slowly moving her two fingers and a thumb in and out of her rear end and her pussy while her thumb rubbed her clit, she enjoyed a bounteous harvest of moans and pleasure cries from her lover’s lips.

“Ohhh Sheila, that feels so good,” she moaned. “Oh my…Oh my god, I think I'm going to cum already.”

“Mmmm…,” Sheila cooed and fingered her holes even faster.

“Fuck me Sheila, Ohhh…I’m cumming,” she screamed. “I’m cumming.”

Even as Sheila ignored the vice grip of Tricia’s thighs around her hands, and carried on fingering her sexual orifice, she could feel her muscles inside her holes clench down on her fingers. She got even more pleasure from rubbing and thrusting her fingers inside her harder and faster, until she started squirting her lovely nectar all over Sheila’s hand and everywhere else.

Tricia trashed about and cursed wildly in the throes of her orgasm. It had certainly been such a long time coming and it went on for what felt like an eternity. Her shudders eventually began to subside but while it lasted Sheila kept her hand where it was. She didn’t want to take it away from the mature wife’s soaking wet pussy, even though she craved a taste of her sweet cum.

Unable to wait any longer once Tricia’s shudders had ebbed, Sheila slowly slid her fingers out of her pussy and puckered rear and then lowered her face to the smoothly shaved triangle of lust, passion and carnal pleasure. Inhaling the fresh essence of her lovers recently fed sex Sheila held the air in her lungs for a moment before slowly letting it out over Tricia’s slick slit.

Both women moaned softly from the magic of the moment and then Sheila delicately touched the tip of her tongue to Tricia’s soaked labia. She started to lick her juices probing within her slit and then going even deeper to scoop the copious nectar from the depth of her love canal.

“Would you like to taste your own cum darling?” Sheila asked in a tone that was infused with so much sex it wasn't a question but an invitation to naked temptation.

“Ohhh yesssss please Sheila, I’d love that very much,” Tricia replied in a breathless whisper.

“Mmmm… yummy, well if you want to you have to ask me nicely darling, you know that,” Sheila teased in between mouthfuls of juicy cum.

“Aghhh… Could I please share my cum with you Sheila, please,” Tricia begged in low husky whisper.
Sheila dragged herself away from her lovers crotch for a moment and with her lips all soaked with her partner’s juices, she kissed Tricia softly and slowly, sharing the tasty tang of her juices with her, and then their kiss deepened. They carried on kissing passionately until Sheila’s lips were clean of the nectar they both had shared.

After her mouth was clean of her lovers juices Sheila slid down her body again until her face was right in front of her pussy. She moved her mouth closer and poked out her tongue to taste her hot soaking wet honey pot.

“Aghhh,” she gasped in time with Tricia’s own moan, when her tongue made contact with her nether lips, Sheila felt her own juices running out of my pussy through the fabric of her soaking wet thong and down her thighs. She turned around and caught Tricia licking her lips hungrily as she eyes her soaking wet crotch. No words were spoken but the message was clear, it was happy hour and they were both cleared to get drunk on the fine wine of their loins.

Sheila turned around so that they were in the 69 position; she lowered her pussy to Tricia’s mouth while she resumed licking her pussy dry to another awesome orgasm.

Sheila may not have had much practice but her instincts were shard, and just as she was losing control of her own grip on reality, she managed to take Sheila to the peak of pleasure and deliver her into the whirlwind of an earth moving climax too.


Tricia was a woman of strong convictions, and lately her convictions about her religious and marital duty forbade the indulgence of her deepest need had weakened considerably. She grappled with the guilt of her “unnatural sexual desires”, and the fact that she had lived a lie for the better part of the previous couple of decades.

She seriously doubted if she could cope with the burden of her guilt any longer; Tricia absolutely hated the fact that she had had to cheat on her husband in order to experience the pleasures of being made love to by another woman, and enjoying the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

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