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A Kinky New Beginning

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caught in The Act

Caught in the Act
Don Abdul ©2011

Ohhh that feels so nice
No lover about so my fingers would suffice

Rubbing so sensually, drawing moans from deep within
Shivering, goose bumps all over my skin

I walk leisurely down that oh so sexy path
I love the way my desire is adding up, I love the math

Desire + fingers x time = dripping wetness + hard rock nipples
Oh my! How I love those sensuous ripples

Not a care in the world, the sights and sounds recede
Then suddenly through the haze of my rising need

You appear, like an apparition, yet there you were
Oh damn you, whoever you are, I was about to swear

Then the bulge in your overalls caught my eye
Aghhh! I gasp, and get an even bigger high

Fingers out of my cherry pie, I pounce
Leaping so fast, my booty shook and my tits bounce

Your eyes widen in fear, awe and utter disbelief
‘What now crazy bitch,’ you must be thinking but who cares, I need urgent relief

At the speed of lust, your zipper is down
Vaulting astride you, your member in my juicy wetness I drown

Oh, how you awaken the seductive temptress in me
This moment of heated passion, our secret shall be

Rocking you joystick, bouncing up and down, grinding back and forth
Your hands on my boobs, I ride to orgasm, first, second, third and fourth

Thrusting wildly we danced to the music of our naked desire
Oblivious of time and space we are consumed by this huge fire

Clawing, pulling, thrusting, rubbing, moaning, groaning and screaming
As we jump over the edge of the precipice, we climax as one, cumming

Our primal cries peter away, we think clearly after the fact
I’m the office manager, and you the janitor spying on me and caught in the act

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