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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (9)

CHAPTER NINE     :           A Private Party (A Taste of Black Steak)

Next she picked up a realistic looking chocolate vibrator which very closely resembled Jamal’s own erect phallus and then walked very seductively towards bound black stud. Jamal’s face wore a frown as he wondered, ‘what the fuck is she fixing to do with that ugly mofo?’

Jamal certainly wasn’t looking forward to the crazy bitch sticking any fake cock in his butt, ‘hell no!’ he thought. His frown however disappeared as quickly as it had appeared when she stopped right before him, pulled a chair and sat opposite him. She parted her legs and then turned the power switch on the vibrator to low and immediately commenced giving her needy erect clit a light buzz with the tip of the fake cock’s head.

Loraine caressed her breast so sensually as she worked her clit over so deftly with the vibrator. Within a mere couple of minutes she was moaning and gasping as her pussy flooded over with her tangy cunt juice.

Jamal’s cock was so enraged by her cock provoking performance it threatened to break in half. Again he cursed his inability to stay calm as his eyes widened when the temptress pulled the vibrator away from her clit and gave her sopping wet pussy a couple of slaps before proceeding to plunge the sex toy deep inside her honey pot.

With a few quick thrusts, she managed to plunge the chocolate vibe all the way inside her hungry cunt as far as it could possibly go, and then with it embedded deep inside her, she turned the speed to high and clamped her vaginal walls down on the fake cock. The vibrations carried on deep into her very core and she launched into a series of shivers as her moans grew in both frequency and intensity.

When she couldn’t stand the assault on her clenched pussy any longer, she opened her legs wide, hanging her right leg from the arm of the chair and then she began to thrust the toy in and out of her hungry sex faster as she fucked herself harder and deeper. It wasn’t long before she reached for her clit with her free hand and rubbed it before twirling her fingered round and round it even as she pounded her cunt faster, and harder. Her act of self ravishing love held young Jamal captive way beyond the Velcro straps of his bonds could ever hope to; it was the first time he would be witnessing such a spectacle live.

Within few minutes, the horny blonde had worked herself into an ecstatic frenzy, and then suddenly her back arched and she let out a loud screech as a stream of clear liquid leapt from her slit into the air flying right towards his face.

The near violent beauty of her orgasm captivated and tickled the man in Jamal so thoroughly that he lost track of the geyser of ejaculate until it splashed hard on his stomach and cascaded down over his crotch. The arousing warmth of the fluid of her sexual fulfillment did nothing to ease the mind numbing ache in his tortured manhood, in fact it left him fearful that a violent explosion of his steely hard prick was imminent.


After a short rest, Loraine regained her strength and lifted herself into a kneeling position beside Shirley. She reached in between her butt cheeks and clicked off the vibrating butt plug but left the sex toy embedded in her tight hole.

“My goodness, you are one hell of a juicy bitch!” she exclaimed amidst a gasp as she drank in the magnificent view of the mature sluts flooded pussy. Her entire crotch was messed up by the copious ejaculate from her multiple orgasms. Just seeing the state of the older woman’s cunt was enough to spark off Loraine’s arousal anew. The temporary relief she had enjoyed in her aching, needy cunt returned with a vengeance but this time it was to the bound sex god across the room that she turned...

She was glad she had granted the horny older slut early release from her bonds for good behavior, but she changed her mind. On second thought however, she changed her mind and rescinded her earlier decision after she realized just how inopportune any interruptions would be to the next item on her hidden sexual agenda.

‘Oh no Sir,’ she resolved as the image of a jealous or horny Shirley rushing across the room to disrupt or partake in the action while she gorged herself on the bound studs hefty black meat flashed across her mind’s naughty eye..

She swiftly grabbed Shirley by the hand and slapped the Velcro restrains on her wrists, and then her ankles too. With the baffled adulteress once again securely bound, Loraine Climbed off the bed happy at how smartly she had phase one of her action plan.

Through her lust dimmed eyes, she eyed the black Adonis, as a fat girl would eye a delicious piece of chocolate on the tenth day of a rigorous diet. She paused briefly as her eyes locked with Jamal’s and stayed that way, even as she slowly resumed her sensual cat walk towards him. His reluctant smile betrayed his admiration of the mysterious workings of her kinky mind.

He had to admit to himself in spite of his ego that he had never really had the upper hand in the whole damn scheme. The fucking twisted bitch had outplayed him from the very start. He had thought they were conspiring to give his mature lover a great kinky sex experience, which was a good thing because he actually considered her to be rather uptight. What he later discovered, much to his rather shocking, if exciting surprise was that the crazy bitch, Loraine had a hidden agenda all along.

He was both angry and excited all at the same time. He wondered how that was possible, he hated her guts for tricking him like that, yet he loved every bit of the scenario unfolding so far, even the really nasty parts that left him shutting his eyes and ears.

There were moments he was scared out of his mind, moments when he wondered if Loraine would not finally lose her mind and hurt Shirley for real. Yet it all turned him on beyond the realm of anything he previously thought possible.

As the nasty seductress got even closer to him, he momentarily broke eye contact with her and regarded his bonds, the straps were firm to be sure but then he realized that it wasn’t actually the sturdy straps that bound him to the chair that were keeping him in the room. No, the truth is the crazy kinky bitch had him reeled in from the very first time they had met in that night club, when she slipped him her calling card.

She later bound him and held him captive when she seduced him not with her body which was so sexy to be sure, but with the promise of night of debauchery. Without wasting words or expending superlatives she showed him a mental picture of sex so kinky, liberating and downright dirty, which was what captured his imagination and tickled his manhood.

If black men could blush, the heat in his cheek would have been accompanied by a deep blush as he felt great shame. He was ashamed by the realization that even if Loraine had not bound him to a chair, he wouldn’t have stopped the whole damn enjoyable ‘thing’. He knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t want to. He would definitely have disregarded the dictates of his bigger head, and gone with the yearnings of his much smaller one. He had to admit to himself that from the moment he tip toed into her home to see her finger fuck his Shirley, everything he had done ever since had been dictated by lust.

Still lost in thought, he felt rather than saw Loraine kneel before him, her beautiful face was turned up towards his and her luscious lips were presented to him with an exquisite pout. When he hesitated, she reached up and put her hand at the back of his head and pulled his face down for a rendezvous with hers.

“Mmmm,” she moaned softly as their lips met. She savored the heat of his generous lips and then she nibbled softly on his lower lips before parting her lips and telepathically inviting his tongue into the warmth of her mouth. They shared long and deeply lusty kiss and while it lasted she deployed her hands and wrapped her gorgeous ample breasts around his thick, tall and proud erection. It helped that it was pointing up towards the heavens anyway.

“Mghhhh,” Jamal’s moans were muffled by the sealing of their mouths as they shared such a body heating kiss. He could feel the soft comfort of her full ripe breasts around his steely shaft. It felt so good. The last bastion of coherent reasoning in his brain hope Shirley was watching the nasty bitch at work. ‘It wouldn’t hurt to learn a trick or two from the expert pussy loving cock sucker,’ the devil on his shoulder chipped in as well.

When she eventually broke their kiss, the cock hungry Loraine wasted no time in directing her attentions to Jamal’s beautiful black cock. She let go of her big breasts and licked the free flowing pre-cum from his mushroom head and then took the steely monster into her mouth sucking on it. She cooed and moaned as she began to take his cock deeper into her mouth.

‘Oh my word! He is so huge, he’s gonna rip my mouth apart,’ she thought as her jaw ached a little from his enormous girth, yet she carried on swallowing his manhood inch after delicious inch until he was half way in.
Sucking on him she raised her head so far up he slipped out of her mouth with a loud “pop”. His cock was glistening with her saliva, and it turned her on even more just seeing it like that. She swirled her tongue around head and then went lower, licking her way down the underside of his shaft to his tight black balls. Popping each of his pregnant testicles into her mouth in turn, she sucked on them and then gently massaged them much to his moaning pleasure.

Jamal, was lost in his enjoyment of her oral worship of his penis. He gasped yet again as she took him into her mouth and began to swallow him deeper than ever before. It was obviously more than she had handled before as she started to gag with the attempt.

Jamal was a little disappointed when she backed off from taking him into her throat. He had been hoping that like his loyal mature slut, the bitch would take him into her throat and pleasure his cock just the way he loved it. ‘Perhaps Shirley isn’t the only one in need of learning tonight,’ the devil on his shoulder whispered in his mind’s ear.

Loraine’s took deep breath but through her flaring nostrils. She had to belt down the urge to puke which had so bedeviled her earlier attempt to swallow him whole. ‘I’m down but not out,’ she thought as she bided her time while her head bobbed up and down as she sucked on his cock in short shallow strokes . When she felt ready she commenced her second attempt. Her strokes grew longer, as her head bobbed up and down on his cock slower.

“Oh yeah…. Suck it in deeper bitch!”

Loraine loved his audacity, it took guts for him to be strapped to his seat and still call her bitch. His valor turned her on even further. Loraine loved to play dominant female, but she also enjoyed the privilege of switching roles, she had never liked sissy men, she has no use for them just as she wasn’t into slavery and shit like that.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned albeit a deeply muffled moan as her mouthful of cock stole the sound from her enjoyment of her lover’s manhood. “Mghhhhh, ughhh….” Her moans got thicker and then she started to groan. Her groans soon changed into slurps, baby wretches as she once again began to gag. She held her ground however, breathing hard through her flared nostrils. Her eyes flooded with tears, and those tears ran down her cheeks and soon formed puddles on the parquet floor just at the edge of the Persian carpet.

She was drooling all over his cock and her spittle dripped and trailed down his shaft and over his balls as she sucked him ever deeper into her throat. His thrusts were a great turn on for Loraine and she couldn’t help herself as she reached down with her free hand and began to rub her aching sex. Her two middle fingers inserted in her hot hole were fucking in and out and bathed in her free flowing cunt juice. Next she sought and began to flick her engorged clit with her thumb.

She swirled her finger all around the hard aching nubbin, and then she rubbed it closer as Jamal thrust his penis in and out of her throat faster and harder. She loved that he was using her throat and making her feel no better than the slutty mature whore she herself had just fucked senseless. ‘Oh fuck the boy is gooooooooooood,’ she thought as she drooled and struggled to stay focused in the face of the unceasing sensations coursing through her body. In the thick of her pleasure Loraine squeezed his balls a little tighter, throwing a dash of pain into his boiling cauldron of pleasure.

“Aghhh fuck yes bitch you’re so fucking goooooood,’ Jamal groaned as he thrust his hips further and sent his cock deeper in her throat. He loved the gurgling sounds escaping from her mouth as he fucked her throat harder and faster.

Just when he began to resign himself to the possibility of a second orgasm, he felt her stop moving for a moment, and then she pushed her mouth down on his steely cock until he could feel her front teeth at the base of his manhood. That special moment seemed to last forever, but in fact it lasted less than 30 seconds, and then with a great loud heaving sound, she snatched her mouth away from his cock.

His phallus was left soaking wet in the air, standing out like a lone pulsing staff. It was a potent bait and the slut in Loraine wasted no time in taking a bite. She spun around and with her strap on cock still in place; she straddled Jamal’s thighs and lowered her aching wet cunt onto his huge black cock.

“Oh god! You’re splitting me in h-a-l-ffffffffff….” She half moaned and half screamed as his spittle moistened phallus, sliced through her very wet pussy like hot knife through butter. Her pleasure was quickly mixed with pain as his mushroom head led the way closely followed by his enormous girth which stretched her slutty pussy walls to the very limit of its endurance.

“Shut the fuck up bitch and fuck that cock real goooooooood” Jamal half groaned and half cried, his words barely coherent as he felt her tight cunt snug as a glove on his shaft. He wished his hands were free so he could physically lift her up and down on his cock and make her scream for real, ‘but the bitch had snookered me well in advance for that already,’ he thought as he almost lost control of his senses.

“Ouch! Aghhhh…” Loraine cried out as she soldiered on with little careful movement’ of her hips, as she tried to find the right angle that would balance her pain and the pleasure for maximum satisfaction.

After a short while as her pussy walls adjusted to his girth, the pain receded and the pleasure found deeper foothold, and then she began to ride his huge cock with greater confidence and ease. Her hip movements were as creative as her moans were liberal as she bounded up and down on his cunt filling erection. Her breasts bounced up and down seeking urgent attention as she impaled herself on manhood.

She steadied herself with her left hand and then cupped her left breast with her right. She moaned as she massaged her breast and then pinched her nipple, shivering as ecstatic sensations rippled through her body. ‘Oh fuck, how could I ever go back now...? Mmmmmm… this is… ohhhhh’ her train of thoughts slipped away from her as she reflected with increasing difficulty on the myth that “once you go black you could never go back.”

Her cheeks flushed red as she felt a tinge of embarrassment, despite her being a woman of the world with vast experience in the exploration and exploitation of her liberal sexuality, Jamal was her first black lover, and being quite the cynic about sexual myths and legends, she was pleasantly surprised by the facts arising from her experience at the moment. Although her isolated and exhilarating experience fucking herself senseless on the pulsing cock of this one black man could never be held as an empirical basis of proof, her own conclusion was that there is no smoke without a fire.

“Oh fuck it!” she shouted out in reference to both her train of thought, and the effort of her young black lover. She moaned faintly, so out of breath and feeling so hot and so good deep inside. It was one of those moments when the complex intricacy of the human mind exhibits itself, it at once made sense and also didn’t. That moment when nothing else mattered, not reason, not rhyme, just the ever expanding nexus of pleasure which was fast spreading from the very core of her sex and engulfing her entire world in a sweet warm mist of deep pleasure.

Jamal’s entire existence shrunk to that one square meter of space in that one bedroom. At that moment he had lost track of both space and time beyond his immediate field of body heat, he had even lost track of his Shirley, as he cursed and groaned and raced towards his rendezvous with his inevitable climax.

All through the great erotic spectacle that was unfolding to the left of her field of vision, Shirley watched every single move the cavorting couple made, and listened intently, savoring every horny, nasty, dirty word spoken in the throes of unrelenting pleasure. Her nipples ached as they grew rock hard and her clit throbbed begging for a loving caress. The sexual tension had built up to gargantuan proportions from watching the young slut suck and then fuck her man; her cunt ached with desire as she craved the magical touch that would relieve the pent up pressure in her core.

“Ahhhhh... Umghhhhhhhh…” she moaned, desperately wishing that her hands were free. She was dying to reach down below and rub her soaking wet pussy. She longed to get her fingers all wet and coated with her juices and then slide one, and then two, three and four of her fingers in deep and fuck herself to a frenzy whilst flicking her thumb over her engorged clitoris.

“Oh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I’m so fucking closeeeeee… oh fuck you’re sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet” she heard that greedy slut scream as she bounced up and down faster on her Jamal’s cock. The poor man didn’t stand a chance; she sympathized with her lover not quite wanting to dwell on the fact that he wasn’t even looking her way anymore. ‘who could stay focused on anything or anyone under such brain fucking circumstances?’ she thought as her brief relapse into jealousy quickly fizzled out and she flexed her cunt muscles in a desperate but futile attempt to bring some relief to her tortured cunt. She tried squeezing her swollen pussy lips together, alas her legs were bound too far apart.

“Ohhh… yesssss… fuck me harder you bastard make me cum… oh yeahhhhhhhhhh,” Loraine cried out loud, and then as Jamal clenched his ass and raised his cock a couple of inches higher, she came crashing down on it and then she ground her dripping slut pussy hard on his oak tree. She suddenly screamed as she started to shudder.

“Aghhhhhhhhh, I’m cummmmmmmmmingggg…..” she screamed as her body convulsed. Her hands with which she had steadied herself were upon each of Jamal’s thighs, and her nails dug hard into the skin of his lithe thighs.

Although in the throes of her earthmoving orgasm, she broke his skin as she clutched his thighs, Jamal felt nothing, except the delicious and mind blowing sensations of her pussy walls rippling on his shaft, squeezing, and kneading his cock. Her cunt spasms soon ignited his climax and the ensuing tremors were so unrelenting that Shirley who was watching from across the room feared that the chair might not withstand the battery.

That concern was her last coherent thought as the power of watching a couple fuck so hard and loud, driving each other to orgasm was evidently too stimulating to her that for the first time in her entire life she felt her pussy contract and then spewed forth a puddle of ejaculate, as she climaxed.

Loraine’s squirted juices trailed down over Jamal’s balls, and she felt his nuts and caressed them rubbing her juices into his sac. “Mmmm…” she let out a soft moan and then shivered as she replayed the moment when his load of hot cum shot up her vagina. She had squeezed his cock and choked his shaft with her tight cunt muscles and held his hot seed inside her body. She was determined to keep his sperm inside her for as long as possible, and then as their tremors died away, she thought up a plan.

To be continued….
She turned her face towards Jamal, half spinning on his cock, and then kissed him on the mouth. It felt like a thank you kiss, although the black youth wondered what for. They had all had a great time, so nobody should be thanking anybody, or so he thought anyway.
Loraine called out to Shirley and teased her a little. “Hey bitch, did you enjoy watching me fuck your man?” she asked. Did you see how I bounded up and down on his big black cock like a two bit black man’s whore?”
Fearful of incurring the wrath of the crazy bitch, and prolonging her bondage, Shirley thought it better to respond and pacify the slut. “Yes ma’am, you were so hot and so great to watch,” she said, appealing to the younger woman’s sense of vanity.
“Mmmm… flattery would definitely get you somewhere,” Loraine said with a smile.

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