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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Web of Deception

Web of Deception

Don Abdul (c)2010

I was missing my prime Pet, Monique who also happens to be my boss. She was busy with structuring the framework for merger deal, so I busied myself with my own assignment which also meant working late into the evening in such close proximity to the horny, flirtatious old seductress that was my assistant Cindy.

The self confessed black cock slut had been desperately trying to get into my bed since I first joined the firm six months earlier, but so far she had only been able to blow my nine-inch cock once. As we worked late that night however, she eventually moved things along rather surprisingly.

As with all things to do with her it was quite an intense affair. Because my office was not as well secured as those on the partners’ floor however, I made it quite clear to Cindy that it was a very bad idea to do anything sexual in the office as we might get caught by the security staff on patrol. They would be well within their rights to look in on any occupied office after regular work hours too.

Rather than drop her quest to get in my pants however, the 22 year old slut simply got more creative in her desire. The following day she turned up at work without her car and deliberately neglected to inform me until we finally finished with work at 8.30 p.m. and then she asked if I’d be so kind as to give her a ride home. I couldn’t jolly well refuse after keeping her at work that late, besides her place was right along my route.

While I ruminated on the idea versus the option of just calling a cab to take her home, she stepped very close to me and ran her hands down the sides of my exposed arms blow my rolled up shirt sleeves. “Mmmm” She purred and then continued in a sexy low tone, and with unmistakable intention, “Seeing as you’re a 6feet tall black attorney with an athletic build that happened to be employed by a very prestigious city law firm, what girl wouldn’t feel a lot safer hitching a ride home with you?” Of course I knew a rhetorical question when I heard one, and so I saved my energy and made no reply.

As we rode the elevator down to the basement parking garage, she stood between me and the door while I leaned against the back wall of the lift, she then reached behind her to grope my crotch. Within a moment of feeling her touch my black monster came alive and when she looked back and saw the decent tent it had formed, she backed up and rubbed her soft full ass all over it. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, she bent over and then humped my crotch as though she was being hammered doggy style by me.

There was no doubt in my mind as to her penchant for risky sexual escapades, and so I spanked her hard on the buttocks to bring her naughty mind back to the moment. I expected her to shout out in pain as my hand smacked her quite hard, but instead of a loud “Ouch!” the only sound she made was “ughh…. Do it again!” Of course I obliged her and then suddenly, the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

“As we got into my SUV, she immediately spread her thighs wide apart and reached under her short skirt, when she rested back in her seat and gasped, I figured she had dipped her finger in her pussy. I expected that she was intent on masturbation and bringing herself to orgasm despite my presence, after all I seemed to have greatly aroused her by my well aimed and perfectly timed smack on the bottom back in the elevator.

I was wrong, and her next move confirmed how off the mark I was. Cindy pulled out her index finger which glistened with its coating of pussy juice. She showed it to me with so much naked desire in her eyes and then she touched it to my lips…. and rubbed it around. I inhaled her tangy female essence deeply and on the back of it’s intoxicating effect I opened my mouth. She eagerly slipped her finger in my mouth and I sucked on it and savored the nectar from her sex.

The wonderful taste of her pussy juice left me hungry for more but I knew it wasn’t safe to pursue my desire in the parking garage of my office building. It would really look bad if I were to be caught in a compromising sexual position with a much junior colleague. So I started the engine and was about to drive off when she queried in a sex laden voice, “What’s your hurry?”

Before I could answer she had zipped down my pant and reached inside to liberate my throbbing cock. She leaned her body over to my side and bent closer to my crotch. “Mmmm!” I moaned as her wet hot tongue swirled around the tender head of my erect penis. After she bathed the shiny head of my cock with her tongue she proceeded to take me in her mouth and began to suck me even better than she had the other time in my office.

She was such a gifted cock slut who loved her chocolate treat so much, and the way she sucked my big black cock, got me moaning in no time at all. I was thrusting my hip upwards and forwards as I humped her mouth; I weaved my fingers into her brunette hair and gathered a fistful of the sexy black mass holding on tight and forcing her head and her mouth down harder on my cock.

Awkward as it was she managed to slip her other hand in between her legs and pleasure herself by rubbing and fingering her pussy while she sucked the stress of the day’s workload out of my manhood. We had both been quite horny and it didn’t take too long before she was jerking as the spasms of her orgasm wracked her body.

As she jerked and shook meanwhile, my cock thrust deeper down her throat and her muffled orgasmic groan was cut short by a wet gagging sound. It was a strange even bizarre sound coming from the depth of her throat, and it sent me over the edge as I felt my balls contract and then shoot a stream of hot cum in the air.

As she coughed and spluttered following her gagging groan, she must have somehow become aware of my impending jizz, as she immediate opened her mouth wide over my loaded gun of a cock catching all but a few stray spurts of my cum. She cleaned my cock by sucking and licking all the cum from it and then she zipped back my pants and we departed the parking lot for the journey home.

When we arrived her apartment building she invited me in for a night cap but I begged off and drove off, but not until she made me promise to take her out on Friday night which was the following evening.

To be continued....


  1. Very hot! Doggy style, ass smacking and oral in public...mmmm ;) (Kenjii)