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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Night Before (Thursday Taster #8)

Hi folks, this week's taster is a continuation of last week's offering, I hope you enjoy it.

The Night before (1)


Don Abdul


We had been working non-stop all day on a nutty case. It was 8 p.m. and the rest of the team had left for the day. Amber-Lynne ordered a break and then she shifted the coffee table out of the way. Even before the smoothly gliding table came to rest she slipped off her three-inch heels, and then she rose to her feet and moved towards me. She stood in front of me and then without saying a word, she bent down and kissed me on the mouth.

Stunned by her seductive audacity, I had no idea how I got to my feet, but suddenly she was in my arms. I was so turned on by her sudden sexual provocation, I had a burning desire to enter her right there and then but I was determined not to allow my primordial desire to ruin our first sexual encounter.

We kissed hungrily and passionately for what seemed an eternity. Time came to a stop as we caressed and fondled each other, pressing against each other and moaning deeply.

The man inside of me rose to the occasion like my father once said it would when the time came. At that point, Amber-Lynne McCain wasn’t the boss anymore, she was a sexy woman whose needs drove her into my arms, and I was determined to sate her hunger.

Easing her arms away from my neck, I pulled her silk blouse from under her skirt while she unbuttoned it. My hand then got busy removing her bra, and fondling her lovely full breasts. I was intent on teasing her a little so I avoided touching her rock hard nipples even as I circled my finger around her areola.

Ohhh… please… she moaned as she pushed her breasts closer t my hands.

I could tell she was at the peak of her arousal already, so I eased her onto the couch.

“Oh my, that is beautiful she enthused in a throaty tone as she pointed at the tent my erection had made in my pant. Unable to contain her excitement, she upped the ante, fluidly swinging her sexy legs off the couch. Reaching behind herself to unzip her skirt, she turned around she slid down her skirt bending down to get it clear of her feet.

That was when I got my first ever look at her completely naked rear view.

‘Oh my word! She is one hot momma!’ That tiny voice in my head screamed. I’ve always had a thing for women who go without panties.


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  1. Wow!! Hot hot hot! Great taster Don, your visuals are great. What happens next??

    1. Thanks Naomi. Stay tuned and find out in next weeks taster.

  2. Nice descriptions and hot scene!

    1. Thanks Gemma, it'll get even hotter next week :D