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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nora's Infernal Domination (Thursday Taster #25)

Welcome! This week I'll continue with another snippet from my WiP, Nora's Infernal Domination. I hope you enjoy it; please leave comments. Thank you :)


Nora's Infernal Domination #2

He had stood up her sweaty naked body and held both her hands in a vice grip behind her back and then pushed her face and hard nipples into the wall as he thrust his steely erection into her throbbing, soaking wet pussy. 

“You may cum now, pet... Ughhh...” 

He had whispered into her ear amidst her orgasmic shudders. Her walls clenched about his girth, kneading his chocolate cock even as he rammed himself into her depth over and over again. Nora had never been so rudely fucked in her life, yet there she was experiencing the most powerful orgasm ever. 

By the time he was done with her she had collapsed against the wall, with nothing but his grip on her hands holding her up on her rubbery legs. She was in a state of bliss, feeling as a feather dancing in the wind as it floats back down to earth. 

‘How could I possibly walk away from that sexually exhilarating experience...?’ she wondered in a self deluding attempt to justify what she would have described as “letting the pussy do the thinking” if the situation had involved someone else other than herself. 


The elevator ride to the tenth floor was a smooth one; thankfully she was the only occupant of the lift. The car pinged and the doors opened to let her out. Her heart was pounding faster and harder in her chest with each step she took closer to his suite. 

Subconsciously patting her knee length little black dress, she smiled. She was at least certain he would be pleased that she had done as he had instructed in his test message to her. 

‘Mmm... Clean shaven and not wearing panties, just like her commanded.’ 

Her smile was soon replaced by a slight frown as she realized she really had no clue what tortuous designs he had in store for her. Even as she lifted her hand up to knock on the door, Nora’s pussy was tingling and her nether lips moist in anticipation of the surprise treat he had promised her if she behaved. 

‘He didn’t stand me up, now did he?’ she began to wonder when she got no response to her second knock on his door. 

‘Not likely... at least I hope not. I’m not sure that I can put myself through all of this again...’ she thought hoping his regimented discipline would work in her favour for once.


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  1. She is so deep in it, I wonder how long it will last.

  2. I'm wondering too, good sex can be a powerful pull!

  3. As fast as it burns, it can burn out.............but not this time, I offer. Au contraire, scorching sex is sustainable given the occasional flute of chanpagne and bite of chocolate. Sexy, Don. Xo

  4. Hot taster. Someone pass a fan

  5. her mind is definitely focused on him. nice Don

  6. Oooh the anticipation of what next how can Nora not resist
    Very hot Don