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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seven Whole Days (Erotic Poetry)

Seven Whole Days
Copyrights Don Abdul ©2006

There is something wrong with my eyes
I cannot take them off you
It didn't take me a moment to realise
How my soul yearns for you
From your little actions to the complex
The beauty of your soul reflects
The twinkle in your eyes
Soft feminine strength in disguise

If I had a week to live and dream with you
To act out my passion so deep so true

I would spend two days licking your nipples
Caressing and suckling your tits
Feeling your body succumb to ripples after ripples

Two days to pet your wetness, spreading those lips
Sucking on your clit and tonguing your vulva
Until its spews like a Geyser
Bathing my face in your essence

Two more days tossing your salad
Loosening the behind of you
Tongue, finger, and then a little toy
Calming, your fears, as one still so new
Gently slipping my throbbing veined member
One little inch after another
Resting, feeling the snug fit, as lust overtakes anxiety
Loving every thrust as you throw it right back, seeking yet another

One last day to tie it all up
Make love to all your five senses, all at once
Loving you softly, fucking you hard,and then filling your cup
Enjoying your moans, then contracting your passionate screams
Making our week evergreen, the stuff of dreams
Every second of every minute of every hour of everyday
A real Wow! Fun, fun, fun all the way


  1. Don Abdul! I can't believe I let you do it to me again. By now I should know better than to read your poetry this early in the morning! And now, I'm going to take a cold shower Arghhh...a very long cold shower...LOL seriously, I loved this erotic peice. You are truly gifted.

    1. It's an almost orgasmic experience just to know that ones poetry creates the need for cold showers ;)
      Thank you Gynger, you're very kind.

  2. Fabulously Sensuous - HOT!!

    1. Thanks you Mimi, that means a lot coming from such a prolific poet as yourself.

  3. What a wonderful thought spending a whole week full of pleasure and sensuality :) Great poem Don :)

  4. After reading this poem, I'm wondering if this your fantasy? It certainly would be mine. Now I need an ice cold shower.