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A Kinky New Beginning

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stories I'm Working on - In Development (2)

The Power of a Grudge
Don Abdul

Thirty-eight year old Sally Wakefield cut her teeth as an investigative journalist; she had remained single and completely devoted to her career after a traumatic sexual abuse at age nineteen left her heartbroken. She had spared no ounce of energy in getting herself ready for the day she would exert her revenge.

The first salvo in her quest for revenge when she spectacularly brought down a dirty senator in a and stunned the nation into acknowledging her late night talk show Point Blank as a force to be reckoned with. That singular feat won her the backing of a shadowy group of power brokers in Washington. The very existence of the Puritan Agenda is known to only a handful of Washington insiders, and with their backing, and protection Sally Wakefield set about her objective of sanitizing the corridors of power, and getting her long anticipated revenge.

Her confidential network of informants and supporters cut across the hierarchy of the Police, FBI, and other key institutions including the Centre for Ethics in Governance, the public face of the Puritan Agenda. At the height of her journalistic power, she unexpectedly meets and inadvertently falls in love with the most unlikely man; that relationship creates a conflict of interest that threatens her chance of finding true happiness.
Will she sacrifice her personal happiness and do the right thing, or would she be seduced by the lure of power, and derailed by the pursuit of a personal vendetta? The resolution of that conflict would make or break her personal as well as professional standing and affect the outcome of events of far reaching importance for her country and perhaps even the world.


  1. A plot with great potential for development in terms of depth and thought. Can't wait to read the final product ... :>