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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Passion Rekindled

Passion Rekindled
Don Abdul ©2011

The seasons have rushed by
I’ve missed you so, I cannot lie

And now like the morning sun over the horizon
You have returned to my life, making it your home zone

All things have changed but not the way you make me feel
Oh the excitement, the fever, the thrill

And now as I melt in your arms once again, wishing the moment would linger
I feel the rising heat in my core; I know there would be moisture to lick from your finger

I’m so moist your finger would slide in with no resistance all
I’m breathing harder, breasts heaving, nipples hardening, desire so tall

I know you long to see my back arch
Upon my ripe juicy breast I pray your mouth would latch

As you run your finger runs down the length of my slit
My core so heated like and atom about to split

I love how you always do this to me
Oh yeah, this is how I want it, us to be

Pressing harder into you, feeling your member harden like steel
I savor your deep groans as you struggle with your desire, and my clothes peel

Tossing each garment away, as hunger for the juicy soft wetness of my canal enclave peaks
Oh, to feel the wetness of the precum, that from the eye of throbbing you leaks

Oh my God! Your sexy whisper, in the smoothness of your deep voice I’m lost
Your words seduce me, “Oh baby, you always make me want to swim in your river of lust,”

Oh slide that finger inside, hook it, and caress my tender spot
Moaning, crying I completely lose the control plot

Oh make me scream as you touch that special place
Make me lose awareness o time and space

As I enjoy your mouth, licking my hard nipples and sucking my breast

Ooohhhhh, I moan out, trembling
Oh bend me over, take me as my breasts, my ass go shaking swinging

I love this, you sensually assaulting all of my pleasure centers all at once
Losing my balance, as my head spins and turns

Feel my skin heat up as I shake and shudder in your intense embrace
Make me scream, as I orgasm, soaring high above to that very special place

Juices running down the inside of my thigh, as you croon in my ear
The timbre, the passion, oh… oh dear

You promise some more: “I long to swim, until I am overwhelmed by the pleasure of all this”
“This loving tenderness, surrendering to the currents, then swept away to a place of bliss”

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