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A Kinky New Beginning

Friday, March 27, 2015

Good Night Nancy (Tribute)

Good Night Nancy

Don Abdul (c)2015 


My heart is heavy 

My sky so dark, so cloudy 

The musical chord in my heart 

Brutally ripped apart 

This evil sneaked upon me 

A thief in the dark, 

I did not see 

Stealing tranquillity 

Along with joy, and sanity

I cry, but do the tears cleanse my pain? 

Would it soothe my broken heart to sit out in the rain?

I seek strength in joyful moments past 

Yet the succour they bring do not last 

The strength that I seek, in this bleakness 

Opens my eye to my own weakness



Even more infuriated 

I can do nothing, nothing at all 

To break this mind tormenting fall 

Nothing to catch this thief 

Nothing to void this darkness, and end this grief 

Nothing to return the stolen treasure to you 

Nothing to restore the sound of your laughter, like I once knew

Rest in Peace
Your wisdom, your friendship I’ll sorely miss

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