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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heated Moment (Thursday Taster #1)

Heated Moment
 (Excerpt from my WiP – Lust Lies and Cuckold Secrets)

“You will look at me when I’m talking to you... you cheating bastard.” Marge cursed her husband with rage she never even knew she was capable of. Somewhere in the deeper recesses of her mind she was shocked by the venom in her own voice. At the moment though, there was no going back, she couldn’t care less about his feelings. In her reckoning, he was a lying cheating bastard who dared to betray her trust after 10 years of marriage.

“What? For Christ sake get a hold of yourself woman!” Fredrick’s deep voice boomed with a hint of warning. His was the sort of voice that wouldn’t dare argue with. Apparently his wife was too mad to care.
“Oh yeah; and if I do not get a hold of myself, what are you going to do about it Mr. High and mighty sleep around? “

She cursed him louder even as he looked into her angry face and then turned around without saying any more. He slipped his hands into his pant pockets and then began to walk away from her. She clearly wasn’t ready to back down from the confrontation just yet; she followed him with her voice still angry and loud.

“Run away... you fucking prick, I’ll be right here waiting... One way or another, you’re going to tell me everything about that whore you’ve been screwing. I want a full confession and an immediate end to the whole sordid mess or else there’ll be hell to pay, you hear me?”

Frederick would have stayed to listen to more of what his angry wife had to say but at that moment he thought it wiser to just leave. His reason for walking away would definitely have shocked her into silence had she known it.

Frederick was the CEO of a medium sized company and he wasn’t used to being spoken to in that tone of voice by anyone, not publicly anyway.

To say his wife’s current state of mind was out of character would be over stating the obvious. What’s not obvious was the response her anger provoked deep inside of him. There was something distinctly wild and forbidding, even disciplinarian in her tone. Her harsh words bypassed the normal channels of his body and reached straight into the pleasure center of his brain. His thumping heart pumped blood to his cock until which quickly swelled to near full erection. 


  1. I like the way you brught this tense scene into sexual arousal. Maybe Frederick is destined to become submissive to his wife in a dom/sub relationship. I like this taste of your WIP..

  2. Welcome Don. Huge tension in this taster. I'd love to learn more about Frederick and his wife.

  3. Well we can all see where this is going. Dialogue is a strength of yours, Don, and you use it here to blistering effect. The wife is terrifying and awesome.

  4. Wow! That's one intense scene...very well written! Excellent dialogue. Can't wait to see what happens next!