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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Up Against the wall

Up Against the wall


Don Abdul


The implied definition of their encounter suited Ahmad just fine; she had an itch that needed urgent scratching, and he needed a woman like crazy.

No emotions, no mess... Ahmad thought; although he didn't know Jess that well, she was giving such a good account of her oral skills she had him so close to busting a nut already. To forestall any accidental discharge, Ahmad stepped back causing his spit bathed cock to slip out of her mouth and her grasp.

He smiled, noting how Jess’s face lit up with a mischievous grin as he ripped the condom from its pack. While he rolled the rubber onto his steely cock, she got up and started walking towards the huge bed. Ahmad was right behind her, and she was in the middle of climbing onto the bed when he caught her.

He grasped her waist stopping her right where she was. In that vulnerable position with her pussy bared to him, he guided his sheathed cock in between her glistening nether lips.

“Aghhh... yesssss... take me hard and deep...” Her moan and plea spurred him to follow his initial thrust with even harder and deeper thrusts as he began to fuck her in driven strokes.

She’s begging for it and I’m in such a horny mood... his inner freak thought of their present circumstances as a win-win situation.

Even though he was driven by his pent up desire, fucking her hard and rough he was still mindful of hurting her. He was determined to restrain himself from plunging his entire length inside her until she was fully opened. Despite his efforts however, the waves of pleasure washing over him soon eroded his control.

Unleashing the full brunt of his youthful energy on the blonde cougar, he drove his cock to the very depth of her cunt.

Definitely hit a tender spot there... His naughty inner freak thought as she both gasped and screamed at the same time. It wasn't exactly a cry of pain rather it was one of pleasure at a cost.

She scrambled up the bed briefly slipping away from his grasp but he wasn't about to let her escape. He followed her up the bed where she stood with her back against the headboard, breathing heavily and trembling with desire still... her lust was so eloquently written on her face.

“Fuck handsome man... you’re gonna kill me with the good fuck... I've got to catch my breath...” she pleaded.

If he heard her half spoken, half whispered words he paid them no heed as he hurriedly spun her around placing her hands on the wall. He kicked her feet further apart and then plunged his cock into her from behind.

“Aghhh... Mmmm... Oh fuck you’re so fucking goooooood...”

“Ohhh... yes... fuck me harder... fuck me like a slut...make me your slut...” She pleaded as he rammed her
channel harder, driving her body into the wall. The harder he fucked her, the louder she moaned and talked dirty to him.

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