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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa's Naughty Present

Santa’s Naughty Present
Don Abdul ©2011
Sitting on park bench at dusk
Snowflakes drifting down upon my hoodie
Heartbroken, wishful and moody
A jilted lover, down on love’s luck

My heartfelt wish, floating in the cold night air
Upwards and northwards, to Santa’s lair
My secret need, my heart’s desire
A Prayer answered, a wish granted

On the eve of Christmas Santa’s Sleigh swooshes away
Reindeers racing, elves bright and gay
Down my chimney the bearded one slid
Next to my sleeping form, in my bed he hid
My heart’s desire, warm supple, such sexy curves
Smooth skin, warm naked flesh, around which my dream revolves
At dawn on Christmas day, still in the warm embrace of sleep
I feel warm hands caress my nudity, wet tongue licking my lip
Mmmm… my body awakens ahead of my mind
Soft ample breasts upon my chest, I reach out knowing not what I’d find
Oh sweet dream, from which I won’t awake
Oh the sweet love I wish to make

Aghhh, a gasp rips from deep within me
Soaking wet heat engulf the hardness of me
Down thrusts, rising pleasure
Mmmm… what a moment to treasure
Moans, mine and another’s
Kisses, scratches, bumping and grinding
Movements that mirror those of long lost lovers
Excitement rising, passions soaring, and desires exploding
Floating back to earth, eyes opening
Her face comes into focus,
OMG! It’s Mrs. Augustus
Naughty Santa’s present is my neighbor’s flirtatious wife
Her husband Augustus plays Santa in real life

1 comment:

  1. Though not winter anymore, on this chilly spring morning, this has warmed me up to HOT status. Excellant work. :)