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A Kinky New Beginning

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whispers in The Dark

Whispers in the dark

Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

Pitch black down south
Not a ray of light in sight

Pulse racing
Breathe quickening

With all senses honed, super active
Approaching the grand objective

Drooling with excitement and arousal
Feeling so alive, so sensual

Mmmm! Sniffing deeply the moment intense
Inhaling sweet musky essence

Whispering terms of endearment
Reaching out the tongue with such commitment

Licking and lapping the elixir of lust
Oh this sweetness a delicious must

Swirling it, then one lip smacking swallow
Awakening sensuous emotions unknown, deep and shallow

Massaging the nubbin and suckling it
Yielding wild orgasm begging for a repeat
Leaving a lover so satisfied and so beat

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