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A Kinky New Beginning

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth
Don Abdul ©2011

CHAPTER ONE:                 Shirley Gets Her Groove Back
“Good morning pretty lady, did I wake you up?” Jamal Washington chirped happily as if he had just done her a huge favor. ‘Oh fuck!’ Mrs. Shirley Crane thought, so annoyed with herself for not imagining that it could be him at the door. He looked so painfully handsome and sexy that her first instinct was to grab his shirt and throw him on the floor and fuck him right there on the living room carpet of her matrimonial home.”
He looked barely out of his teens and younger than her own son, yet she felt so alive each time she walked past him on the street. She always felt her pussy tingle and become quite wet from the knowledge that he was undressing her, fucking her, licking her pussy, finger-fucking her tight asshole in his naughty young mind. His sexy dark eyes always lustfully ate her up as they passed each other on the street.
As if he could read her mind for sure; he smiled mischievously and said in a low whispered tone, “Well pretty lady, if you’re gonna be thinking such lewd thoughts, don’t you think you best invite me in first?”
Shirley blushed and mentally kicked herself for being such an open book, as she stepped aside to let him into her home. She felt so alive once again and it was all down to this one man-child. She was aware of his annoying habit of seeing right through her, but pissed off as she was, she only desired him even more. As he brushed past her, her mouth went dry and her heart was pounding and her pussy tingling.
“Nice place pretty lady, I see your wedding band but I’ve never seen Mr. Pretty lady about, what’s the deal?” His reference to her husband annoyed Shirley and for the first time she felt an anger rise within her. “Stop right there, you!” she said as sternly as she could manage, pointing her finger at him.
“Why the hell do you keep calling me that, even though you know my name? I’d also rather you didn’t talk about my husband, ever…and…. Just what do you want from me?” the last part of her tirade wasn’t planned; it just slipped out of her mouth, causing her instant embarrassment and regret.
Jamal looked seriously at her as if he was phased by her tirade, and then he walked over to her until he was a couple of feet from her. “First of all, I’m sorry about your husband, I was way outta line,” he said letting his voice dip as though out of some deep remorse.
“Second of all, I call you that because you’re the prettiest woman in the whole neighborhood, and that is a proven fact,” he affirmed pointing his index finger at her. Shirley blushed in spite of herself but before she could say anything he continued. “Finally,” he said stepping forward and taking her in his arms, and then kissing her on the mouth.
Shirley meekly parted her lips and he slipped his tongue into her mouth and led her in an urgent but deeply erotic kiss; it was the most passionate kiss she had enjoyed in years. ‘Oh my God the boy is such a great kisser too,’ she thought as she melted under the intensity of his kiss.
Jamal paused and looked into her eyes; Shirley felt his sexy eyes penetrating right through her soul. “How’s that for starters then?” he asked in a breathlessly randy voice. “Starters?” Shirley asked completely flushed and sweating from the intensity of her sexual desire.
“Oh but of course, What I really want is to take you right here right now and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before; hard, rough, and deep.” Shirley couldn’t believe her ears, it all seemed like a wild erotic dream to her and she eagerly awaited the annoying sound of her bedside alarm clock as it woke her up.
Without further ado, the young black stud turned her around and stripped her of her satin robe in one fell swoop. “Fan-fucking-tastic!” He cried as he discovered she was totally nude under the robe. Jamal whistled under his breath as he feasted his intense brown eyes on her flawless, soft-contoured body. She looked so voluptuous with her mature alluringly feminine hourglass figure.
Steering her towards the couch, he bent her over the back of it, and then he reached down and scooped up her Creamy white, chubby right leg by placing his hand just behind her knee and lifting it and then holding it in place as he used his left hand to guide his cock into her soaking wet mature pussy.
Jamal plunged his rock hard member right into her pussy and kept hitting it hard and deep until he was thrusting in and out of her wetness so fast his pelvis made great loud smacking sounds as it crashed into her Soft and massive mature ass. “Oh lord yesssss… hit it harder… please!” Shirley thought out loud as she surrendered herself to the awesome magic of his youthful sexual stamina.
“Aghhh… Ohhhhhhh… I’m cummmmmmming,” she screeched out loud as her ass trembled and her body shuddered on her awesome leap into a powerful orgasm just a mere few minutes into the sexing. If Jamal noticed that she had climaxed he didn’t let on as he carried on pounding her pussy mercilessly.
He suddenly slowed down but just for long enough to lift up her other leg as well. He had her torso resting on the back of the couch and her ass and pussy mid air with his 7 inch cock lodged deep inside her as he carried on fucking her like a man possessed by some nameless sex demon.
Just when Shirley was within a spitting distance of her second orgasm, Jamal let go of her suspended legs and pulled his cock from her pussy. He quickly pulled out a cushion from the seat and dropped it on the floor asking her to kneel on it, and get down on all fours.
Shirley obeyed like an automaton programmed for his pleasure, and she instantly assumed the position. He squatted right behind her and once again eased his big black cock into her gaping hole, he then reached forward and grasped a handful of her rich blonde hair and pulled it tight and hard while balancing himself by grasping her shoulder.
He thrust his turgid phallus in her dripping wet sex as he fucked her harder, rougher, faster and so much deeper than anyone ever had. His angle of entry sent his knob grazing over her g-spot faster and harder and eventually rocking her entire world with another thundering orgasm that left her screaming and shuddering. This time her climax was drawn out like nothing she had experienced before.
Her legs and hands had turned to jelly and she collapsed onto the carpet leaving Jamal’s young throbbing member hanging in the air after it slipped out of her pulsating pussy with a dull wet sucking sound.
“Dayum! I’m so fucking close too,” Jamal groaned. “Turn around pretty lady…” Shirley struggled onto her back just in time to see him stroke his pulsing shaft to a raging climax. His awesome manhood kicked once and then shot a volley of hot creamy cum in her face and then all over her big gorgeous breasts. It was as if he would never run out of the creamy stuff of life itself as he hosed her body down with his bucketful of cum. Jamal collapsed right next to her on the floor completely drained and spent.
Shirley was so exhausted from her multiple orgasm, she knew she needed to get to the bathroom and clean herself up after Jamal departed a few minutes later to run errands for his aunt, but her bed seemed a much more appealing place of rest. “Damn, how could I ever hope to keep up with his inexhaustible youthful energy?” she wondered just a she yawned and then curled up in a fetal position and fell right asleep in her bed.
Shirley Crane awoke with a smile on her face for the first time in a very long time. her eyes went to the clock on the nightstand, it was noon and she had slept deeply for 2 hours. She felt dry itchy sensation on her face and breasts, and she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t washed his cum off her body. It had all dried up on her skin.
It was while she was in the shower that Shirley fully reflected on the significance of what had happened to her. She was glowing still from the deeply satisfying sex she just had with the forceful black youth with the sexy eyes.
As she soaped her body and washed her pussy she felt the slight pepperish sensation that came from carpet burns. She smiled as she reminisced on the sexual clumsy sexual adventures of her youth. She was so happy for the very first time since she turned 45 two years previously, and all the despair she had battled with ever since seemed to have vanished in a puff of smoke. She instantly realized that Jamal made her feel so young and totally alive again; he had managed to get her sexual juices flowing again.
After she had showered and washed his caked sperm off her body and out of her hair, she looked at her own reflection in the mirror as she began to dress for her appointment at the hair salon. She looked so radiant and her skin glowed like it hadn’t done in ages. A shy smile creased the corners of her mouth as she cast her mind back to the suffering she had endured in the last couple of years, her first encounter with young Jamal Washington, right up to their torrid lovemaking just a couple of hours ago.

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