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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, June 26, 2014

High on Chocolate Lust (Thursday Taster #13)

This week, I bring you more heated excerpt from my WiP, A Cougars Legacy. I do hope you enjoy it and give some love and feedback too. Cheers!


A Cougars Legacy
Don Abdul

#2: High on Chocolate Lust
Marie-Claire was about to lay back on the bed and touch herself but the heat of her sweltering lust drove her to a riskier approach. She got to her feet, returning to the window.

She knew Ray couldn’t see her, yet she felt a rather strong connection to him as he laboured away at his menial task.

Watching him push the lawn mower back and forth, she lifted her left hand to her breast and pinched my nipples in turn making them even harder. When he turned around and faced her direction, she could see the sweat trickle down his face.

“Aghhh...” she gasped she grabbed her breast and squeezed it. She was so fixated on the handsome ebony sex god she subconsciously rubbed her soaking wet sex with the fingers of her right hand.

His chiselled chest and powerful abs literally intoxicated her with desire as she fantasized about laying with him with all of his clothes off. She imagined him fucking her hard and fast until they were both out of breath and sweating all over.

“Aghhh...” she whimpered as another shiver seized her. She wanted him so bad she could feel her cunt twitching and getting even hotter and wetter as though in preparation for the battering that his huge chocolate erection would unleash as he pinned her against the wall and fucked her without mercy.

“Oh fuck... Mmm...” She moaned as she rubbed and then fingered her pussy faster. She was so horny her climax was just a moment away.

‘Shit! I cannot continue like this. I want him so bad... I must have him.’

The thought that dominated the last rational portion of her brain soon faded away in the wake of her resolve. Like waves over the sandy plains of a sandy beach, her pleasure wiped away all reason and rhyme as she fingered her erect clitoris and then shuddered in the throes of orgasm.

“Oui... Aghhhh!” She screeched and then went limp, panting as she staggered towards the bed to catch her breath.

Sprawled on her back with her drenched, naked sex and her nipples facing the ceiling, she began to retrace the history of how she came to find herself in the shoes of a cougar determined to catch and bed the finest chocolate cub any older woman could hope for.

Struggling to calm her breathing, she asked herself for the umpteenth time...

“How the hell did I become this shameless slut?”

She knew well enough that it was only a rhetorical question. Her journey to where she was at that point in her life began a year earlier in her native homeland of France.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Cougars Legacy (Thursday Taster #12)

Starting this week, I bring you excerpts from a new WiP, 
A Cougars Legacy. I do hope you enjoy it and give some love and feedback too. Cheers!


#1: A Season of Desire

Standing by her bedroom window of her one storey semi detached home, Marie-Claire Gaultier licked her lower lip even as a shiver of excitement coursed through her.

‘How the hell did I become this uhm...bundle of uncontrollable hormones?’

‘A bitch in heat,’ was actually the phrase that leapt to the fore of her thoughts as she reflected upon her life, and the events that brought her to that very moment.

It was a lovely Saturday morning at the height of summer and just like she did the previous weekend, she stood by her bedroom window barely obscured by the lace of her curtains. Her eyes were focused on the handsome black youth who was hard at work mowing her lawn and tending the grounds.

Peeking out from her window, she visually caressed his taut, sweaty chocolate skin as it reflected the light of the morning sunlight. She whispered his name tenderly under her breath like an infatuated school girl.

“Mmm... Ray...”

‘He must have arrived quite early... So conscientious; I bet he is every bit as conscientious in bed too...’ the thought brought a naughty smile to the corners of her sensuous mouth. Subconsciously caressing her left breast, she moaned softly as her thumb brushed her pebble hard nipple in the process. The rush of electricity that coursed through her was a reminder that she was stark naked.

Still watching Ray as he worked away at his job, she mentally removed his worn Khaki work shorts with her eyes.

‘Mmmm... Isn’t he just a sight fit for discerning and very horny Cougar.’

She laughed softly to herself and then whispered under her breath,

“Cougar uh? How so very cliché...”

Her eyes roamed his sweaty naked chocolate upper body, moving down to his powerful brown thighs. With every movement he made, his muscles rippled as though they might explode out of his lovely dark skin.

Marie-Claire felt herself go weak at the knees even as intense warmth radiated from her core and spread to her moist sex and hard nipples. Closing her eyes, she sniffed the air, mentally filling her lungs with the potent smell of his sweaty skin. She imagined his strong arms around her while he made her do things no decent woman would be ashamed to admit.

When she opened her eyes again, he was bent over with his tight muscular ass pointing up in her direction.

“Damn you! Handsome chocolate prince...” she whispered, helplessly staggering back to the edge of her Queen-Sized bed. Her legs simply couldn’t support the weight of her desire any longer. Her throbbing sex demanded relief, otherwise she would lose her mind.


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